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Would u rather be a Businessman or Scientist 7 years ago 546 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live a happy life believing a lie or live a bewildered life searching for the truth 7 years ago 701 votes 6 comments 1 like

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i would gladly die for my family 7 years ago  
chess needs more brains 7 years ago +1
they would make the world more sexy ;) 7 years ago +1
nightmares r entertaining. 7 years ago +1
I'm sorry was that a question? 7 years ago  
yes sir because with science u can challenge ANY idea and even prove it wrong if u can prove ur statement. However religious text are words of superhuman beings that are said to know everything whose words are not to be challenged. U can not update the bible but u can update science. Science is always improving (therefore remaining up-to-date) while religious text are more than thousands of years old. 7 years ago +2
so is the reply of a superficial. 7 years ago  
Sir the the topic u r referring to are very detailed. There are plenty fo books on them if u wish to know more about them but i do not think that here would be a good place to post detailed information about such topics. 7 years ago  
that's what she said 7 years ago +2
no bang no delusional humans no religion no god 7 years ago +4
as real as my unicorn. U see i know its there. I can feel it. He just wont show himself. 7 years ago +4
sir he said most ppl BELIEVE in god because of that =P I was confused in the beginning too =P 7 years ago +1
I'm say that a zero probability is VERY different from a low probability. If one CAN possibly imagine the shear size and the age of this universe one would know that such a thing can ultimately lead to our existence. 7 years ago +1
look at america's percentage sir. The current world power is not a part of our hope =/ 7 years ago +1
maybe so sir but why would god want to create lousy being like us hu keep making the world a more sinful place? 7 years ago  
wow im suprised o.O either women r betraying themselves or there r more male voters than female =/ 7 years ago  
woa dude lets not get sexist here eh? 7 years ago  
damn this is not at ALL easy to answer =/ 7 years ago +2
TROLOLOLOL 7 years ago  
U can jump of the lift which in my opinion is EPIC!!!! 7 years ago  
well played sir 7 years ago  
wow this is ABSURD!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
so lets not live it like a schizoid. 7 years ago +6
RESPECT! 7 years ago  
immortal life can be annoying and vampires always lament on how horrible their lives become. 7 years ago +1
ova? 7 years ago  
im not a kid so... 7 years ago +1
but then u will not have that option =P 7 years ago +1
thats what i thought =P 7 years ago  
really? o.O 7 years ago  
lol i cna just download music =P 7 years ago  
this is just such a big disgrace because 9-11 is NOTHING compared to that... 7 years ago +1
Google the possible permutation of a rubik's cube. Even if the possibility is one is to ten to the power of a trillion the probability is still not zero my friend. That's VERY important for ppl to realise. 7 years ago +3

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