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    wow 6 years ago  
    incest 6 years ago  
    screw hw 6 years ago  
    Gay marriage does not exist 6 years ago  
    what? 6 years ago  
    both are good 6 years ago  
    replusive 6 years ago +9
    fight in prison. Die before going gay 6 years ago  
    Man up and take responsibility 6 years ago  
    BOTH 6 years ago  
    COME ON!!! 6 years ago  
    Why is so famous? 6 years ago  
    none 6 years ago  
    unfair, one time opportunity 6 years ago  
    hard 6 years ago  
    come on 6 years ago  
    life is slavery 6 years ago  
    neutral 6 years ago  
    don't matter 6 years ago  
    difference? 6 years ago  
    both are embarrassing 6 years ago  
    zero 6 years ago  
    you need mental help 6 years ago  
    no singing career 6 years ago  
    me 6 years ago  
    ow 6 years ago  
    incest? 6 years ago  
    we'll be seeing who has a temper in hell 6 years ago  
    seriously? 6 years ago  
    Wrong 6 years ago  
    no 6 years ago  
    HULK 6 years ago  
    (guys skip) 6 years ago  
    fable 6 years ago  
    it'd be good 6 years ago  
    what did they do? 6 years ago  
    Celibate? 6 years ago  
    preppy? 6 years ago  
    none 6 years ago  
    who? 6 years ago  
    hm? 6 years ago  
    who are they? 6 years ago  
    Everything 6 years ago  
    none 6 years ago  
    if the boat shipwrecks, you're screwed 6 years ago  
    tough one 6 years ago  
    utopia hands down 6 years ago  
    watch my dreams, controlling them takes the fun out of experiencing them 6 years ago  
    Cowboys 6 years ago  
    genius 6 years ago  
    Who the holy fudge wants to have gay marriage? Homosexuality is beyond wrong and has no place on this Earth. I don't care what evidence you provide, it is wrong up, down, diagonal and backwards. And anyone who says its love it's not. Love is man and woman. Homosexuality is the twisted description of love and furthermore all who support it have not found real love, low self-esteem and is pushing this sinking country to the grave. Stamp out gay marriage and focus attention on real problems, like economy and people out of work. 6 years ago  
    Busting your ideal. I am and always have been. 6 years ago  
    sibiling without hesitation 6 years ago  
    Justin Bieber, he's a musical abomination. He sings about stuff he knows nothing about. I have nothing against black. 6 years ago  
    leg 6 years ago  
    I get to fly a broom! 6 years ago  
    Live life on the edge. Bungee jump 6 years ago  
    best 6 years ago  
    significant other hands down. 6 years ago  
    photographic memory 6 years ago  
    embarrassing 6 years ago  
    Summer 6 years ago  
    Lightsaber and the Force 6 years ago  
    this question resembles burn or drown 6 years ago  
    live near city 6 years ago  
    truth 6 years ago  
    outside 6 years ago  
    right 6 years ago  
    mirror 6 years ago  
    i'd cause 6 years ago  
    wish to fly 6 years ago  
    i prefer anarchy 6 years ago  
    live anywhere with paid off house 6 years ago  
    book 6 years ago  
    computer 6 years ago  
    wet dogs 6 years ago  
    forest 6 years ago  
    Space...the final frontier... 6 years ago  
    once more, more demonic questions 6 years ago  
    laughing horse lol. that can be fixed 6 years ago  
    cash need it 6 years ago  
    flash mob would lighten the mood 6 years ago  
    massage lol 6 years ago  
    Stay the same? Could we have a little more clarity? 6 years ago +1
    Wait 6 years ago  
    Fly. This is no brainer. Flying is the best ability 6 years ago  
    9-11 6 years ago  
    once again, I need memory although not running again sucks 6 years ago  
    psycho pain builds will 6 years ago  
    i can handle the relationship 6 years ago  
    i need my memory 6 years ago  
    why do something soley for money? 6 years ago  
    animals, better communication 6 years ago  
    Flash Mob! 6 years ago  
    rewatch your life 6 years ago  
    The Dark Knight curbstomps both 6 years ago  
    personality, it'll become predictable 6 years ago  
    nightclub 6 years ago  
    love, money cannot but that 6 years ago  
    Agent Smith your mentor? lol 6 years ago  
    seriously? 6 years ago  
    Why is Emma Watson on here for girl choices? Queen Amalda lol 6 years ago  
    LOTR before HP 6 years ago  
    internet 6 years ago  
    Knowledge=Power 6 years ago  
    No greater love than a man who lays down his life for friends 6 years ago  
    any who voted on this are demons 6 years ago  
    life in jesus christ 6 years ago  
    solo 6 years ago  
    choice a 6 years ago  
    Bad drivers 6 years ago  
    Pull a Prison Break 6 years ago  
    Talk like Yoda 6 years ago  
    Memory hands down 6 years ago  
