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that ruins the whole purpose of website 3 years ago +1
i can learn to dance but i cant sing well at all 4 years ago  
nothing 4 years ago  
no one would belive you though 4 years ago +3
yep but all the answers are a or d so ya should make it so a few are b and c as well 4 years ago  
50 and i guessed on all of em 4 years ago  
if the onsie is a thing i don't see why this shouldn't be, it looks so comfortable 4 years ago  
i really don't think that many people would care enough to call, like if i was given a random strangers number i probably wouldn't call them 4 years ago +1
depends on how much it would cost 4 years ago  
like a good neighbor state farm is there, 4 years ago  
i have to get my license to carry before i go into my field and i love to cook so I'm4 screwed either way 4 years ago  
you prove them wrong every single time, pretty soon they will love ya for that 4 years ago +2 4 years ago joey is the best!:) 4 years ago  
warm apple pie with icecream on top, yumm 4 years ago +1
that would be awsomee 4 years ago  
no cuz trollss 4 years ago  
where is he for this question?> 4 years ago  
is it sad that i had to google that? anyway nope not gonna happen 4 years ago  
both of them need to come back 4 years ago  
ive never had it so i wouldnt really be giving anything up 4 years ago  
people come and go, so it evens out 4 years ago  
i wish it was spring instead of fall though 4 years ago  
started today, but at least its college and not highschool 4 years ago  
wait so like exact same, you cant change anything ? 4 years ago  
can i just get regular food 4 years ago +1
reminds me of this 4 years ago  
do i get to remember previous lives 4 years ago +3
but i would just break up with the different person, i wouldn't see 2 people at the same time 4 years ago  
that would mean no debt and good money who wouldnt want that? 4 years ago  
why do you wanna leave shiny? 4 years ago +1
a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth much, much more 4 years ago +1
the 100% has been broken, 4 years ago  
6 4 years ago  
i actually love eating off plastic plates 4 years ago  
googled it, A balut is a developing duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell. 4 years ago  
is missing, 4 years ago  
an airplane 4 years ago  
sun silk 4 years ago  
trees, grass and a bird, yep all through my window 4 years ago  
22,427 4 years ago  
i dont get presents for christmas anyway 4 years ago +1
take some of there stuff, sell it online, then become rich 4 years ago +1
this means i get a sister yay 4 years ago  
more variety too 4 years ago  
isn't a hair moustace just a moustace? 4 years ago  
i wonder what that would feel like 4 years ago +1
seeing the northern lights is on my bucket list, yay for big dreams lol 4 years ago  
i love going on road trips 4 years ago +2
thats like 10 girls against one, plus there all wearing heels, automatic weapon 4 years ago +2
i like it :D 4 years ago  
:D 4 years ago +3
unicorn popcorn water mustard snow random, :) 4 years ago +4
dailyvineclips why did you change your name? 4 years ago +3
i clicked before i saw alexw! nooooo 4 years ago  
i like my birth date 4 years ago  
i don't care about any kind of sport 4 years ago +1
the way i thought of it was all the animals will now be domesticated none of them dissapeared in my head. but i see how i may have read it wrong. 4 years ago  
is it username or real name? 4 years ago  
depends on the youtuber, some of the super popular are but not all of them 5 years ago  
i rarely ever drink hot water, so this is easy for me 5 years ago  
if it was a band or group of my choice then i might of picked a 5 years ago  
it depends on the question, sol yea somtimes i think of a loophole 5 years ago  
congratulations otakumon!! :) 5 years ago  
i dont really mind unless its a question thats been asked like a thousand times already but even then its not that big of a deal 5 years ago +1
im 4'9" so 5'8" would be more than good, 6'6" would be way to big a jump for me 5 years ago  
for a few moments or days till it all goes back down again 5 years ago +1
yummy 5 years ago +3
i only have a few more years of college left so if i picked the first one, i feel like it would be a waste, plus i need to know half the stuff so i can pass 5 years ago  
