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Would you rather Shop Online or Shop in stores 6 years ago 206 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather chips and Cheese/ Queso or Salsa 6 years ago 242 votes 11 comments 0 likes
If you cant fall asleep would you rather stay on the internet doing random things or try to fall asleep 6 years ago 227 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be forced into marrying someone 50 years older than you or 50 random people from your town die now. 6 years ago 200 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a well known racist or a well known douche 6 years ago 195 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be an Arab or Jew 6 years ago 223 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Russian or Turkish 6 years ago 207 votes 26 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Middle Eastern or Indian 6 years ago 224 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Asian or Black 6 years ago 296 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a big nose or Be fat 6 years ago 252 votes 12 comments 1 like
Would you rather Lose the ability to chew anything or Lose the ability to feel anything 6 years ago 304 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Confront your haters or Ignore them 6 years ago 248 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Sit alone or Sit with people who secretly hate you 6 years ago 278 votes 5 comments 0 likes
If you found out a friend was talking behind your back, are you more Angry or Hurt 6 years ago 357 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a teacher that always randomly calls on you or Have a teacher who sucks at teaching 6 years ago 252 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream or Chocolate/ Vanilla Ice cream 6 years ago 250 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be surrounded by rude ignorant people all day or Be surrounded by disgusting people all day 6 years ago 226 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Do you think makeup Enhances Beauty or Camouflages Ugly 6 years ago 246 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Do you think the US is doing too much for Israel? Yes or No 6 years ago 174 votes 11 comments 0 likes
When people copy you, are you more annoyed or flattered 6 years ago 236 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get an arranged marriage but be instantly in love or Choose who you want to marry but end up in divorce 6 years ago 1,510 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat right now This or That 6 years ago 236 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat Sesame Chicken or Boneless chicken wings 6 years ago 255 votes 3 comments 0 likes
If you were home alone in the middle of the night and you heard a fart, would you laugh or be scared 6 years ago 213 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Always have a slow driver in front of you who is going 10 below the speed limit or Never find a good parking spot (always extremely far away) 6 years ago 186 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Whats uglier These or Those 6 years ago 224 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Whats the dumber invention This or That 6 years ago 257 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Dress modestly or Dress like a slut 6 years ago 272 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Your fingers become cucumbers that grow back every time you pick it or Your nose becomes a carrot that grows back every time you pick it. 6 years ago 150 votes 7 comments 0 likes
When you are looking at your phone in public are you usually Actually texting some or Pretending 6 years ago 161 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have your period everyday for the rest of your life (guys start having a period) or Have lice for the rest if your life 6 years ago 141 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Potato wedges or Fries 6 years ago 221 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Your teacher hits on you in font of the entire class or You hit on your teacher in front of the entire class 6 years ago 204 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Always have bad breath or Always have armpit stains 6 years ago 157 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get a permanent tongue piercing or Have a wardrobe only made up of outfits worn by Scooby-Doo characters 6 years ago 190 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Grow old with your current/ future husband/ wife or Leave them when you are both old for someone young 6 years ago 183 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get ripped off every time you buy something or Automatically get into an argument with the cashier while checking out every time 6 years ago 215 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather, on this site Be able to change your vote or Be able to delete unwanted comments under your questions 6 years ago 231 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get an iPad and iPhone 5 for free or get a MacBook Pro for free 6 years ago 235 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Become the opposite gender or Become blind 6 years ago 251 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat only pretzels for the rest of your life or Eat only peanuts for the rest of your life 6 years ago 213 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be near deaf or Hear everything 2 minutes later 6 years ago 214 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a male police officer with a high pitched voice or Be a male police officer with the appearance of an 8 year old boy 6 years ago 211 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be late to class and be punished for it. or Just not go to school and not get in trouble. 