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Would you Rather Drink... Lemonade or Apple Juice 2 years ago 91 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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these comments make me lose faith in humanity DEAR GOD 11 months ago  
you can hear the asexuals laughing in the distance. 1 year ago  
21 2 years ago  
Why did I say Ronald McDonald... 2 years ago  
It said that in the authors comment you dumbass. 2 years ago  
Canada = Really cold but way better then America | America = Absolute Shit 2 years ago  
Just move out of the city. 2 years ago  
For the 66% you chose cookie dough, guess what! You now have salmonella! :D 2 years ago  
It said you couldn't dumbass. 2 years ago  
You need both to survive, without both you'll be an idiot. Book smarts means you read lots of books and are a generally smart person. Street smarts means you can survive in the wild with ease. Most people are stupid enough to choose one over the other, so if you chose book smarts and were forced to live in the wild for even just a week you would most likely die in just a day. But if you chose street smarts and were put in a situation where you had to do something like a pretty hard test you would be more likely to fail it. So you must have a balance between the two, like if you agree. :) 2 years ago  
Long life = 100 or more | Short Life = 30 or younger 2 years ago  
Weird = You act weird you don't look weird. Also I accidentally chose option B. 2 years ago  
I would still be popular if I was smart, plus guys love smart girls. ;) 2 years ago  
Two reasons I chose option A: 1) Most people get dumped through text message anyway and that to me it doesn't hurt you as much. And 2) I don't want my friends going to prison for manslaughter. 2 years ago  
So tell me, lynn718, how do you read a book so wrong you think it's boring? Explain. 2 years ago  
I am ten years old. 2 years ago  
Did you know that you get ink poisoning from tattoos? I thought that was interesting. 2 years ago +1
I already surf the Internet, but that doesn't mean I'll choose option A. 2 years ago  
Go to sleep early. 2 years ago  
Calls are awkward. And I love to send emojis. :D 2 years ago  
Milky milkshake, dancin' with my milkshake. 2 years ago  
Omg this was so hard to choose. I love both! D: 2 years ago  
Yes! Attack me with love! And if it means them actually hurting me, then I think I can take em'. 2 years ago  
At least my loving friends wouldn't cheat on me, brake up with me, be an asshole to me, ETC. 2 years ago  
God doesn't hate homosexuals, but it doesn't say in the bible that it's okay. If you can't reproduce with your gender, then it means obviously means you can't marry your gender. I don't hate homosexuals, but I don't encourage it either. 2 years ago +1
Cowards? What do you mean cowards? I mean, we're not being cowards we just don't wanna get put in jail. Besides, $50,000 dollars is enough money for me. 2 years ago  
Not a politc. 2 years ago  
I could either befriend them if they're turn into better people or if they don't I'll just eat them. 2 years ago  
I have no idea who Natalie Portman is. 2 years ago  
Didn't say anything about phones. 2 years ago  
*depressing 2 years ago  
I would make a law where each year you would get five things that you want. 2 years ago  
Maybe it would just taste like milk but a little different. 2 years ago  
I bet Markiplier would love to choose option B. 2 years ago  
Just be your self! :D 2 years ago  
For all the people who don't know exactly what this means, it means if you go left there will be nothing right (everything is wrong) but if you right there will be nothing left. (everything will be gone) 2 years ago  
I have to agree on that one, but Chrome is still better. 2 years ago  
Who said the elevator would be warm? 2 years ago  
We'll never go to Heaven anyway. We'll stay on Earth forever, although half of us will die with Satan. 2 years ago  
Option A: Freedom, but no people being locked up. Option B: People being locked up, but no freedom. 2 years ago  
For the guest form Missouri, women in Afghanistan are being treated absolutely horribley. They're forced to marry when they are really young (around 12) and have a very pour education. Black men in the 1800's were slaves. I just picked option B because I'm a woman. Please make this top comment. 2 years ago  
Let me put it simple. (these are my two favorite dogs) German Shepherd or Min Pin? 2 years ago  
So be Spongebob Squarepants or Squidward Tentacles? 2 years ago  
Actually guest from Massachusetts, more then 6 million people died. 2 years ago  
Animals don't speak any language. 2 years ago  
You didn't censor that correctly. It's F*ck. 2 years ago  
I would rather end the life of the author for making this. 2 years ago  
Omg that's brillient! 2 years ago  
Whatever you wanna do buddy. 2 years ago  