this is odd though because i dont really like jelly beans that much 5 years ago  
DailyVineClips lives pretty close to me 5 years ago  
i would hate doing either to my hair tho it would damage it so bad cus of all the bleach i would have to use 5 years ago  
ive always wanted to try eggnog 5 years ago  
its not a bad idea, its just that i almost always have multiple tabs open that i use. so it works the same way for me 5 years ago +5
its amazing, i wish i could draw like that 5 years ago  
do you remember your previous lives after your done with them 5 years ago +1
i dont know any, but when you find one you should put a link down below 5 years ago  
you get your dream house 5 years ago +1
i like them both 5 years ago +1
wait i read it as illegal 5 years ago +1
whatever i want implies more than one wish so now i get everything and i can also give the beautiful baby a wonderful life as well :) 5 years ago  
if they make a good song ill listen to it, if they don't i wont, but the religion they are doesn't change anything really 5 years ago  
whatever i want, so my first wish will be to bring the baby back to life 5 years ago +2
amazing 5 years ago  
depends on the crime, and what chance i have of getting caught 5 years ago +5
ill wear a parachute just in case it doesn't work 5 years ago  
i feel like more food has salt in it even if its only a little 5 years ago  
roller coasters are awsome 5 years ago  
christian rap artist 5 years ago  
shiny, its never gonna happen 5 years ago  
i wanna read both 5 years ago  
i hate going to bed with wet hair, ill stay up or get in front of the fan till its dry 5 years ago  
i feel like this is more guaranteed money somehow, is it? idk 5 years ago +2
i used to love the private and privilege series, i recently read the guild hunter series, the fallen series was pretty good, teardrop was good i hope to read the next book, matched trilogy was ok, eon and eona was pretty good as a duo, divergent, maze runner trilogy, the bar code tattoo, the immortals dont know if ill continue with this one tho, yea and i cant rember anymore book series off the top of my head so thats it for nw. 5 years ago  
i know it has adam sandler in it, don't remember the name of it tho 5 years ago  
im not gonna use them anyway 5 years ago  
yea that is happening to everyone 5 years ago +1
then you got the element of surprise 5 years ago  
at this point becoming normal would just feel weird, 5 years ago  
this question had me thinking for like 5 min 5 years ago +1
lol none of the comments pertain to the question, i don't think id be able to deal with the fans and haters and paparazzi that come with rapping, and i love talking photos, like i have 25 gigabits of photos on my skydrive and i need more space so i would love to be a professional photographer 5 years ago +2
i don't know if he does. i don't think so, not yet anyway 5 years ago  
i guess its all of us , i bet alexw will fix the problem, at least i hope he can 5 years ago  
i just tried it and it says there is 3 people chatting but it doesn't let me chat or show me a conversation, i think something is wrong with it 5 years ago  
i feel like its eiser to get dirty then it is to stay clean 5 years ago +1
this is only in books tho, havent watched the movies yet 5 years ago  
i like that song a little more now that its been pointed out that its the adult version of"if your happy and you know it, clap your hands" 5 years ago  
i hate crying or really showing deep emotion in front of others so i would not want a \ 5 years ago  
sucking out the poision is not a method that will help 5 years ago +6
wait i wanna switch i didnt get the vice versa 5 years ago +1
reading 5 years ago  
a good teacher can make a subject better, and make you wanna try harder; a bad teacher can make you end up hating the class and even the subject 5 years ago  
yup, me too 5 years ago  
this means i will learn german, also does this apply when speaking german? 5 years ago  
have fun in Greece Brittany, 5 years ago +1
id be super smart and get to change up some of the mistakes i dont really think i would mind that too much 5 years ago  
i use adobe more in general but not really for books, i prefer the actual hard cover books 5 years ago +1
noo i clicked the wrong one, whyy? 5 years ago  
