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    This is true  
    lol A happened to me and it was horrible... i felt so let down and now i cant trust my bestfriend  
    Holy cr4p 1234 likes  
    Like Ross on friends  
    In my opinion, god didn't choose it for you. Your genes and gametes and DNA did (sorry)  
    Gaming PC please  
    I love that film! The 2010 one  
    My birthday is Boxing Day  
    as much as i like minecraft..  
    Rome. Pizza. The coliseum. Leaning tower of Pisa. Art. Skiing in the north. Shops. Beaches. PIZZA  
    Unicorns are like horses  
    Why would you pick twilight?! +1
    dont have a penis, yay +2
    the ipads are cheaper:D  
    if you picked yolo.. oh dear godD:  
    if i ruled everyone would die because i'm too lazy to rule it properly:D  
    It'd go quickly for me.. because when you're in a coma you're unconcious which goes by quickly... it's just like blinking for one second  
    being a wizard would be fun:D  
    i just realised 10% isn't much... hah  
    I'm disappointed in how close the votes are... it's obvious that 'God' didn't create the world... if God is a man how can he create the world?... It's impossible. There is MUCH more evidence that a big bang created the world... there's a thing called atoms. Here's a question.. If God created the world, who created God? Must have been the big bang. +1
    so do blackberries!  
    Aren't the pictures muddled up?:(  
    Have a bath insteaaad  
    Could get fun in the dark;)  
    Hahaha! That was a good one;)  
    They have evidence on how the big bang theory was made by one single atom. Where's the evidence about God?  
    A cliff is always pretty high. If it wasn't high it'd be a hill  
    take a mint!  
    PUCH. lol +1
    It is broken actually:L... And if i was to put a comma it'd be like no *pause* cancer IS  
    i like my ex... as a friend;p +1
    read it wrongD; +2
    I want true love:'). +2
    I mean like NO cancer is not curable idiot.  
    ashton is fitter. +2
    i dont wanna die thanks. +1
    no hair. LOL +1
    not anymore  
    **** the history:p.  
    Chrimbo! EVERYONES happy:D  
    no cancer is curable?  
    gross picture. +1
    Mum doesnt scare me:p +1
    whats satan?D: +1
    calls are awkwardD: +2443
    Make my breath smell nice;)  
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