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Who would you rather watch? Justice Crew or Diversity 5 years ago 327 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Was the 2022 World Cup bought? YES or NO 5 years ago 372 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Nike Magista or Adidas Adizero 5 years ago 94 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kill all the people in poverty or kill yourself, your family and all your friends to stop poverty 5 years ago 200 votes 18 comments 0 likes

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repeat? 5 years ago  
it was when I made the comment! 5 years ago  
I could test it out and give feedback! 5 years ago  
in physics potential energy = mgh (mass times gravity times height above the Earth's surface) - unless my 2 weeks in physics taught me nothing!!! 5 years ago +1
youtube!!! here I come!!! 5 years ago  
at least then I am part of the perpetual motion squad - big bang theory 5 years ago +1
Kinetic energy = total energy take potential energy! 5 years ago +1
sacrifice myself for everybody else! 5 years ago  
nor anywhere else 5 years ago  
i'll tie a rope around a tree? 5 years ago  
then I would know my family is not in the Ghetto - im Jewish! - fighting for allies and not for Germany (clicked wrong one) 5 years ago  
writing exams currently, so yeah .... 5 years ago +2
ranga ---> lightish brown 5 years ago  
sport 5 years ago  
right is winning only because of Cameron Diaz! 5 years ago +4
you can ask everyone else who you are!!! 5 years ago  
i chose this one however I want Perth to host them but we wont!!! :( - stuff Sydney and Melbourne!!! 5 years ago  
well its proved bears are scared of really weak red lasers! 5 years ago  
come at me bro! 5 years ago  
hypothetical question - but what would your answer be if it did? 5 years ago +1
clicked wrong one!!! :( 5 years ago  
clicked wrong one 5 years ago  
ill see things that aren't there for 1 minute and then its over! 5 years ago  
clicked wrong one!!! 5 years ago  
my phone has a lost warranty - solved! 5 years ago  
what if I am my arch enemy? 5 years ago +1
take a look at the final season placings - CFC Forever 5 years ago  
only for halftime commercials! 5 years ago +1
Australia just won the ashes back!!!!! 5 years ago  
family members included? 5 years ago  
oops clicked the wrong button!!! :( 5 years ago  
can always get a new and better engine/ motor if required 5 years ago  

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