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    can I work out? 6 years ago  
    Not choosing this time 6 years ago  
    wtf; I lost my faith in humanity 6 years ago  
    I can't judge a guy by just having this little information, it depends on the rest of his personality and hobbies 6 years ago  
    Rocker for sure! 6 years ago  
    Rome 6 years ago  
    ssbm :) 6 years ago  
    I don't care when it happens 6 years ago  
    many people can't 6 years ago  
    I want to do both 6 years ago  
    I don't see what's wrong with playing World of Warcraft.. 6 years ago  
    damn...I clicked on the first one without reading the second 6 years ago  
    I just don't want to play in a movie at all 6 years ago  
    I didn't want to choose :/ 6 years ago  
    I'd never want to answer this 6 years ago  
    I really don't care 6 years ago  
    looking young at like 70 would be pretty weird I think.. 6 years ago  
    This makes me want to change my answer, since I became pro-life a few months ago.. 6 years ago  
    I just love airplanes and the sound of the engines 6 years ago  
    nah screw that 6 years ago  
    I just seriously want to know what the future will be like 6 years ago  
    I liked the girl on the picture... 6 years ago  
    society can be really fcked up sometimes 6 years ago  
    don't care about marriage 6 years ago  
    I could speak Hebrew 6 years ago  
    I'm thinking all the time already so... 6 years ago  
    I don't see the point of marrying anyway 6 years ago  
    I don't think any of those happened, but the big bang sounds more logical to me and atleast doesn't have an entire religion created behind it. And I like it when people actually try to think of a possible answer and use their brains and creativity instead of just blindly following what's written in a book or thaught by parents. Personally I don't think the universe really had a beginning. time is just something created by humans, it's not real. We are so used to everything in live having a beginning and an end. maybe the universe doesn't have that. 6 years ago  
    I'm liberal =) 6 years ago  
    wouldn't like to be a housewife all 2700 6 years ago +1
    we're not afraid of that 6 years ago  
    I don't like both the stereotypes, but I like ambitious people so I chose male. 6 years ago +3
    I didn't know so many people didn't care... 6 years ago  
    If I was a man I'd go for small penis 6 years ago  
    I'd really like to have superpowers :D 6 years ago  
    I'm a woman, so middle class today 6 years ago  
    you need to spell ''to'' right 6 years ago  
    I would like to know if he was cheating, so I'm not with the wrong person my entire live. 6 years ago  
    I could still workout right? 6 years ago  
    I didn't like the idea of dying right now... 6 years ago  
    you're* and It says: would you rather have you OR your girlfriend wear... 6 years ago  
    I can't even stand being around a douchebag...let alone having it as a boyfriend and I want to make my own money. 6 years ago  
    I accidentally clicked on rebecca :/ 6 years ago  
    not really 6 years ago  

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