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    im 15, show me some nice girl so i can kiss her  
    f*** x-x  
    why would you want to be with some fat fatties totally not racist O~o) than with 2 homeless wet cute dogs that you can just take them with you (lel)  
    skills like ruby rose (rwby series) with her crescent rose  
    apple sucks  
    mah boi  
    DAAAMNNN >.< I WANT BOTH SOO MUCH! Langs - Japanese, German, Russian, Chinese and totally perfect English | Instruments - Violin, Piano, Guitar and something else i think >_>  
    whats wrong mith michael?  
    give me my crescent rose, magic powers and my next girlfriend as chocola minaduki  
    what if i wanted a cat?  
    its same actor i think, other than that they are very similar  
    jhuzzt ah nayghthmare  
    at least i wont go to school -.-  
    they wouldnt even know  
    he/she mean ENTIRE, and that means every single thing and place, we know like 5% of the earth's ocean  
    lucid f***ing dreaming  
    i sleep like 9 hours + i always wanted to have lucid dream, idk why ppl want to sleep for 5h  
    this is mean  
    im kinda atheist so that was easy  
    travelling isnt my dream dumbasses  
    sharks dont attack people if theyre not hungry, this one is... guess ill just dodge him a couple of times  
    r8 for r8? never  
    cod kid  
    depends on a game youre playing, but im rather a pc gamer  
    The very Famous Inventor just Invented Wireless Wire!  
    PUNCHIMINDAFACE! Now he is in Comatose  
    rather Japan, but China isnt bad too  
    Kołaczowicze... lel... Ko-vaa-cho-vee-che  
    Sans the Skeleton Approves  
    apple sucks  
    imma g33k r8 now  
    horror movies are for pussies though, try to play horror games in vr  
    im actually always trying to imagine what would i do if this happened to me xD  
    i dont have a car so screw you  
    i already own ps4  
    marriage is just people's figment, a long time ago people didnt had to marry to do sex  
    i always do, i brush teeth like once a month x-x  
    you mean Hatsune Miku cosplay? :D  
    never was lucky person, my biggest luck in my life was when i got awp asiimov BATTLE FUKING SCARRED  
    f*** little crying sh*ts  
    f*** beaver, im skipping this question  
    get dunked on idiots  
    die mdrfkr  
    i dont say this word anyway  
    i have literally no peace from my family, my parents check me every 5 minutes  
    its only smell, not taste  
    cuz i already have my whole family snoring  
    i always have stuffed nose  
    dawać mi tu kurwa kisiel a nie jakiś chujowy pudding!  
    you dont want to know how the earth gravitational force would work on you if you were a giant  
    Bicycle Helmet (+20 to Armor)  
    gmail sucks  
    Gonna catch'em all!  
    my mum is russian, i can speak russian, i would be there like a normal citizen  
    japan rules  
    im past 10, screw you  
    xbox sucks  
    im not really using my legs anyway, the only thing i use my legs to is to go pee :P +1
    i think you guys want to be raped by ugly grandpas  
    call me Cave Johnson, the funniest person ever lived  
    i was sonic fan, then i was vocaloid fan, then i was thinking only about cargirls, now im rwby fan  
    i literally do everything with pen  
    i am kind of atheist right now :P  
    you want to be so overweight that you cant move?  
    get dunked on!  
    apple sucks  
    wheres Hawaii!?  
    imma guy  
    what is the question?  
    we didnt wear uniforms in Poland :P  
    daaaamn, good question  
    they didnt said WHAT KIND OF JOB, so that means i can test or program games  
    both movies are awesome, but id rather watch all alien movies cuz i like Xenomorphs  
    sports suck  
    this girl on the left dressed like Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog series  
    if there would be no marriage, divorce would be useless  
    ninja just like Blake Belladonna  
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