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Would you rather Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian 67,570 votes 585 comments 4 likes
Would you rather Surf or Snowboard 73,462 votes 405 comments 1 like
Would you rather Meet Justin Bieber in person or Save 1,000 kittens from dying 11,495 votes 298 comments 2 likes
Would you rather Go out with Justin Bieber or Win 10,000 tubs of ice cream 11,252 votes 236 comments 1 like
Which one is better? Safari or Firefox 13,227 votes 129 comments 0 likes

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After the death of Voldy  
b*tch! you spelled Nicki* wrong  
damn girl (:  
i'm greedy  
i'm greedy  
there's heaps of questions like this so stfu  
that's why you have curtains dumbass +74
you can control your dreams already. it's called lucid dreaming. you just have to learn how to +505
am i the only one who wouldn't mind my friend falling in love with me even though she is same sex?  
and coffee too (:  
YOLO: an excuse for stupid kids to do dumb sh*t. "get pregnant at 16 YOLO"  
just make new friends. but getting a new job could be impossible if you don't have the right education  
more meaningful  
i am already in a loving relationship : D  
not all?  
what is the point of a new religion?  
i'm 16 and my mum still says i'm a child  
let people make decisions for themselves. +5
children are -18 so duh! ;D +2
i can be with my friends after work. that way, i have money and i'll be spending time with friends too  
Yes. ^ +3
There doesn't need to be anything that God came from because he is not a living organism. He is the spirit +4
and since there doesn't need to be anything to create him, he created himself  
Well God is not a living cell, organism. He is the spirit.  
are you serious.... +1
It's been scientifically proven that all living cells come from another living cell. So where did the Very First cell come from? Thre has to be something, and the rest is just stories. +3
at least i'll earn money +8
love is love. who are YOU to tell people how to live their lives? you don't like gay marriage? DON'T get gay married! +5
lmao at the results +3
you already can control your dreams. it's called lucid dreaming +3
no, i will lose my "best friend". but my boyfriend is better than a best friend.  
sorry, i was wrong i guess  
stfu +2
wtf +2
16 :P +1
the hunger games book - f*cking amazing!!!!!! +2
you suck +2
sexy +1
break up +7
u can watch movies online... +1
sell big house, move to a great country and buy the big house again +64
she's pretty +2
both +4
here kitty kitty  
-comments- +2
without religion people would do anything they want. murder, steal, and not be scared of punishment +5
wtf.. +6
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