6 years ago 223 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Whats more annoying When people keep taking your seat every class or People who always argue with the teacher 6 years ago 250 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Do u have a Facebook No/ used to or Yes 6 years ago 244 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather always have itchy armpits or always have an itchy crotch 6 years ago 226 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Wear the same underwear for an entire year or Not brush your teeth for an entire year 6 years ago 200 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather always be surrounded by people 10 years older than you or 10 years younger than you 6 years ago 234 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Always wear stripes or Always wear plaid 6 years ago 241 votes 9 comments 0 likes
If you saw someone drop $100, would you rather Run after them to give it back or Keep it 6 years ago 265 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Unlimited Jolly Ranchers for life or Unlimited Swedish Fish for life 6 years ago 230 votes 13 comments 0 likes
When you trust someone completely do u usually end up with A person for life or A lesson for life 6 years ago 175 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Constantly have someone looking over your shoulder when your on the computer or Constantly have someone eat your food 6 years ago 217 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Cry yourself to sleep every night for the rest of your life or go to bed hungry every night for the rest of your life 6 years ago 190 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date someone who is deaf or speaks a different language 7 years ago 2,382 votes 34 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live off of only soup for the rest of your life. or live off of only cereal the rest of your life 7 years ago 392 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Find out that you were raped as a child or adopted 7 years ago 409 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have 22 kids or have no kids 7 years ago 418 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather free Subway for a year or free McDonalds for a year 7 years ago 428 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Palestine or Isreal 7 years ago 1,525 votes 61 comments 0 likes
Have a unibrow that you can't shave or huge mole that cannot be removed 7 years ago 330 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Have a Middle Eastern Girl or Asian Girl 7 years ago 295 votes 6 comments 0 likes

Bballlvr4evr has posted the following comments:

thorta do 6 years ago +4
not really, its common sense, if you chose A then you are somewhat attracted the same gender 6 years ago  
its not that, its the fact that if you are not attracted to the same gender, then your not going to force yourself to be gay 6 years ago  
i dont like jelly 6 years ago  
wtf is wrong with you, change your pic u weirdo 6 years ago +1
lmao thats a type of christian but christianity is a religion idiot 6 years ago  
really what ? 6 years ago  
I didnt know beyonce's last name for the longest time 6 years ago +2
well if you read it then you would of known that it excluded family. 6 years ago +1
at least no one saw it 6 years ago +1
arabic is a language, you are talking about muslims. not all arabs are muslim 6 years ago  
thats deep, i like how it told a story:) 6 years ago  
my dentist told me im one of the lucky ones who will never get wisdom teeth :D 6 years ago +4
me too ! 6 years ago +2
lmao true that!! 6 years ago  
lmaooo what makes this racist !!!!?!?!?!? 6 years ago +4
just sounds auto tuned, nothing special.. 6 years ago  
Ebay wont release the money to the seller until you get your stuff 6 years ago  
Just because you own it doesn't mean you eat it all the time. 6 years ago +3
Actually i do. Im just being honest. 6 years ago  
people caring wont change what happened. 6 years ago  
This is nothing like the holocaust. Only 3 people died. I feel bad for there families, sure but thousands of people are dying everyday in Palestine and Syria and all over the world and no one gives a damn. And the jews are doing to the Palestinians the same as Hitler did to them. 6 years ago  
i ment chocolate or vanilla doesn't have to be together 6 years ago  
You are not even American, so why do you even care who did it.. I have never seen any Americans concerned about Denmark's news. 6 years ago  
i really am not. damn ur small minded 6 years ago +2
lmao not "mines" OKAY. Whatever you say 6 years ago +1
YEA you didnt say generally RUSSIANS or EUROPEANS. as you did with palestinians. so clearly you are the dumb one 6 years ago +2
Wtf? "Palestinians" how the fck are an entire nationality terrorists you b*tch. 6 years ago +3
i think your a little obsessed with this show 6 years ago +1
i think its legal if the 16 year old has parents permission 6 years ago  
U must be new. 6 years ago +7
i didnt know i was #38 on voted the most 6 years ago  
