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I'm very funny when I'm not trying to be, I'm working on my singing. I aspire to become a singer/songwriter . Also I like to draw anime.

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    Dude aliens probe u in the butt  
    I'm half Mexican so sexiam  
    I've never been on a plane as long as I can remember. The only time I've been on an airplane was when I was a baby and visiting my dad in the army  
    Chose wrong one I wanted an I phone  
    I don't run anyways  
    I'd rather it be female because I'm female and I don't want males looking at my but in the doctors office. Creepy +1
    I was ten last here so HA  
    Sex on the beach  
    My crush is one of my guy friends  
    Snow day everyday  
    Friends have a computer  
    Shake it  
    Lions eat meat the cats just scratch  
    Time means more memories  
    Boys,girls,and respect  
    Surprise me  
    Bath time  
    Friz is in  
    I don't want to live in guilt of cheating  
    I'd save others not for fame but for life of others  
    A bad driver killed my cousins dad  
    I don't want any scary dreams like before just me and my crush kissing  
    Marriage is good  
    I'd be able to breath air on the ski lift  
    We could laugh at the gayness  
    Minecraft rules  
    Ok Justin is a 14 year old girl on her period inside a 20 year old man body  
    Oh say can u see my gross naked body? No thank u blockbuster can find someone else  
    I shall give  
    Hey what did I miss? WHAT!! YOUR'E DATING MY CRUSH??  
    I already see scary things that arnt there.  
    My little brother is so annoying but I would kill myself if he ever died  
    I wouldn't let him do both but I don't want him home less that quick when he becomes homeless from drugs I'll help him in rehab and help find a home. I chose what I chose so he learns from his mistake  
    No brainer  
    Diseases suck but cancer sucks worse. Just don't want every disease known to man  
    I'd rather be happy with my job  
    Salad sucks  
    Land ho  
    Michael Jackson, my nanny, my granny, my grandma, and my bonnie  
    I feel weird around old people  
    Someone else plz  
    Can't dance, so teach me huny  
    Secrets are called secrets for a reason  
    I'm already annoying  
    Don't know who Natalie port man is  
    Firefox sucks  
    I want to visualize  
    True love, true friends,great family, great life, a nice house, a good paying job,great kids, cool clothes, kids never going hungry, animals never going hungry.  
    Older music is cool  
    It will be better than dying from drugs  
    I'd still be able to see my family that live in the ordinary place,Hamilton, right  
    No brainer Justin gay  
    Neither both are treated badly  
    Both are gay but at least dumbledore is cool  
    Hey gotta love April fools  
    Theif is bad  
    If you stay on earth you will watch your loved ones die  
    Fat men don't fit in elevates....DUH  
    At least I wouldn't be committing crime  
    I'm half Mexican and everyone calls me black and my teachers think my parents r Mexican even though they perfectly know my parents r white!!! And I'm fat and too lazy to workout  
    Neither my secrets won't be revealed  
    Monkies throw crap, pigs give u bacon  
    Umm no brainer  
    I'd give it to charity  
    The picture shows all  
    Big love  
    I'm already friend zoned by my crush, he's pretty cute, my friend is a girl I've known since kindergarten , but, I'm pretty sure I'm bisexual  
    I have my eye set on my school crush. If my friend doesn't get him first.  
    I'd rather be happy  
    I love music  
    My dad used to have a PC, I loved it.  
    True love is better  
    Every one is special even if they can't afford the good life  
    Justin burner is worse. At least psy have catchy songs and not gay ones  
    I love twilight  
    Fails r hilarious  
    Vampires are awesome  
    I don't know what the holocaust is +1
    People would learn to understand u  
    Love is better than sex  
    Umm I want my wedding private. Not my funeral +1
    True love is richer than money  
    Penguins don't throw crap at u +3468
    Sorry teach what did u say?  
    I wouldn't want to keep up with all that language  
    I would give it to the hungry, homeless, and any charity I can  
    I would know how to correct myself  
    Minecraft is awesome, GO MINECRAFT !!! +1
    I'm just tricky like that  
    I have a friend who is deaf in one ear, so I want to make her feel that she is not the only one in school who has that problem +1
    If you get a dream vacatoin , u can invite someone u know  
    I don't know what Russian roulette is so I said no  
    Better than having your brains eaten. MMM... BRAINS!!!!!  
    I have mistakes I want to correct. I've hurt people,hurt myself, and broken the rules.  
    Let the baby live. My friend would've killed the baby because she loves dogs more than her life. Trust me, she almost killed herself because someone was hurting a dog and she couldn't do anything to prevent it.  
    I'd rather work more hours less days because if I had to go to work every day every week, I'd die. I'm not a morning person  
    Don't want to put on any more do we???  
    I'm gonna invest so I get an Xbox 1  
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