This is for the guest form Arizona, Russian Roulette is a game where there is one bullet in gun and you have to shoot yourself in the head with it. If you don't get a bullet, you get money! If you get the bullet, you not only don't get money... But you also die. It's a horrible game don't ever play it. 2 years ago  
I am a geek. 2 years ago  
IPAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
The younger one is treated better. 2 years ago  
Family, brah. 2 years ago  
I must speak or I can't live. 2 years ago  
Fooooooooooooooooood. 2 years ago  
ANARCHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
Me and her would be a tall couple. 2 years ago  
I don't need that money. 2 years ago  
It's not an easy life without freedom. 2 years ago  
Welcome... To the COLOSSEUM! 2 years ago  
I went to the doctor because I thought I had OCD, and they said I didn't. So... No. 2 years ago  
Wigs. 2 years ago  
Just have him have plastic surgery. 2 years ago  
Just take her to a training center to build her mind till' she thinks that she not fat anymore. 2 years ago  
Sell the car and buy a new one. 2 years ago  
I'm not a white girl, but I prefer Starbucks over Coca Cola. 2 years ago  
I would freeze to death on the first night of living their. 2 years ago  
Futball is okay... Football is AWESOME!!! 2 years ago  
Time to go to Las Vegas! 2 years ago  
Just get a new job. 2 years ago  
I meant to pick option B. Since I don't want to be in a mental asylum. 2 years ago  
Those girls are more pale then me my self! 2 years ago  
Come with me on my Yacht! 2 years ago  
I am frickin' terrified of tornados... 2 years ago  
God says it's wrong, so it's wrong. 2 years ago  
Yup. 2 years ago  
I ain't gay, I don't wanna be gay, I respect gays, and I will still love you even if you do become gay. It's still wrong but I won't shun homosexuals. 2 years ago  
Twitter is the same thing you dumb ass. 2 years ago  
I rarely ever even go on Twitter anymore... 2 years ago  
I rarely even watch T.V. 2 years ago  
I hate both, but I hat Family Guy even more. 2 years ago  
You can't play games without vision. 2 years ago  
Working with all of my work buddies. c: 2 years ago +1
I. Love. Chinese. Food. 2 years ago  
I prefer Deadpool, but... Spooderman, Spooderman. Does whatever a spooder can. (2x) 2 years ago  
I meant to pick option A. 2 years ago  
I don't like Xbox... I prefor Play Station and Apple. 2 years ago  
If I lived forever, I would watch my friends and family slowly die before my eyes. 2 years ago  
But... Winter. 2 years ago  
Especially that if it's THAT nightclub! 2 years ago  
I meant to pick option B. 2 years ago  
My grammy ain't annoyin'. 2 years ago  
COKE! 2 years ago  
I meant to pick option B. 2 years ago  
I meant to pick option A. 2 years ago  
I meant to pick option A. 2 years ago  
I meant to pick option A. 2 years ago  
I meant to pick option A. 2 years ago  
I meant to pick option B. 2 years ago  
FINALLY! Someone with actual grammar! 2 years ago  
I feel like a bad person all of a sudden... (please make me top comment...) 2 years ago  
I would then soon learn to love that something. 2 years ago  
Their not called 'Redheads' their called Gingers. 2 years ago  
Princess 2 years ago  
You are crazy... 2 years ago  
>:( 2 years ago  
What is the Triwizard Tournament? 2 years ago  
I HATE racism. 2 years ago  
WHY?!?!?! 2 years ago  
Hey Sharen, dye my hair blond and make it curly like in that picture right there. 2 years ago  
Jump! 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
I go for option B, but I would not shun them for it. D: 2 years ago  
I meant to click option B. 2 years ago  
I am TERRIFIED of planes... 2 years ago  
Get some of that good old paper money! 2 years ago  
FOOTBALL!!! 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
If it's that guy in the picture, then 100% yes for option B. And that he's nice. :) 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
Girls! Girls! GIRLS! 2 years ago  
Kids rule, Seniors Drool... Litterlly... 2 years ago  
Yeah I never heard of it... But I did hear that a lamborghini is way better then an R8! BOOM SON!!! 2 years ago  
Now if I lived in Canada, I would go for option A. But see I live in the U.S.A so I had to go with option B... 2 years ago  
Nope. 2 years ago  
Just get a new leg! 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
I meant to click option B, since I know that they don't wanna kill me but just wanna reproduce with me. 2 years ago +1
Why does everyone on here have to be so serious? This is just a game not some big test! 2 years ago  
I don't want Salmonella... 2 years ago  
Easy fix, just bring all of my family to that beautiful paradise and their you go! Problem solved! 2 years ago  
I don't really want kids anyway. 2 years ago  
U.S.A!!! 2 years ago  
FRIENDS!!!!! 2 years ago  
I have Monophobia and if no body likes me, I'll be alone... 2 years ago  
