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I'm a gamer that tried finding but instead I found this on the Internet

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    Before I commented there were 666 coments  
    This is asy  
    Wrong one again  
    Wrong one  
    Oops it didn't say the crap was the toothpaste so just don't use the toothpaste  
    Neither +4
    At least it's chocolate pudding and u cen get hippotitise  
    Noooooooo wrong one  
    I'm a dude once again  
    I'm a dude and I'm not gay  
    I'm a man  
    Nooooo wrong one  
    I actually love both eqaully  
    I'm a guy so I can't be pregnant  
    No I thought it said to keep it ilegal  
    It doesn't say u can't take a gun or sword or any weapon to it because if i would I'd take a weapon :D  
    Don't know either  
    Neither it's [email protected]&d up  
    Fame gets annoying  
    Nooooooo I tried scrolling down  
    Noooooo I also wish I could change my vote  
    Wanted to see percentage and clicked randomly  
    Paris Eiffel tower  
    I'm a guy so neither I just wanted to see the percentage and comments  
    Agreed they're both ugly  
    Nooooo clicked wrong  
    Then you'll see if your gonna be murdered and just avoid it  
    Cancer is more commen  
    No wrong one  
    Noooooooooo wrong thing  
    American football is a ripoff of rugbe +1
    It's 2016 and he won  
    Id sky dive down Mount Everest but climb Mount Everest first  
    It didn't say your own spit  
    My own sweat lol  
    Before it rapes me I beat the sh*t out of it  
    Me neither  
    With a water gun full of grape soda LOL  
    Your stupid if you don't know what Tetris is  
    Snails are an actual food in a country I forgot what country  
    They didn't say without a gassmask  
    I'll have a parachute to  
    I'm not a girl  
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