    HP kicks the Hunger Games rear 6 years ago  
    i am part of no one 6 years ago  
    superhearing! 6 years ago  
    as long as they help me doesn't matter 6 years ago  
    somethign called a bank 6 years ago  
    comments at the movie are not disturbing 6 years ago  
    dance 6 years ago  
    Micheal Jackson kicks Bieber's pathetically gay hide any day of the year 6 years ago  
    Netflix 6 years ago  
    I rather be me 6 years ago  
    neutral 6 years ago +1
    both are disgusting choices 6 years ago  
    need arms 6 years ago  
    anyone who kills kittens are unfit and unworthy of life 6 years ago  
    anyone who kills kittens are unfit and worthy of this life 6 years ago  
    never played any 6 years ago  
    Van 6 years ago +2
    sports 6 years ago  
    forget myself, family and close friends can fill the blanks 6 years ago  
    Royal feast! 6 years ago  
    who are these people? 6 years ago  
    greece 6 years ago  
    i used both and they worked 6 years ago  
    Gatorade 6 years ago  
    you can fix the talking 6 years ago  
    switz 6 years ago  
    hw 6 years ago  
    number one 6 years ago  
    work=money 6 years ago +1
    god mode no brainer 6 years ago  
    white for purity 6 years ago  
    Link pawns Metroid 6 years ago  
    Batman 6 years ago  
    nope 6 years ago  
    neither 6 years ago  
    spinach. no one watched popeye? 6 years ago  
    alone 6 years ago  
    everyone already is in a horrible relationship caled life lol 6 years ago +2
    psychokinetic 6 years ago  
    daughter 6 years ago  
    buffet 6 years ago +1
    real 6 years ago  
    sadly have to say second 6 years ago  
    good at what I hate 6 years ago  
    company. i have my own religion 6 years ago  
    if you live in a polluted city, your loved ones are going to die real fast. Paradise for me 6 years ago  
    Flight all the way! My own transportation 6 years ago  
    buffet! refills till you can't move 6 years ago  
    guaranteed not die from sickness 6 years ago  
    America used to be the greatest till it allowed gay marriage. 6 years ago  
    rewind lol. Click anyone? 6 years ago  
    to be legit removed or made legal? 6 years ago  
    more laws lead to rebellion 6 years ago  
    cruise baby 6 years ago  
    doesn't matter as long what I need to be done gets done 6 years ago  
    watch my dreams so I can analyze it better 6 years ago  
    control my dreams so I can fly and all that good stuff 6 years ago  
    immortal, I can help others more than money can in the long run 6 years ago  
    second, no one should still be living with their parents 6 years ago +2
    vision 6 years ago  
    hard question 6 years ago  
    older music inspired today's 6 years ago  
    first no duh 6 years ago  
    prince 6 years ago  
    Justin Bieber can burn. Gangnam style wipes his rear with Justin Gayber lmho 6 years ago  
    always know when someone's lying 6 years ago  
    sing, never go nude 6 years ago  
    beggar 6 years ago  
    sibilings 6 years ago  
    never find true love 6 years ago  
    pick the year 6 years ago  
    Longevity 6 years ago  
    HAKUNA MATATA!!! 6 years ago  
    miserable genius lol 6 years ago  
    HAKUNA MATATA!!! 6 years ago  
    smart 6 years ago  
    coma, it'd be like starting a new life when you wake up 6 years ago  
    omni-lingual lol 6 years ago  
    fam 6 years ago  
    been living the first choice so really no difference lol 6 years ago  
    neutral 6 years ago  
    happy job 6 years ago  
    HP 6 years ago  
    underdressed 6 years ago  
    heaven all the way 6 years ago  
    best friend lol 6 years ago  
    time to spend with loved ones 6 years ago  
    if you have completed life then take the risk. For me? no 6 years ago  
    naturally acquired scars are my tattoos and piercings lol 6 years ago  
    no audio 6 years ago  
    performance 6 years ago  
    Anyone of these choices require you have complete self control to attend 6 years ago +2
    invest like a wise person 6 years ago  
    i do both anyhow lol 6 years ago +1
    live life on the edge lol 6 years ago  
    Big dog 6 years ago  
    50K and be clear 6 years ago  
    no divorce 6 years ago  
    crush is the better option 6 years ago  
    we will see 6 years ago  
    God. The Big Bang is pure trash 6 years ago +1
    the restaurant, I can learn a thing or two 6 years ago  
    Fail compliation hands down 6 years ago  
    RULE!!! 6 years ago  
    FUTURE ALL THE WAY!! 6 years ago  
    three hours. TLOTR trilogy was an epic masterpiece rivaled only by Nolan's Batman trilogy 6 years ago  
    dream vacation. i can bring whoever I wanted 6 years ago  
    best friend gets you famous any how haha 6 years ago  
    neither lol 6 years ago  
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