I meant to click option B. 2 years ago  
Chase my career first, then get married and start a family. 2 years ago  
Just a little cold? That's not to bad. 2 years ago  
I already pee in the shower ALL the time! 2 years ago  
I MEANT TO CLICK OPTION B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!! NOT THE BABIES AND KITTENS!!! 2 years ago  
I meant to click option B. 2 years ago  
I need to gain some muscle, I seem pretty whimpy right now so some muscle would be real nice. 2 years ago  
Die at 30? Welp, I'm a-okay with that! 2 years ago  
Survive on the streets... 2 years ago  
Jokes on you author! I'm already an average joe! 2 years ago  
Me and my friends would beat him to death, and then all of us would most likely go to prison for manslaughter. 2 years ago  
I meant to click option B. 2 years ago  
BAB & MMMH. (Books are Boring and Movies Make Me Happy!) 2 years ago  
Your grammar is horrible, are you 6 years old or something? 2 years ago  
It's only $100. 2 years ago  
I meant to click option B since I don't want to have ugly folk hit on me, I'd rather get hit on by my same sex. 2 years ago  
Why would you start a new religion? You would just make up some crap about God which is not true at all! And then people would hate you for it! 2 years ago +1
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
I wore some swag clouths when I was ten. 2 years ago  
Wow, it's been 4 years and that thing is STILL at 13%. Lol. 2 years ago  
Sorta, but an awkward moment is when nobody knows what to say and so they just sit their in silence. While embarrassing moments are when you do something in a really dumb way or you say something weird or if you fail at something. 2 years ago  
I am female so it would feel more comfortable... Unless she was a lessbin... 2 years ago  
Why must you bring up stuff about God? 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
ALASKA FOR THE WIN!!! Like if you agree. :) (Plz make top comment...) 2 years ago  
I don't even know what a democracy even is... But I pick option A. 2 years ago  
I don't believe you since people normally think their family hates them cause they go on the internet on social media and see other people that are acutally abused, so it's hard for me to believe you. 2 years ago  
Ikr? People are jerks... Most people. 2 years ago  
Wtf bro? 2 years ago  
I don't want my family to hate me. 2 years ago  
I. Love. Sleep. Period. 2 years ago  
Shut up you dirty pervert! 2 years ago  
I love sending emojis, and phone calls get pretty awkward... Once when I was talking to my friend on the phone, I didn't know what to say next and she didn't either, so we just sat their in silence for a long period of time. :P 2 years ago  
If your mom was trying to act proper in front of uptight fancy folk, you could make her have a HUGE fart and embarrass herself infront of them. XD 2 years ago  
I already do that. 2 years ago  
Romance. :3 2 years ago  
I meant to click option B. 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
Now do the Harlem Shake. 2 years ago  
I meant to click option B. 2 years ago  
I don't celecrate holidays, but Christmas sounds better. 2 years ago  
Milky Milkshake, Dancin' with my Milkshake. (2x) 2 years ago  
Sexcist. 2 years ago  
Video Games!!! 2 years ago  
Wow, how ironic... XD 2 years ago  
What is Croatia? 2 years ago  
I'm already stupid. 2 years ago  
BUT GIFTS THOUGH 2 years ago  
I'd give it up for a time, and then go back on it. It didn't say anything about that. And also for that time I would be on my iPad instead the whole time. :3 2 years ago  
You are a horrible person. 2 years ago  
HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
*bursts out laughing* XD 2 years ago  
Just break them up. 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
I love both, but I love love cats. But dogs are still cute. :3 2 years ago  
No... But you are. 2 years ago  
They would attack me with love. :3 2 years ago  
I don't hate Gays, but it's still wrong. 2 years ago +1
No need to have more money, $50,000 is enough. 2 years ago  
You can just be-friend them! :D 2 years ago  
I'm not a politic, but I'd rather not do a nude scene. I'm not stupid. 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
Phones, duh. 2 years ago  
My new law would be that every weekend kids can buy whatever they want. 2 years ago  
I don't like cheese, only mozzarella string cheese. 2 years ago  
BROTHER, I'M COMING TO SAVE YOU!!! #SaveBrothers 2 years ago  
I meant to click option B. 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
In that prison?! Pfft, I'd rather be homeless then be in the worst prison on Earth. 2 years ago  
Shut up. 2 years ago  
Snow! 2 years ago  
Lol just imagine if you were driving through an ordinary place with little houses and nice gardens. You then see a giant extraordinary house for sale! 2 years ago  
THE TRUTH SHALL BE KNOWN!!! 2 years ago  
