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    aanndd skip  
    wrong choice  
    god is a lie get real +1
    prolonged UV ray exposure causes cancer  
    better early than late  
    im so self-confident its funny  
    loans hav tgo pay back  
    am australian  
    plus their screming  
    already happended  
    my brother is a horrible person  
    my brothers 7 and he can drive better than my dad who is 41  
    thank god there is a skip  
    :( =(  
    im a guy  
    yeh but u currently smoke it  
    its marijuana its good 4 nothing  
    Cue engine rev  
    australia its hot no matter what just like the chicks +1
    so true  
    geeks are nerds just more social and laid back  
    i'll obama yor mama  
    crocs are easy to deal with  
    america sucks im australian  
    the love of my dreams is the "love of my dreams"  
    i already snowboard like a boss  
    one word ADHD  
    YEh i won  
    yeh right  
    im just trying to imagine my utopia  
    the leader of the commonwealth any day  
    nice i have persasiv delay disorder basicly im antisocial so its good to have someone to relate to  
    america yeh  
    dont see why people picked bush  
    at least i can fly  
    love the pic of obama  
    abortion is HORIBLE  
    i've drunk 7 easily  
    ok true  
    yor missing the point  
    night club because i could have strippers and make heaps of $  
    mc donald is gross  
    thats sweater isnt so bad  
    hg is awesome but DEADLY  
    weirdest metaphor under my first comment  
    money to afford the education  
    a good famous leader  
    u can get everything 4 console on pc  
    nutella= :( :(  
    toast if it has vegimite  
    ha ha (harry potter reference)  
    both but sexism because guys think their better than girls thats a load of bullsh*t (I'm a guy, girls are better)  
    france because of the food  
    its the internet people of course its disrespectful  
    its would u rather of course its disrespectful.  
    i do that all the time just sit and dont give a sh*t  
    cant buy happieness  
    i can prevent it (paradox elert)  
    at least i hav watched that  
    australia 4 life  
    y a picture of mother teresa  
    love architecture  
    picked cause the pic is cute  
    android but thats not an option  
    flying is awesome if someone trys to shoot u down u can allways mauever  
    i'm from australia live in u.s. now australia 4 life  
    only good religion is the flying spaghetti monster  
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