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    I already am  
    I will always want gay marriage +1
    It is gay for guys  
    I would want to die before because then I wouldn't have to suffer without one  
    I want both!  
    I want to be the middle child  
    Sorry to all the 'High School Musical' fans, but it was terrible  
    If you love the person it technically your friend  
    If you liked them and they liked you it technically would be true love.  
    It is so tough!  
    It says sleep. Also it could be a sleepover  
    They already know  
    There isn't a lot of women inventors  
    I would climb it and then jump off it  
    Pizza is not in Italy flatbread is. Also it is gelato not ice cream  
    GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    My loved ones could visit me  
    Australia has venomous snakes  
    I never read Harry Potter and I'm on the 3rd book of the Hunger Games so I'm all for Katniss  
    Religion because then you could make up your own rules  
    I would read my book and then watch a movie  
    I'm 11so it really doesn't matter  
    I like camping but I do like hotels too  
    Sorry puppies. I love you  
    It would be more useful  
    What if I don't have a son  
    Christmas you get more gifts  
    I like vanilla milk shake and fries  
    I meant movies  
    Gifts are fun to unwrap  
    Friends are so much better than screens. Also I would have a phone  
    It already happened  
    I wouldn't be stealing  
    I would do both  
    I would build a snowman! Just like I was a kid...  
    I would look at my surroundings  
    I would fight for my rights  
    It is only 10%  
    Sooooooo Star wars  
    A PC runs faster  
    Mini pigs are soooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!  
    I never watch either  
    It would be had without true love  
    That photo of the monkey is hilarious  
    I technically already am.  
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