plain no, in cookie dough definitely yes 5 years ago  
nope i refuse to do that 5 years ago  
it will be a better story wither i live or i die 5 years ago +1
shes so cutee! 5 years ago  
its asking religious people why they can't be more "tolerent"( if that is the right word to use i feel like its not, more like love and acceptance) of others. i don't really know how to explain it better. look at what the signs are saying 5 years ago +1
tho i would rather just donate the parts of my body that can be used for someone else then donate the rest to science or something 5 years ago  
it takes away the possibility of ever being buried alive 5 years ago  
i would mess with so many people 5 years ago  
his eyes are beautiful 5 years ago +1
most day's spent going to school is not going to be a great day, might as well get it over with and then get 2 full days off 5 years ago  
yay the anime questions are back!!=} 5 years ago +2
i get on my phone 5 years ago  
im going to die either way 5 years ago  
cold chocolate: use a mixer to blend cold milk and hot chocolate powder then top with whip cream, so good 5 years ago  
witch one pays more 5 years ago  
haha, yea mine is only like 6000 something =} 5 years ago  
wait just kidding ive never gotten to the 2048 tile but ive beaten the score of 2048. i doubt ill ever get to it 5 years ago  
no but the law does state that if you have sex or a "relationship" with a minor and one of you is over the age of 18 they can indeed throw you in jail. as i see it a 16 and an 18 yr old is not bad but an 8 yr old and an 18 should not be together and yes that would be against the law, but a 20 yr old and an 30 yr old is fine even tho its the same exact age difference. and no your grandfather was fine, i believe the relationship's that RememberMeWell was talking about is more of a dating relationship and i do not believe you were dating your grandpa, and the relationships you have between family is very different. 5 years ago  
i either will not get involved but if i do ill go with witch opinion or fact i think is right as well 5 years ago  
im taking my finals 5 years ago  
the older you get the less it matters, but as long as its legal and it's for love it really doesn't bother me 5 years ago  
both of these guys are awesome, but without alexw there would be no rrrather 5 years ago +5
thats true, i jut feel like we would have a little bit more of a chance 5 years ago  
if everything was impossible we would all probably be dead 5 years ago +1
probably 5 years ago  
where is the link? 5 years ago  
i hate going to bed with wet hair 5 years ago  
you wont go to prison if you don't get caught =} 5 years ago  
omg 208 comments i dont know if i can do this 5 years ago  
is it bad that i just pick who i think is cuter 5 years ago  
lol, i would probably loose every one of those except maybe rock climbing, :} 5 years ago  
yea i could see how that could look sarcastic, but I am being serious :} 5 years ago +1
yes, you should totally start a series \ 5 years ago  
how do you follow a post? 5 years ago  
flag football 5 years ago  
life would suck if you mastered it 5 years ago +1
i want to try this 5 years ago  
but i hope to learn how to in the future 5 years ago  
nathan make the questions that you want to make, not everyone hated the anime questions 5 years ago +5
what? 5 years ago  
i thought this was a new question i was like yay tiansa is back but nope, just the not voted list :( 5 years ago  
what was the creepy fetish in the anime 5 years ago  
it taste so much better when its homemade 5 years ago +8
ketchup fly pickle phone unicorn evil fun randomm 5 years ago +10
i shall wear a bunch of cloths, start growing my hair, not do drugs, not party, stop touring, and become the talk of every celebrity news chain. then ill retire and live the rest of my life with the money (tho i would still rather just be me) 5 years ago +4
i don't wanna die after all my loved ones do 5 years ago +6
im gonna assume they are staring cus im awesome and so they cantt look away unlike what there probably really doing, hating and planning to somehow murder me 5 years ago  
wait i wanna change my answer you would always be covered in chocolate and wouldn't the world end up caving in on itself 5 years ago  
i don't really enjoy either tho 5 years ago  