I dont think you understand the question.. Its asking if the US is doing to much, which in fact they are. 6 years ago  
then why did you vote no?? 6 years ago +2
the question is do you think the us is ALREADY doing too much 6 years ago  
the christian god is the same jew and muslim god anyways.. doesnt matter its the same god 6 years ago  
what does that have to do with anything, i'm talking about the statement "In God we trust" 6 years ago +1
exactly. 6 years ago +1
Christianity is not the only religion that believes in God. 6 years ago +2
this question is about atheists and muslims what else would you possibly be talking about 6 years ago  
and so are some christians.. 6 years ago  
Whats the big deal... they're just teaching, not like they're going to force they're views upon you 6 years ago +3
thats messed up, a 12 year old is so innocent and they can be taken advantage of easily. 6 years ago +2
a large skinny tree:))))))) 6 years ago +6
shes 46 6 years ago +4
not when you parked far away and you dont have an umbrella 6 years ago  
not that it matters.. 6 years ago  
just cuz someone is blonde and blue eyed doesnt mean they are good looking 6 years ago  
u guys are so obsessed with this website 6 years ago +5
i already have a :D the arabic to the far left says "arabic language" loll 6 years ago +2
life of pi 6 years ago  
both are not scary 6 years ago  
aint nobody got time to read that 6 years ago  
i would for my sibling but not friend 6 years ago  
doesn't mean we cant share it though 6 years ago  
Allah is God, the same god that jews and christians believe in. We believe Jesus was the profit of Christianity that came before Muhammad, who was sent to spread islam because people were getting drunk and doing stupid things, like raping women. This is why in islam alcohol is prohibited and women must dress modestly. We believe Jesus did not die however that God concealed him and his friend died instead of him on the cross. 6 years ago  
Your misunderstood with the way America depicts Islam... Don't judge based on what the media shows. Everything in Islam makes sense if you are truly dedicated to understanding it and thank god i am one. 6 years ago  
u dont have to carry a mat around.. and its not like you have to do it on time if you are out of the house/ busy. You can make it up later. At least islam still believes in God. 6 years ago +3
Woooooow switch with me 6 years ago  
no it started 1999 tho so still counts:) 6 years ago  
amanda show 6 years ago +2
my mom is my best friend 6 years ago +1
whats the big deal if you cover your tits and ass 6 years ago +3
Not where i'm from 6 years ago +1
Lmaooo you said society. My society is different than yours 6 years ago +1
Maybe in Israel... It has nothing to do with long hair or a loose shirt, its about the place and time. 6 years ago  
They kinda do though... obviously a girl half naked will have a higher chance of being raped than one who is covered up. 6 years ago +2
did u get in trouble? 6 years ago  
it says heaven 6 years ago  
To people who are saying texting isn't the only thing, cool. i was just giving texting as an example 6 years ago +1
subtitles 6 years ago  
I dont mean the actual people in the pics i just meant in general 6 years ago  
He was arab.. He was born in Bethlehem 6 years ago  
No.... the jews tried to kill him 6 years ago  
Allah means God u morons.. u def worship god not jesus 6 years ago +6
thats college.... not high school 6 years ago  
obviously many people do it though, i've seen many old men with young women 6 years ago  
i said current/ future 6 years ago +1
it doesn't hurt as much if you are expecting it 6 years ago +7
shes rich and famous for using auto tune 6 years ago +1
How is Kesha smart when she dropped out of high school... 6 years ago +5
ticonderoga lmao jkk 6 years ago  
r u gay?? 6 years ago +1
you wouldn't know how to use it so you call an employee over and then u start arguing with them lolololl 6 years ago +1
at least they don't itch, and they heal fast 6 years ago +1
ive been there so many times 6 years ago  
Why are you always negative? 6 years ago +1
beef is cow 6 years ago +1
Beyonce is overrated 6 years ago +1
because thats someones mother, father, daughter, son, uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, nephew or niece 6 years ago +1
wtf u murderers 6 years ago +2
they can buy you stuff 6 years ago  
the bible has been changed so much 6 years ago +6
not if u have a legit excuse 6 years ago  
emma is ug 6 years ago +4
that hindu hand is poly 6 years ago  
ya but usually everyone claims a seat 6 years ago +1
you said YOUR teacher. and she is not my teacher so it cant be her 6 years ago  
"no possible way to clean your teeth" 6 years ago +5
then how can u say he was sacrificed on the cross and he died for your sins???? 6 years ago  
they look older than my parents 6 years ago  
arabic 6 years ago +1
Maybe because i don't drive on highways often. most tickets are given on highways 6 years ago  
not really 10 over really isnt a big deal, like if the speed limit is 35 i would go 45 6 years ago  
never 6 years ago  
i always drive 10 over 6 years ago +2
i mean he didnt die like that....... The jews didnt find him 6 years ago  
just general 6 years ago  
Jesus never died. you christians have it wrong 6 years ago +1
thats why you get married 6 years ago +1
there already is a cure for cancer in canada 6 years ago +1
Online you can use notes 6 years ago  
3,734 6 years ago  
