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    You believe what you wanna believe, but don't shove your Athiesm down other people's throats like how some religious people do themselves.(Agnostic, please don't go attacking me as a 'stupid religious person')  
    It somehow pisses me off that all the top comments are all 'me, me, me' +1
    Even when we're inside we have some chance  
    Nope. Bad people would still exist, plus natural disasters, overpopulation, whatever. Too many problems out there  
    No idea, but to be honest anime isn't really limited in the first place. You can always watch anime online, but with video games it's harder to pirate. +2
    Clicked it because of JB. If she's my dream boyfriend, then yes, I would kill her.  
    Honestly, I rarely even talk to people online. Only go on fb for memes. As long as we have everything else asides from like social networking, that's cool. +2
    I disagree. Many people got AIDS from their parents, and many others were raped because some people believe having sex with a virgin cures them of AIDS. I don't think having sex without a condom is exactly 'bringing it on themselves'. No-one should have to learn that way unless they were evil.  
    There are many more types of cancer, while AIDS is only one. And there are now some discoveries of cures for AIDS now.  
    If it means I don't look like a wrinkled old woman. Well, in some shows if you're immortal you just grow until you're middle aged and then stop growing.  
    1) You don't have to go in a motorcycle. 2) Even if you did, you don't have to go up, just stay at the bottom  
    You can always buy a router +49
    If it was hell on earth I'd probably have died really early because of water poisoning or whatever. Maybe couldn't even survive to be a toddler.  
    To everyone saying "you could eat them" nope. You get a disease which makes you die in a year's time from eating human flesh.  
    Too lazy to climb Mount Everest.  
    You can always lose weight  
    There's something called changing your name  
    If it is the universal language, then it would be included in the package of being fluent in all languages  
    If knowledge is power, is power knowledge?  
    The picture made me choose the other option straight away.  
    I'm short so yeah +2
    Grandad died  
    So who created God? Don't tell me he created himself or he was always there...  
    Wrong. I have both Windows and Mac and I will say that Windows is better. (If you actually bother to pay money for better Windows laptops).  
    Not funny enough  
    I thought it was comparing the Harry Potter movies to something  
    through my own work, the money probably would be alot more sustainable  
    Imagine going to the toilet  
    By choosing this option they are immediately dead.  
    If time is money, isn't money time?  
    Already live in China, why not have a change?  
    If knowledge is power, isn't power knowledge?  
    You could still fly by teleportation (like jumpcutting). Basically jump a little, fall and then teleport higher etc.  
    Since music is a language, I would be fluent in it as well  
    Already live there, but I live in an SAR where China doesn't have as much control.  
    The asexuals and aromantics probably win in this one  
    Clearly the relationship isn't perfect if it's spelt reletionship  
    The other 50 percent are liars. Well at least they probably wouldn't give ALL of their money.  
    All those saying 'I make mistakes, and you can't erase pen', what about friction pen?  
    I chose the camel just for fun  
    It would be annoying to be in a concert etc and listen to thousands of people's minds  
    Already live in China  
    There can actually be 'best gambler' for example remembering all the card numbers even when shuffled etc.  
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