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I am bored and I like this website, animals, and food

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    No more secrets  
    I'm not having kids so past is what I chosen +1
    What will you do when you run out of money  
    Is that suppose to be a polar bear  
    What's a blue waffle mean  
    I already wear glasses and can't remember anything anyway so what is the point of the question  
    If Obama wasn't president  
    Obama sucks  
    Bill Compton dies at the end of the last series  
    I am 4 foot 11 inches  
    I am 15  
    I am a lady so I pick sexism +1
    I will be asleep and no in pain  
    Where is Croatia?  
    Cats would be tourcher lions would be fast  
    I am better alone  
    Savings account  
    Flat screen tv and popcorn  
    Everyone has to listen to what I say, then I could make more laws  
    Hide and seek  
    We already don't have liberty  
    Ski left cold elevator warm this is not a hard decision  
    If you go right you have nothing go left you have something  
    Show off my house party every night  
    More vacation time  
    Trick someone to pick up a feather than weighs a ton  
    All I do at home is eat sleep and paint  
    This is a wrong question I am a lady  
    I have never seen star wars +1
    Dumbledore died  
    No one ever helps a beggar  
    13% are idiots  
    A least you wouldn't see the death coming to be scared  
    When you fail you get better so you can succeed  
    So I could play any song on the radio and become famous and rich  
    I want both a PC as a backup computer  
    I hate this question  
    Ninjas can get an to anything like a bank  
    I'd wish to find love etc. I don't need money to be happy  
    I don't like this question  
    Somethings are better left unknown  
    I hate both  
    My family already hates me  
    Hermoine is really smart and she is a wizard  
    Niether I'd rather be just right  
    I am not an idiot I would just like to save hundreds of lives in one day  
    Get a flat screen tv and some popcorn  
    Who are these guys?  
    I don't need to speak all foreign languages  
    I'd rather know if I'm loved  
    I am ready for a zombie apocalypse  
    Hakuna Matata means no worries  
    Where is the Niether button when you need it  
    I would give money to American homeless people fist then money to people in Africa  
    I like both  
    I could pause time to slap someone then walk away and then push play  
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