im not giving her all my blood especially not for a temporary change 5 years ago +4
i shall become his queen 5 years ago +2
your not you when your hungry 5 years ago +3
does this anime just have the same scenarios with one thing changing, or are you changing one of the outcomes. im confused. either way keep the series going. =} 5 years ago  
myharto 5 years ago  
mainly because i want doughnuts too 5 years ago  
but the guy who she did it will either take responsibility as well or we will take him to court and he will pay child support to help as well 5 years ago +2
ill write a book about it 5 years ago +1
no one talks to me that wayy.... except myself? 5 years ago +1
wow 100% 5 years ago +2
i hate crying in front of people 5 years ago  
im more likely to hurt myself with a double sided axe 5 years ago  
the trash one is not that surprising to me 5 years ago +4
lol yea a little too much but i don't care.thank youuu 5 years ago  
but its the happiness and joy that stays in our memories more and the sorrow and misery is what helps make it distinguishable 5 years ago  
more flavors\ 5 years ago  
itsgrace,myharto,AdrianvonZiegler,rrcherrypie, yoyomax12, iisuperwomanii, vsause, vihart, good mythical morning,shaytards, ect. 5 years ago  
welcome back dude 5 years ago +1
she looks kinda evil in that picture 5 years ago  
na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN 5 years ago +1
my 2 favorite years of high school was kinda half and half. i did public school half day in the morning and the afternoon(11:06) i did an online home school type deal. i liked it but i liked being with all my friends in the classroom as well as outside of school and i wouldn't trade on some of those awesome and even some of the awful experiences for anything. 5 years ago  
its never gonna happen 5 years ago  
i keep my promises, ill litter or something small like that 5 years ago  
i used to though 5 years ago  
so good 5 years ago  
i love both though 5 years ago +1
ill sell it 5 years ago +1
that would be pretty awsome 5 years ago  
i could not live without milk , well i probably could but i dont want to 5 years ago +3
so looking at your username im guessing both r u 5 years ago +17
i need to try it 5 years ago +1
dude whyyy?? 5 years ago  
yes it was soo good 5 years ago  
a would be like paparazzi times a 100 cus its everyone 5 years ago  
Ive tried Chicago already o so i wanna try something new 5 years ago +1
glad i actually watched the link before picking my answer this time 5 years ago  
is the disco ball edible, i want to eat it 5 years ago +1
100,000 or 10,000 im suprised its 50/50 5 years ago  
and they can all fly 5 years ago  
how weird would it be if that actually happened 5 years ago  
oreo milkshake 5 years ago +3
a would be so frustrating 5 years ago  
Im going to temporarily become a gamer cuz i want the $1000 5 years ago  
i can use it all year long that way 5 years ago  
the undertaker should have won 5 years ago  
so sad,yet so beautiful i love it 5 years ago  
dont wanna live forever, dont wanna die now easy choice 5 years ago  
ill capture it then ill eat it 5 years ago +1
it that that like the knife game song 5 years ago  
yellow shirt, black pants 5 years ago  
the other team was loosing horribly so i thought they needed a little bit of cheering too 5 years ago +1
it depends but whenever i get mad enough to have it out(witch isn't that often) it is not gonna end with understanding it will probably end with im right and your an idiot 5 years ago +1
natalie's eyes make her look a little crazy in that pic 5 years ago +1
ill have the best dream ever 5 years ago +1
i will not be given 90 million dollars by the richest man in the world at 2 pm tomorrow, so many possibility's. 5 years ago  
wheres the link? 5 years ago +1
drivers ed can be taken at anytime and you will probably never look back on the experience as anything super significant or great, but the time you spend with your friends that has the chance to be an amazing and super fun and you will have a chance to make memories that will last forever so i say go to Colorado but thats just my opinion 5 years ago +1
i just dont like orange juice 5 years ago +1
a would hurt my eyes so much, 5 years ago +5
i totally agree but what does it have to do with the question? :} 5 years ago  
