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    Who Needs Friends!?!? They are exchangable!  
    What if I LOVE working jobs that I hate?  
    I dont see any similarity between this question and some others... Hmmm.  
    Live forever alone, or live for now with my true love.. this one is tricky...  
    A romantic dinner before is like foreplay, and you look forward to the night to come.  
    When I die, I'm going in the ground, and that's where I'm staying. +1
    But if your not aging, your staying healthy ;)  
    Depends on how long you'd be there...  
    Well, where do we live now?  
    Hmmm... ever heard of college?  
    Normal part of life. +1
    Well, getting rich and never having to work IS my goal... +3
    You can become fluent in five if that lauguage covers all five. +2
    Less work for me!  
    I dont wanna kill the trees... They give me life  
    What if Justin Bieber WAS the hottest guy you know?  
    Sounds like a personal problem  
    Sunglasses are only good half the time, regular glasses can make you seem smart even if your not.  
    Hmmm, something that no one in this day in age has EVER REALLY seen, or something scienctist can back up... I wonder...  
    There's a lot of things you don't get. +1
    Wellll, im not excactly smart enough to make a NON bias law...  
    You can buy an egg mcmuffin before a chicken sandwich. +232
    School= Act like doing something while sleeping VS. Go to work and actually HAVE to do something. +196
    Got to have a mind first.  
    SET UP +2
    If you NEVER age, wouldn;t you NEVER die? Think people. +2
    I know a lot of guys that are hotter than Justin Bieber  
    If you walked down the hall in a hotel, youd be seeing images for life because you couldn't see what you heard. +1
    What, did you think you lived twice or something?  
    Not in your sick preverted way =)  
    Then you must be old =) +12
    Everybody but the person that later goes to try the trick and fails epicly.  
    If you watch a win, it does nothing for you, if you watch them fail, you get to cry and hold you pants to stop from wetting yourself.  
    69% are guys  
    *cough* DESPERATE *cough* +65
    Hmm. be a starving child, or a starved WORKING child. This ones a toughie.  
    45% of people dont know what Russian Roulette is.  
    I REALLY hate things I'm good at *cough cough*  
    you would know, wouldn't you?  
    well, which on is the less stupider choice...?  
    So, either be hot or smart... Well, i'd take hottest, cause your born with looks, you can learn and become smart  
    I'd create a campaigne for people NOT to smoke, and make MORE than 300,000 dollars.  
    Katniss is smart: in more than books, she could keep you safe. Hermione is book smart. So what. Magic has its limits. +1
    I already have excellent hearing. i want great vision!  
    I sleep 10 hours every night anyway...  
    Welll, either really old cracked up music, or todays music, that you know who sings is, and get why there singing it.. hmmmm.  
    Well, there are two kinds of people: Liars and people that say looks matter.  
    as in, as amazing not as in "feeling imaginary spirutual miracles" lol  
    Their football sucks!  
    Im a girl...  
    I'd be the vampires off the vampire apocalyps, they dont sparkle!  
    Servant, bring me a class of water would ya?  
    I like coca-Cola. i drink that everyday!  
    Lady gaga dont got any fans... Justin Bieber unfortanatly HAS fans.  
    That pic gave me the creeps...  
    Italy: Drive on the wrong side of the rode, with no speed limit  
    You dont need keys to get in, u just break in, your cell phone... thats a different story.  
    4 people you hate.. PUSH THEM IN!!!  
    an R8 has amazing horsepower, and it is great on gas. For a girl, i know what an R8 is. Its amazing. Exspensive, but amazing.  
    aren't they the same.. duh  
    Brownie batter is too sweet when not cooked.  
    I already can be a b*tch... problem solved!  
    Communism is screwed up. Unless your the leader.  
    WOW. the movies dont take 5 weeks to finish  
    Hey everyone.. lets hit this puck and see who makes the most shots.. Hey everyone, lets use this football, get tackled, run, and fumble the ball, until times up, and a winner is declared.. Which did I pick... GUESS  
    Its easier to gain weight than to grow hair.  
    Avatar was so awesome in 3D =)  
    Well, ill just do both. its a free country. depends which has my attention first!  
    cats are independent... so does that REALLY count?  
