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Yes, why does DOES someone have to ask who created the Big B- oh wait... STOP ASKING ME WHO CREATED GOD THEN! 5 years ago +1
Yea, I know what it means there :P 5 years ago  
I'm a tough buff baby that can dance like a man, I can shaka ma fanny I can shaka ma can. I'm a tough tootin' baby I can punch all ya buns, I can punch all ya buns! If you're an evil witch I will punch you of fun! YEAH! 5 years ago +3
Oh my gosh why? :') 5 years ago  
Say that when you get to hell! :) 5 years ago  
God's Nature is Existence God alone has it as the case that His form IS existence. What it means to be is found in God. There cannot be any differences in nature when your nature is only one thing, existence. Am I advocating pantheism? Not by any means! God’s nature is existence, but existence is not God’s nature. Other things that exist do so by the will of God contingently. Even if something existed eternally, it would still be dependent on God in the sense that its existence is not its own. There are different ways things can be, and nothing is the same way God is. The question then of “Who made God?” is like asking “What made existence?” If it was an existent thing, we have a contradiction as that which existed, existed, and then made existence. If it was a non-existent thing, we also have a huge problem because that which is not cannot do anything. Why is evolution and an eternal universe or a multi-verse not a problem then? These are all ways of existing. An eternal universe is not its own existence. Neither is a multiverse. Evolution talks about the ways existence can change. It cannot explain existence itself. This is the fundamental question they need to answer. How do you explain existence itself? The Christian has an answer and we can be thankful for the new atheists bringing out this kind of question. We can be more thankful when Christians start applying the right answer. 5 years ago  
I couldn't choose... but seriously. This comment is despicable and should be sent to jail for life, and given the death sentence. 5 years ago  
Jason Bourne all the way. 5 years ago  
Whoever voted Disney's fireworks has never seen LotR... 5 years ago  
Thorin, they do the washing up like bosses. 5 years ago +2
Aw sweety :) 5 years ago  
Whop, there it is. 5 years ago  
Same, played it all the time. 5 years ago  
Brumpy Cat desendant. 5 years ago  
I don't really have a significant image. I'm pretty normal looking. 5 years ago  
Option B would be too much... 5 years ago +1
Yes actually I have. Would you like to explain to me what exactly the proof is that scientists have? 5 years ago  
Sqiudward is me. I" am Squidward. We are one. 5 years ago +1
What leaves? 5 years ago  
Same with mine. Dammit I read the question wrong. I thought it was get Cancer or End world hunger... 5 years ago  
Piglet FTW! 5 years ago  
It depends... 5 years ago +3
I do it subconsciously... 5 years ago +1
Adventure Time! Come on grab your friends, we'll go to very distant lands. Jake the dog and Finn the human, the fun never ends its Adventure Time! 5 years ago +1
NO. 5 years ago +1
My room is the way it is coz if a murderer came into my room he would trip over something, hit his head on something else and land on something sharp and die. S.A.F.E.T.Y. 5 years ago +1
Spiderman ftw 5 years ago  
I played and he guessed a character I thought no one would ever guess! I flipped out! 5 years ago  
3 teenage mutant ninja turtles. 5 years ago +2
DAYUM! 5 years ago  
Depends on the game. 5 years ago  
Me. I cried. 5 years ago +1
My name only has three letters... 5 years ago  
Wrong, CHRISTmas is the celebration of CHRIST's birthday. 5 years ago  
Pitch perfect :') 5 years ago  
Hence the name ;) 5 years ago  
Double chin ftw 5 years ago  
5 SECOND RULE 5 years ago +4
I don't know why people don't like Ghosts... but I've never had the opportunity to play Battlefield... I REALLY FRICKEN WANT TO THOUGH. 5 years ago  
Comic Sans FTW! 5 years ago  
No kidding... he freaks the living daylights outta me... 5 years ago  
What if you were 10 20 years ago... (p.s. I'm not 30...) 5 years ago  
I love a surprise! 5 years ago  
To all those 'Christians' out there saying gay marriage is OK, have you every read anything good about gays in the Bible? Of course not. In the Bible gay men wanted to RAPE one of Gods disciples. So... what do YOU think know? 5 years ago +1
My computer is my friend... 5 years ago  
Big ones look kinda gross... 5 years ago +1
I hate my body... besides, I'm an okay singer... 5 years ago  
Drowning/suffocating is my biggest fear. 5 years ago  
I'm claustrophobic... 5 years ago  
GAMERS FOR THE WIN! 5 years ago  
80's close are cool bro. 5 years ago  
I played real life once. The graphics were crazy but I didn't like the story. 5 years ago  
I went outside once... 5 years ago  
hahahahaha idiot no they're not 5 years ago  
One does not simply choose one wizard over the other. 5 years ago  
Whoever wrote this question is a heartless beast. 5 years ago  
Lol, all I have is Facebook and this. 5 years ago  
I'm already a happy moron... 5 years ago  
NEITHER! That's a terrible question. 5 years ago  
Basically every disease runs in my family... 5 years ago  
AUSTRALIA FOR THE WIN! 5 years ago  
PC for gaming bro. 5 years ago  
The richest. If I were immortal everyone I love would die. Besides, richest? UNLIMITED GAMING! 5 years ago  
Be an average singer. CHECK OUT MY SINGING PAGE ON FACEBOOK. 5 years ago  
My crush is better looking tan all celebrities :) 5 years ago  
Chase my career. I hate kids. And with money comes games and consoles. 5 years ago  
I'm good... 5 years ago  
I'd kill Hitler. Millions vs five... hm... 5 years ago  
Wow, someone's cocky... 5 years ago  
No kidding... 5 years ago  
If there wasn't someone to create the 'Big Bang', then how the heck did it happen? What's the proof? We have proof, it's called the Bible. 5 years ago +3
I've always wanted to know if I was related to anyone significant 5 years ago  
How about neither! 5 years ago  
PS!! 5 years ago  
Nintendo for the win! 5 years ago  

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