We are family! I got all my sisters I need! 2 years ago  
Life would be so much better without that annoying werid hip-hop singer who shouldn't even be singing in the first place. 2 years ago  
who lik miecraf? 2 years ago  
I love myself... And I don't need to change myself since I don't look like a creppy ugly baby. 2 years ago  
XD 2 years ago  
I'm using Google Chrome right now, I tried to use Firefox before but it would'nt work at all... 2 years ago  
I'm pretty sure Heaven is just clouds... Earth isn't that bad anyway. 2 years ago  
I meant to click option B. Cause' what if the elvator falls? 2 years ago  
Ikr? 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
2 words: Plastic Surgrey. 2 years ago  
I did look up how women are doing in Afghanistan right now, it's pretty bad but I don't wannanbe a slave... 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
I meant to click option B, 2 years ago  
I meant to click option A. 2 years ago  
PC is better then Mac. And that's saying something since I like to use Apple Products. 2 years ago  
I meant to click The Holocaust. 2 years ago  
I meant to click the Amazon Gift cards, 2 years ago  
I meant to click the being able to watch my dreams on T.V. 2 years ago  
I meant to click World War III. 2 years ago  
I meant to click the 5-star prison, not the poorest country in the world. 2 years ago  
Just Beat It! Beat It! Beat It! Beat It! No one wants to be defeated! Showin' how funky and strong is your fight, It doesn't matter who's wrong or right. Just Beat It! Beat It! Beat It! Beat It! 2 years ago  
No Marriage = No More Children No Divorce = More Children 2 years ago  
I now can know what it would be like to be a man. 2 years ago  
If it was coming from a younger me then I could be like a god and change whatever I want to change. 2 years ago  
Dresses are to tight and are uncomfortable, I like being in my Pajamas. 2 years ago  
I'd rather not listen to crappy old "Classic" music. I'd rather listen to Skrillex. 2 years ago  
I don't wan't to have sex, I just wanna be happy. 2 years ago  
Actually over Six Million People Died. And they were all Jews. CURSE YOU ADOLF HITLER! 2 years ago  
DANCE BABY DANCE!!! 2 years ago  
I'd love to know when someone is lying because I have a friend named Joseph who always lies and then I would know if he's lying or not. 2 years ago  
PENGUINS!!! 2 years ago  
I clicked the wrong one on accident. I meant to click the Amazon gift cards. 2 years ago  
Watching my dreams would be a DREAM come true! 2 years ago  
I like 80's hair. 2 years ago  
If it were the Aliens from that movie then I would definitely choose WWIII. 2 years ago  
It'd be so funny that whenever you laugh your friends stare and look like they'd seen a ghost. XD 2 years ago  
I have to be on the internet for hours a day or else I will get bored. I think being half deaf is better. 2 years ago  
Just don't have sex. 2 years ago  
Magic. *makes pig noise* 2 years ago  
By brother would love to talk like Yoda, he tries to all the time so it would be funny for the both of us. 2 years ago  
I could rule the world with my animal friends! 2 years ago  
I'd rather live then shoot myself in the head for money/ 2 years ago  
You can survive nukes by going underground, Zombies might not have brains by they'd find their way underground some time later. 2 years ago  
I'd rather be hurt then be hated by my loved one. 2 years ago  
I'm not a dog person... But I'd kill the person with my bare hands who thought of this! 2 years ago  
I'd give 1,000 dollars to Africa and keep the rest for myself. 2 years ago  
I don't like either one, but I know a little about Twilight and I'd rather watch a movie about magic then s movie about romance. 2 years ago  
If I could rewind time I could fix my mistakes. 2 years ago  
I'd be the best darn lawyer you'd ever see. 2 years ago  
Both suck, but if I had to choose I'd choose piercings because tattoos sound REALLY PAINFUL! Having to sit there for hour(s) in tons of pain. I'd rather be in pain for a few minutes then a few HOURS. 2 years ago  
Be the friend of someone famous like YourPalRoss? I could rave about it on Facebook. 2 years ago +1
I'm going with Iwillpeeonyourcat's idea. 2 years ago  
I can't swim very good as it is, what makes you think I'll be able to surf? 2 years ago  
Go to Ohio and see my aunt! 2 years ago  
Maybe 2 years ago  
I don't want a lover I just want some money 2 years ago  
Yay! All the cake is mine! XD 2 years ago  
Just because my last name would be Hitler doesn't mean I would be a relative of him or be a bad person OR hate The Jews. Also, I could not live in a world where I could not eat chocolate... 2 years ago  
I've always wanted to go to London and Paris but I would rather go to the Bahamas. c: 2 years ago  
It's just ONE child really. 2 years ago  

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