you should do itt 5 years ago +1
i usally just watch whatever setting the video goes to 5 years ago +4
stupid indestructible body 5 years ago +1
well it will keep me from eating out, witch i guess is kinda good 5 years ago  
but not white 5 years ago  
with my luck, no wayy i would win a. 5 years ago +3
i wanna try them both 5 years ago +1
i never knew it changed 5 years ago  
i wonder how crazy and out of it i would become 5 years ago  
i was gonna put a link but it cant compete with any of the ones in the comments already 5 years ago  
so kinda like a horse? 5 years ago  
i go out looking for someone who actually wants to live forever 5 years ago +1
neither? 5 years ago +1
i love watermelon, i want some now 5 years ago  
Ive always wanted a super small wedding 5 years ago +1
depends on how much gold 5 years ago +1
i didnt know she smoked 5 years ago  
do the first one, but don't get drunk just act like u r its funnier that way 5 years ago +1
google will always be the best 5 years ago  
aaaa??A i did it 5 years ago +1
19 5 years ago  
if i wanted to dye it id have to use bleach and i dont wanna do that much damage to it 5 years ago  
im a season behind, its done forever nooooooo 5 years ago  
pepperoni 5 years ago  
my longest is 53 hours and some minutes straight cant wait to try and break that record 5 years ago  
pepsi is sweeter i prefer it, but if its not a big deal if they only have coke ill drink it either way 5 years ago  
i bet he is, i glad he is doing well. and I'm glad u and ur siblings are feeling better as well , know that were all here for u. feel free to message me if u need to talk or vent or anything. again srry if im overstepping 5 years ago +1
2 older brothers 5 years ago  
both 5 years ago +3
11:30am but i slept at like 3 5 years ago  
aww man once again i vote without checking the link 5 years ago  
ive never had a problem with the last bit 5 years ago  
im feel i have too much curiosity already 5 years ago +1
i loved kim possible 5 years ago +1
ive always wanted to read them, idk why i haven't picked them up yet 5 years ago  
ah i felt it might be too much, but im a very curious person.. alright here i go again. r u and ur siblings doing ok. how r u dealing with the news. will your dad be alright? ok if im asking too much im srry just feel free to not reply just hope you will be alright. 5 years ago  
good im happy to hear that 5 years ago  
is your dad out of the hospital now? 5 years ago +1
ouch! 5 years ago  
better story for later 5 years ago  
noooooo worst mistake ever i ment to pick b 5 years ago  
i liked the book but i heard the movie sucked and the trailers didnt look intresting either so i probably will never watch it 5 years ago  
ive always wanted a twin 5 years ago  
im make it work 5 years ago  
congrats on the win dude :} 5 years ago  
ive never tried the first one 5 years ago  
life would be simple again 5 years ago  
fire extinguisher 5 years ago  
sadly i cant attend, i will check back for results tho 5 years ago  
i can do it but i have to focus really hard to get it right 5 years ago +4
at least this way i have a chance 5 years ago +1
lol i guess not, i still choose a tho 5 years ago  
go downhill the whole time weeeee 5 years ago +5
i love spicy but i cant handle sour that well 5 years ago +1
i dont wanna go to jail 5 years ago  
its easier to curl your hair without using heat and damaging it then it is to straighten it without damage so ii want straight so then i can switch it up later if i want 5 years ago  
i have add and adhd if that counts 5 years ago  
i dont really care as long as they qualify 5 years ago +1
that sucks :/ 5 years ago  
sadly its not available on my phone so i wont be able to try it out 5 years ago  
this would be awesome 5 years ago  
so did he get a ticket or a warning? can he actually get a ticket for that? 5 years ago  
i want to learn how to play euchre 5 years ago  
depends on the person wearing it 5 years ago  
haven't read it, just guessing that the book is better cause the books usually are 5 years ago  
i always try to get a seat alone but if someone later wants to sit with me i usually let them do so 5 years ago  
hours per week 5 years ago  
the girl whispering looks like shes crazy 5 years ago  
lol i didnt understand the question till i read the authors comment glad i picked b 5 years ago  
