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    In my own world I already rule ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
    NO SCHOOL!!!!!!! :D  
    The black one looks better  
    Both sound terrifying! D:  
    Why does it seem that these questions are getting worse?  
    Hair cake anyone? ;)  
    Awe that dog is so cute :( up the worlds ugliest dog XD  
    They didn't say you could've fix it :)  
    I don't have a dog so HA!  
    Stop hating on kesha  
    That pudding looks like poop o.o  
    Shia labeouf : JUST DO IT!!! XD  
    They are both ugly  
    They never said what kind of test it had to be  
    It's hilarious how these top comments are saying the same thing yet they still have a lot of likes  
    What is funny junk?  
    I'm am already really hairy o.o  
    They both look ratchet as ever  
    There is always school in the morning.... :P  
    I have an uncle who never brushes his teeth yet his breath has no Oder at all.......  
    Like if you hate Donald trump +2
    Im too shy to see myself on tv  
    What does a chicken and an egg have to do with god? +1
    I wish I was young again :(  
    My teachers are already mean  
    Like if you have(or had) any mean teachers  
    My teachers are already bad at teaching  
    Any pop fans?  
    Pop is acid :)  
    IM BATMAN!  
    It's the inside that's counts :)  
    Turn it the other way  
    How about neither?  
    I have no penis  
    They never said how much you had to eat :P +1
    Im asexual  
    What is toe cheese?!  
    I already smell like a fart :P +114
    Both of these are my worst nightmare +1
    I could just take the pubes off  
    as long as hes good on the inside im good +1
    imma risk taker  
    i love my friends!!  
    the 12% of people are dumb  
    but im a girl and i like games so HA! them make the boat, them,3.escape the island  
    neither because either way i will be jelous  
    peeing in the shower is gross.  
    my laptop means everything to me  
    wat milkshakes song?  
    being disabled means you can't be beautiful  
    being by your loved one is better than being alone  
    already have one,don't want any more  
    rain is better than snow  
    chrome is faster than firefox  
    what if your best friends with a girl  
    if i was immortal and people found out, i would already be rich!  
    boxing day! need to get all my sales! +69
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