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    only americans call it soccer it's football 2 years ago  
    why soccer with 3 c's idiot 2 years ago  
    american football is a stupid game that only americans play, the rest of the world plays soccer 2 years ago  
    11 UCL against 5 i thin the difference of who's better is obvious 2 years ago  
    baseball is a pussy game 2 years ago  
    Finally this way i would knew what´s after dead and know ones and for all if god is real or not. 2 years ago +1
    Daredevil 2 years ago  
    Amm.. hello. Michael Jordan :P 2 years ago  
    Then you will be the one who suffers. Your kid would never experience most things of life 2 years ago  
    1 is less than 10... i guess 2 years ago  
    People who choose option 2 didn't read what the author wrote at the bottom. lol 2 years ago  
    ooh 50/50 2 years ago +1
    i´m a dude, so i just click the girl 2 years ago  
    live someone else´s could be an unstable person or something worst. 2 years ago  
    More people fit in the hummer 2 years ago  
    i put a maniqui head and a mask on. lol 2 years ago  
    It´s called tuned people 2 years ago  
    CHILE Weon 2 years ago  
    turn down for what :v lol 2 years ago  
    cubs suck, i don´t care they win the WS they still suck 2 years ago  
    What em i doing here? lol 2 years ago  
    human's did that not god 2 years ago  
    Where does the pink come from? seriously 2 years ago  
    T mobile 2 years ago  
    Who is that lisa girl? lol 2 years ago  
    Italian b*tches.. ferrari, lambo ,etc. 2 years ago  
    none. This is gross bro. 2 years ago  
    I just regret my decision 2 years ago  
    with arms i can still masturbate 2 years ago  
    hair grows again 2 years ago  
    Eww.. 2 years ago  
    i actually hate both. 2 years ago  
    food can make insects 2 years ago  
    what if the good news are not too good enough to cheer you up 2 years ago  
    white chocolate sucks 2 years ago  
    Shit i read wrong, i thought it say have sex with my pet :v xD 2 years ago  
    what does an M&M has to do with screaming kids? 2 years ago  
    don´t worry i didn´t kiss someone till i was 18 tho XD 2 years ago  
    in other words social/annoying or shy. 2 years ago  
    Still i will recover from the broken bones, i won´t recover the humiliation others can make. 2 years ago  
    i´m 19 so... i think it´s pretty obvious. 2 years ago  
    European football ?, that´s actually the real football all over the world, not just europe. The americans are the only ones that call it soccer. 2 years ago +1
    i´m shy as hell, so a text is fine. 2 years ago  
    It can't be cool if i'm sore 2 years ago  

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