at least i can enjoy the long falling sensation before i probably die 5 years ago  
glass brakes easier 5 years ago  
i love love to try either but to continue they would have to pay me pretty well 5 years ago  
required no but if they are willing to do so let them 5 years ago +1
omg the mist had such a sad ending, it definitly depends but for the most part i like a happy or bittersweet endings like with the notebook or in a walk to remember 5 years ago  
i wouldn't want to live forever without the concrete box and i definitely would not want to live forever with it 5 years ago +3
when people lie to you and you catch it its kinda fun to have them go on and see how elaborate of a lie they tell then you call them out on it and they just stand there not knowing what to do nw theve been caught yea thats kinda fun even tho its kinda cruel as while 5 years ago +1
eat it :} 5 years ago  
i believe in rare circumstances it could be needed but in most cases it is not. if you didn't wear a condom and had unsafe sex or even if it broke its still your responsibility to take care of a child if that results. you had to have known the consequences before you made the choice to have sex. i hate that too many people now look at it as i can have as much sex as i want and if i get pregnant its fine i can always get an abortion like no you now have a baby living inside of you and you should take care of it. also its very true the saying "the people that think of abortion never had it done to them" , think about it haw would you feel if you knew your parents thought about aborting you, what if they had its not a very plesent thing to think about. rape tho is a whole different story but even then adoption is still an option. wow that's a whole lot of writing srry just telling you how i feel bout the situation 5 years ago +5
i would of ate breakfast 5 years ago  
water puts out fire fire does nothing to water 5 years ago  
if im eating it plain i separate if i eat it with milk i dunk it whole 5 years ago +1
when i started i got to page like 2000 but now i just go back to newest questions 5 years ago +1
nothing will ever beat reading the book 5 years ago +4
its for saint pattys day, at least i think :} 5 years ago +2
ill mace em then take the tazer then i run awayyy 5 years ago +1
next year it will be even better 3.1415 3/14/15 yay pie day 5 years ago +1
all the time 5 years ago  
i liked divergent wasnt a big fan of hunger games, or twilight tho 5 years ago  
happy birthday!! :} 5 years ago  
it would become a bit more special 5 years ago  
very sweet 5 years ago  
both are not that great it should be a mix of both butwhen you do A you tend to be more honest and i like that 5 years ago +1
whyyyy why did they all have to die 5 years ago  
wait jk i like alexw and he does a good job as "leader" unless hes not the leader in the story in witch case i will keep my answer :} 5 years ago  
ill ask her to come with me, if she says no then we will stay and study 5 years ago +4
hit them then do a 5 years ago  
why would i waste that much money on either of therse things either ill sell em and get most or all the money back 5 years ago  
i enjoy watching horror movies at night i just dont enjoy trying to go to sleep right after 5 years ago  
i haven't had my first kiss yet and i don't wanna waste it on someone i don't love 5 years ago +7
dont hug me im scared 2 wasnt as good plus you know what coming 5 years ago +1
ill get 5 times that after a month but ill work for half a year and never have to work ever again 5 years ago  
that way i dont have to move 5 years ago  
people must not know what bitcoin is 5 years ago  
ive never watched freaks and geeks ill check it out tho 5 years ago  
pepsi is sweeter than coke 5 years ago  
if you listened to your favorite song that many times you would probably hate it. then youll have to listen to a song you hate for probably more than 100 times so ill go with b 5 years ago  
if they grow up freinds they will probably continue and then they can be freinds for longer 5 years ago +4
less people will fart on me 5 years ago +2
happy birthdayy hope u have a great day 5 years ago  
faster and i love sleeping on an airplane 5 years ago  
i dont understand how the 3rd grade homework would take that long to do i mean it should be only about 5 to max 10 min per page 5 years ago  
