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    hehe into the storm 4 years ago  
    I can just get mine recut because I have a spare pair hidden 4 years ago  
    I dislike both sorry 4 years ago  
    at my school if you are smart your popular 4 years ago  
    floods are worse than being snowed in badly 4 years ago  
    your 9 and you have such a negative take to life 4 years ago  
    its his last name stupid like how Draco sometimes calls harry "potter" 4 years ago +8
    die die die 4 years ago  
    excuse me 4 years ago  
    banana 4 years ago  
    bruno 4 years ago  
    stupid question 4 years ago +5
    wrong one 4 years ago  
    my friends are my family 4 years ago  
    that would be funny and he could make a song about me 4 years ago  
    the cats face 4 years ago  
    my anaconda dont 4 years ago  
    hehe niall 4 years ago  
    rape is not okay and shouldn't be used as one of these questions 4 years ago +1
    people i hate that love me 4 years ago  
    if they had hiv 4 years ago +1
    i love my friends so 4 years ago  
    that would be hot 4 years ago  
    what do you people have against gays honestly 4 years ago  
    and do you have something against gays 4 years ago  
    amazing 4 years ago  
    that's a sad photo 4 years ago  
    that's viloent 4 years ago  
    ass holes who walk out 4 years ago  
    My friend wouldn't care, we'd talk about how hot he was. 4 years ago  
    this is a complete trick question if you watched the mirror mirror tv series 4 years ago  
    vegetable monster replaced him 4 years ago  
    donations anyone 4 years ago  
    that's my life 4 years ago  
    moneyyyyyy 4 years ago  

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