that boobs song was funny lmao 6 years ago +3
good luck being late to class 6 years ago  
screw friends they're all fake 6 years ago +1
doesnt matter.. will never be gay. and its kinda an insult if someone thinks your gay when your not 6 years ago  
arranged marriage isnt forced, both the bride and groom have to agree 6 years ago  
ur family would see u naked 6 years ago  
lolol noooo. i was just saying that it showed examples of how it could be true 6 years ago  
i can read arabic 6 years ago +2
its true theres proof all over the internet look it up on youtube. your just brainwashed 6 years ago  
9/11 really did happen but it was an inside job so the US would have a reason to go to war with iraq. 6 years ago  
i have no respect for cheerleaders 6 years ago +8
are you looking for appreciation when you post one? im not when i do 6 years ago  
u people eat pig anyway 6 years ago +2
my current wardrobe is worth way over $500 6 years ago +3
No little girl no.. the land belonged to the palestinians otherwise it wouldnt be called Palestine, Britain invaded when they were in the process of stealing it and giving it to the jews. Lastly, some Palestinians do still live in palestine. And The jews dont give citizenship to anyone unless you are jewish. Getting an Israeli passport isnt as easy as you think 6 years ago  
ew u would know what boobs are when you get breast fed by ur MOM 6 years ago +5
obviously all of the wackos who do school shootings are christians.. is that not terrorist???? 6 years ago +1
how many times has the question been asked!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
instagram it and then eat it 6 years ago +1
No. The Palestinians were also fighting for that land. It was never Jewish land. 6 years ago  
The entire land of Palestine once belonged to Muslims, Christians and Jews.. It was not unrightfully taken away from anyone except for the palestinians themselves 6 years ago  
soft arnt as heavy 6 years ago  
exactly what Israel is doing to Palestine 6 years ago +1
who r u 6 years ago +4
u murderers 6 years ago +1
more men use this site 6 years ago +5
i never get anything done when im with a group 6 years ago +5
it fits in smaller purses and easier to carry around campus than a normal sized iPad 6 years ago  
ipad mini isnt stupid 6 years ago  
ya it would make it better cuz there would be no war 6 years ago  
7 inch heels 6 years ago  
doing nothing doesn't make you a killer while throwing someone over does 6 years ago +2
the 15% are jews 6 years ago +3
i dont understand the point of cheating.. if you dont love the person you're with anymore then just end the relationship. 6 years ago +6
u people are dumb. you could of possibly been aborted 6 years ago +1
no more arab racism 6 years ago  
unfair pics u jew 6 years ago +1
9/11 was 12 years ago 6 years ago +2
WELL. Since the US wants to be a nice guy and give to poor abused jews land, why dont they give them land from theres instead of stealing someone else's. The US is way larger than Palestine thus giving them one state wouldn't have effected anyone. Also, Palestinians have a right to fought for they're land just like US fought for their land when they were occupied by Britain so STFU jew. 6 years ago +6
i like both but i just chose 7 years ago  
hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo husband too 7 years ago  
we dont really need our pinkys anyways 7 years ago +2
or are to shy.. 7 years ago +3
cyrus* 7 years ago +3
front :) 7 years ago +2
ur a fat person in denial. 7 years ago +3
row! 7 years ago  
nice hair 7 years ago +1
duhh 7 years ago  
and again you contradict yourself. you said before " Was America our land to begin with? Was Italy the Roman's land to begin with? Was modern day france France's land to begin with?" so case closed. 7 years ago  
you dont exist in my world. 7 years ago +3
i just said they were originally from Germany. So Germany should have been forced to give them some of their land. 7 years ago  
GOD SEES EVERYTHING! 7 years ago +8
you stole my question.. 7 years ago +1
no bush caused all the problems and left them for obama 7 years ago +1
thats completely different though. Palestine was never the Jews land to begin with 7 years ago +2
ur fat. 7 years ago +3
dudes have it easier 7 years ago +5
cuz everybody dies but not everybody lives. 7 years ago +4
*throws shoes at bush* 7 years ago +5
old people are cute 7 years ago +1
well you can take a picture of ur self 7 years ago  
cannibals 7 years ago +3
cats and dogs 7 years ago +2
who would want to be Squidward 7 years ago +6
who? 7 years ago +2
Well. they can't just steal a country and get away with it... After the war, Germany should have been punished and should have had to give half of their land to them. Rather than taking land from people who had nothing to do with it. 7 years ago +2
ZAYN 7 years ago +2
ONE DIRECTION 7 years ago +2
i think u mean Selena Gomez not Kim Kardashian 7 years ago +19
Dude stfu. U don't know what ur talking about. And anyways u sound like a lil 12 year old. Everyone can have their own opinion and I'm done with this arguement. 7 years ago +1
Kill them?? With what? Rocks??!? Most of them are too poor to even own a weapon. And they don't try to get into it, they live their bec it's their land 7 years ago +1
That u were young 7 years ago  
What's wrong with Palestine ? They are innocent people being deprived of their land. 7 years ago +3
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