if its a guy i kick him where it hurts and if its a girl ill probably punch but im not that violent so i probably would do neither 5 years ago  
a humungous one 5 years ago  
at least i can yell weeeeeeee on the way down 5 years ago +1
i have 10 alarms set and then a app where i have to put in a complex password yet i sstill manage to hit snooze about 8 times before i get up 5 years ago  
knowing me i would loose the staff and then i would be screwed 5 years ago  
not like im going to end up knowing so i really dont care 5 years ago +2
tsundere dandre ane and a litle bit of yandere 5 years ago  
ill go back to first grade and try to get them to skip me a couple of grades 5 years ago  
water, i cant get enough of the stuff 5 years ago  
well now its even more 5 years ago  
i dont wanna live forever 5 years ago +4
i dont care about the brand all i think is do i like this, yes is it a good price if yes then i buy 5 years ago  
i really like this series 5 years ago +6
Glitterr 5 years ago  
i love writing 5 years ago  
Phlegmatic temperament 5 years ago  
sea green nw but it changes all the time 5 years ago  
i could never give up cashews 5 years ago +2
i need to go to canada 5 years ago +1
i want to go see it 5 years ago  
i dont care about facts Nutella forever! 5 years ago +1
i would be honored to receive a cheap birthday card with either quote inside :) 5 years ago +10
30 milion is more than enough for me 5 years ago  
either way im going to die 5 years ago +4
I like both but the smoke would have to be like campfire smoke not cigarette 5 years ago  
i like storms especially at night, and rain storms those are the best 5 years ago +2
i dislike both but i hate the dentist more 5 years ago  
its brilliant! 5 years ago +1
yes but the question is can u kill it? 5 years ago  
depends on the project and the mood im in 5 years ago  
theres a chance i might be able to kill him a demonic thing is like already dead so i would die too 5 years ago  
ill make a fool of myself but ill have fun and yea i wont ya know Die 5 years ago +2
i want to but i am soo indecisive that i know i will hate it after a while 5 years ago  
i love big eyes 5 years ago +1
lol you trolled your own question 5 years ago  
i feel ;like i will die faster that way 5 years ago +3
i somtimes like knowing 5 years ago  
ill sell it 5 years ago  
can i drink some of it while im at it 5 years ago  
i didnt watch, but its ellen so i just said yes 5 years ago  
either way i will fail 5 years ago  
i dont mind the other questions but i like will always like the would u rather best 5 years ago +1
i need to be able to do this 5 years ago +4
we will rule the world 5 years ago +1
lol 5 years ago +1
noooo dont leave us matthias 5 years ago  
it can be funnier that way 5 years ago  
hmm... i wonder what your answer would be?? 5 years ago  
so my phone or a box of red hots im screwed 5 years ago  
kind of they kind of get the best part of it tho like stay home and get paid to make content they make up, get amazing opportunities butt no paparazzi or not being able to go out cus of fans and stuff like that 5 years ago +1
get an awesome job with an even better paycheck 5 years ago  
7 degrees feels like -13 5 years ago  
it is what this site was made for and i like them better 5 years ago +3
i got a what the heck did you do to my car then i made up some thing about valentines day then went on a weird made up rant about a fight were still texting its hilarious 5 years ago  
that would be hilarious actually im gonna try it 5 years ago  
i like pepsi better anyway 5 years ago +1
money and i may get money or a new gun win win for me 5 years ago  
kill then i will steal the food 5 years ago  
me either but it must be better than walmart 5 years ago  
i hate the dentist 5 years ago  
7up and all the other lemon lime sodas suck only sprite is good but i can easily substitute Sunkist for crush 5 years ago  
candyyyyy 5 years ago  
this is amazing!! u just made my day :} happy valentines day! 5 years ago  
i love driving at night 5 years ago +1
support you all the way you should get a petition going. your school officials are idiots 5 years ago +3
also do a lot of schools have the hat rule cus the we never got yelled at for that 5 years ago  
