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I like offending people, especially people that I don't like

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    I already live this way +1
    My life anyway +1
    The story of my life anyway  
    If I do A, I'd probably wipe out myself  
    Those d*ckheads can all go screw themselves  
    Why should this question be on the homepage?  
    I'm MindlessPie: I love star wars, but I'm not a selfish idiot. Like of you agree :D !  
    Like I care  
    Who the F*ck would like this?  
    Yeah yeah yeah like I really am interested with a tour  
    No you idiot attention cry baby +1
    It's good  
    Yeah, and before he decides if it accepted or not, it never comes out to the newest questions  
    Because alexw f*cking always rejects my questions  
    You should make a question that says "Who's more of an idiot? MindlessPie or MindlessPie  
    Hmm, I guess there's a little trouble here  
    Yeah usually  
    I don't so yeah  
    I lie  
    Are you kidding me?  
    Yeah yeah  
    Huh? I don't get what this means  
    I didn't. Your nose is long, pinhead  
    I saw one of your comments and you were crying over some stupid thing +2
    This is MindlessPie :(::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Boo hoo hoo! +3
    That long? That's the size of your nose, Pinochio  
    Oh no! Is wittle MindwessPie Crwying? +3
    Seriously? I know how big an inch is  
    Read what? +3
    HA! so I am older! I'm going to be 24 in 4 days!  
    Judging by you, you probably would think that a feather was 100000000000000000000000000000000000000kg +2
    Do you know what day and month she was born? because mine is on the 14th of January  
    You? You could probably not even tear a sheet of paper +3
    OK, dummy, you know, i'm 23  
    Who dug that hole? you? you could probably only dig one micrometre deep +3
    YOU'RE probably 69  
    Hm, well, Don't care, don't want to and don't need to +3
    Do you honestly think there would be 69 year olds on here?  
    I'm older  
    It's making you un-special right now  
    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Alexw! good alexw! please please please please please please please please please please please please put this question on the homepage! +3
    Ah hah YOU'RE just jealous that i'm older than you  
    MindlessPie Probably begged her face off to get this on the homepage +2
    Yeah your unordinary, if you just tell a joke, more people will like it  
    Yeah who would want to see if people agree with them?  
    Crap off, I'm an adult  
    Haha, your not tricking me, faggot  
    Then why do you put them up there?  
    Let's just say, I don't care about other peoples ages  
    Nah. I reckon you just want likes  
    Then why are you saying 'Like if you agree?'  
    You're just like a little kid who wants attention  
    You keep saying 'like if you agree!'  
    ANYWAY. learn your Spelling, punk  
    Nice blurriness  
    Would you rather ugly hair? I never knew you could 'ugly hair'  
    I'm more looking for money  
    MindlessPie or whatever she's called  
    You little attention maker, why do you do this?  
    Meh, I never wanted to go on safari, but I have to sometimes  
    Only if....  
    Stop getting attention you little weirdo  
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