    Being the smartest person, people start depending on YOU for all the answers.. to EVERYTHING.  
    Duh, FAMILY GUY!!  
    Im already rich, so that takes care of that! +1
    This way, if the worlds coming to an end, Australia will die first, its already tomorrow there. =)  
    Hmmm. date someone that is old and wrinkly, or someone younger, smarter and more energetic... I wonder which one to pick.  
    Um, im not the indians, i dont eat others for survival. (No offense)  
    Hmm.. alone for a long time or normal with the love of your life... thats hard to decide.  
    Hmm.. be honest or mute... thats a hard on...  
    you know wat they say.. STBY!!!  
    *cough* suck up *cough* Loser *cough* hmmm... i wonder who i'll choose...  
    I volunteer as a tribute!  
    If thats the answer to everything, then our would is in trouble.  
    Well, im pretty close to god...  
    I already get me own meat...  
    My life savings isnt very big, so it would be a pretty cheap achievement.  
    We go to war over world hunger sooo...  
    Sorry, ill be a cheater  
    yeah lady, keep ur opinion to ur self. I like justin bieber  
    i already almost died saving my sibling once... so yeah, my turn now.  
    Some dreams aren't worth seeing...  
    lol, anyone read the sign that the bum is holding?  
    somethings you just dont need to remember...  
    Its a free country... ill buy em both!  
    Well, i was always in style, and yeah, i was pretty awsome.  
    "Hello animal, hows it going?" Person walking by thinking "man, that persons nuts!"  
    As a vampire, morons, you aren't able to cry. You are created with special powers you could never have a mere mortal.  
    Ima beast, so I volunteer as a tribute!!  
    Ill find true love someday  
    Hermione is great at spells AND smart.  
    You not born smart, you get smart, but street smarts, thats only the smart people to realize you experience to learn. Can't read about them :) lmfao  
    Your gonna get sick of life when your still aging, and everyone else has died.  
    Looks like I have a new computer in my future!  
    When you gotta go, you gotta go. And if your in the shower, it washes away.  
    I think we have an OBVIOUS WINNER!! *cough* Obama *cough*  
    I keep unwanted things in there anyway...  
    What happened happened.  
    i can cook, and you can massage my shoulders as I do.  
    They have motorhomes that can go in water soooo...  
    I need to gain weight anyway.. and its easily lost.  
    Thank you captain obvious...  
    Micro is small... and i like big things sooo.... lmfao +232
    U can't remove tattoos....  
    Some parties suck  
    Well, as long as another girl isn't checking me out.....  
    Somethings, you dont want/need to remember, like those things you were out doing last night...  
    I LOVE NUTELLA!!!!! Yum!  
    You would have a choice at a resturaunt.  
    if my bf falls in love with me, ill just set sum 1 up 2 catch her fall.  
    Talk like yoda? Fu*k that! It rather have freaky breath and scare away the presidents! ha!  
    I'll walk through the forest, cuz I live in a beachfront home sooo...  
    If you rule everything, then don't you rule knowledge? So yeah, theres my choice.  
    I'll get my relationship later. Money is worth it. Literally.  
    I pickkkk... or  
    I'd make those clothes come back in style. Those hairstyles... who'd WANT those back?  
    The picture for the monkey, does not show justice to all the baby monkeys that are actually cute.  
    Who needs friends? Those are SO last year! +1058
    Oh yeah, private movies! You could do ANYTHING...  
    Nightclubs are much more fun!  
    its like winning the lottery, you get all the cash, and you still have something better to take home.  
    "Oh no, I broke a nail, oh my, its the end of the world!" eesh  
    Somethings shouldn't be relived.. and yeah, the past isn't one of them.  
    Without internet, I wouldn't be reading these would you rather questions ;)  
    know at all times, because THEN, you would know if your crush likes you back :)  
    Im beautiful, so who cares? lmao  
    Somethings, you just dont WANT to see again.  
    Id get sick of my same old life sometime, AND, id outlive everyone I love.  
    religion would be too hard to start. It would just be you and your voo doo friends.  
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