i don't really care about the hats but i wont get yelled at for sleeping that would be awesome. 5 years ago  
if i didnt enjoy it and its still the best day of my life then i must of had a pretty sad life 5 years ago  
is it weird that i wanna know what u did? yes it defiantly is 5 years ago +1
if i ever woke up at night that would freak me out so ill go with the butterflys 5 years ago +5
some of it is amazing 5 years ago +2
this is sad its not moms spaghetti 5 years ago  
other option: run run awayyy as fast as you can 5 years ago  
make me a become a lot more truthful 5 years ago  
i would probably fall asleep tho 5 years ago  
the right way feels weird to me 5 years ago +1
cool i get a driveway and a house 5 years ago  
first thing i thought of was the stupid affluenza case 5 years ago  
actually breathing can become harmful in certain situations 5 years ago +2
Indiana Latitude: 40.1037 Longitude: -86.803622 5 years ago  
ill take 1 pillow please 5 years ago +3
nooo i ment the other one 5 years ago  
i wont get rid of the house but ill buy a nice house and just have 2 houses from then on cus ill be rich :} 5 years ago  
but this includes reruns on the channel right 5 years ago  
if you pick the gun your screwed if it runs out of bullets 5 years ago +5
its usually faster than the elevator 5 years ago +3
whenever there's gonna be a "supposedly" easy test i get suspicious so ill get studying 5 years ago  
have you seen the urban legend squidwards suicide vid on YouTube? pretty creepy stuff there 5 years ago  
is this from the bar code tattoo book? 5 years ago  
i like user questions 5 years ago  
ill probably watch parts of it but not the whole thing 5 years ago  
as much as negative temps suck i wouldn't want life without them either 5 years ago +1
haven't watched frozen yet heard its amazing tho 5 years ago  
lol ok then, srry that i made the assumption that you were younger than that :} 5 years ago  
u will one day and then your going to want the free gas cus its expensive stuff 5 years ago  
a discount makes candy taste so much better 5 years ago +6
lol 5 years ago  
what happened? 5 years ago  
dont know any of these 5 years ago  
i would make it swing me to sleep 5 years ago  
but you loose money so its sad too :} 5 years ago  
i wouldn't fight id just Google it 5 years ago +2
oh detention aint that bad, id risk it for a friend 5 years ago  
so ill find a way to get someone else to make it for me good meal no work, though i will miss baking 5 years ago  
but not cigerette smoke, like campfire smoke i like the smell of wood burning 5 years ago  
somebody has to be there so i don't fall asleep though 5 years ago  
long shirts or a dress and im good 5 years ago  
will they fell the same way bout me? 5 years ago  
the scary thing is that its everywhere now 5 years ago  
castle 5 years ago  
happens all the time 5 years ago  
collage is sooo much better than highschool 5 years ago  
ill sell 4 of them get fuel and then im ready to go 5 years ago  
r u complaining about a snow day?? snow days are amazinggg dude! i love it when a happened to me :} 5 years ago  
wait is this 2 extra eyes or the eyes you have now move to the sides of your head? 5 years ago  
yea exept when its -5 or under lol but ill make it work 5 years ago +3
at least i can weeeee on the way down 5 years ago  
unexpected text from my crush, that never happens to me 5 years ago +1
when i was little i could rarely tell the difference, sometimes when i was awake i would think i was dreaming as while 5 years ago  
ive always wanted to watch a tornado pass through in person and this way i can make it so it doesnt hurt any one either 5 years ago  
very true 5 years ago  
i love cooking 5 years ago  
i want that double quadrople stuffed oreo, omg somone must of worked really hard to make that 5 years ago  
this is like finding out tails is a boy all over again 5 years ago  
unless its a telemarketer or something cus i like messin with them :) 5 years ago  
this way i can still eat good food 5 years ago  
snow is awsome and its soo pretty 5 years ago +1
i have not seen the first one yet 5 years ago +1
i wear flip flops year round even with the snow so i barley ever wear socks :} 5 years ago  
i dont like socks 5 years ago  
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