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life is like an old video game, you dont win, it just gets harder and more complicated until you die

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You have two children: a scrawny teenaged son, and a teenaged brunette girl. you are leaveing for a while and for some reason feel the need to hire a babysitter. your choices are... John Wayne Gacey or Ted Bundy 4 years ago 144 votes 8 comments 0 likes
In the zombie apocolypse would you rather kill your infected best friend by... driving a six inch nail into their head or cut their head of with a cheese knife. 4 years ago 209 votes 5 comments 0 likes
In a zombie apocalypse would you rather kill your infected best freind by injection with a syringe full of poison ( it will basically liquify his brain causing an agonizing yet permanent death.) or try to decapitate him with a broken peice of glass 5 years ago 147 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Question two. if you didnt go in the first place than your curiosity eventually got you. you go in search of them. while doing so you become lost and dissoriented in the dark row of tombs finally you see a light in the disstance. you run to it only to find it is a glowing orb of spectral light. the graveyard is full of them. you begin to shadows raceing back and forth between the stones. what do you do? calmly stand your ground. or run like a cheetah on crack! 5 years ago 104 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Question one: you and your G/B freind are going out for valentines day. you/they know that the other loves the supernatural so they take you for a romantic picnic in an old cemetary out in the boonies ewhere people have reported strange happenings. while there eating amongst the large stone mausoliums you hear a call for help. it sounds like a child. thinking its a kid who got lost from her familly your g/b freind runs to check it out (ugh! dont they always?) a long time passes and they arent back. what do you do? ? embrace your inner white guy in a horror movie and go check it out. or stay and wait. 5 years ago 168 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have to for all eternity tell no lies or keep your hands to yourself 5 years ago 170 votes 2 comments 0 likes
You are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. what do you do gerronimooooooooo! or mamma get ma fiddle! 5 years ago 156 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather in a zombie invasion kill your infected best freind by power drill to the brain or hammer and chisel 5 years ago 128 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be needed or wanted 5 years ago 148 votes 5 comments 0 likes
In the book im writeing im baseing all of the characters off of people i know. what should MY characters main weapon be? broad sword imbuied with darkness or scythe imbuied with darkness 5 years ago 245 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Charizards back! did you miss him? yes! im glad hes back!..... good times....good times... or noooo! the bear is you thing! (you probably dont remember charizard...) 5 years ago 109 votes 2 comments 0 likes
If you lived in the ether world would you rather be an a wolfaiyan: have the ability to turn into a giant wolf or stop at any point in time to change into different forms of half-evolution. your speed strength and senses are increased and you have magic in your blood meaning you can use elemental magics at will as long as you have the strength. or a leonian same thing as A exept as a lion instead of wolf. 5 years ago 108 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Either way you go your going to be caught up in a strange time loop where you end up stuck in a room with a pit and a window. the pit is deep and dark. you cant see out of the window. the door is gone do you.... smash the window and jump (maybe its the first floor maybe the third either way your done with this place) or into the abyss! (who knows whats down there. but hey worth a shot huh?) 5 years ago 111 votes 3 comments 0 likes
(eventually everyone realises its not a dream) so! you get up and go down the hallway. no doors seem to be open. untill you get to the end. there are two doors(both unlocked) do you..... left! or right! 5 years ago 123 votes 10 comments 0 likes
(allright lets assume you went to find him/her) you see your lover at the end of the hall standing in front of a doorway. their back is turned away from you and you can hear crazy laughter coming from them. you go and grab their shoulder. they fall down. there is a hole in their chest and their face is gone! you turn to run, but the door you came through is gonne replaced by a corridoor of many other doors do you..... run and try the doors ( you gotta get gone bro!) or try to snap out of it (this has got to be a dream!) 5 years ago 101 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Its halloween night. you and your freinds decide you are bored with "fake" haunted houses and you want the real thing. you end up driving to an old rundown farm house out back in the woods. you sit in the livivng room with a fire going and drink telling spooky stories and laughing. you hear a storm coming and you are all too drunk to drive just yet so you decide to fall asleep in the arms of your (boyfreind/girlfreind) you awake to find them gone. you think you hear them off down the hall. you call for them but get no answer do you...... go and check on him/her. just to make sure they are okay ( hauntings are just a myth right?) or keep your tail put! i dont care how good you look without a shirt! i aint risking it! 5 years ago 105 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather in a zombie apocalypse kill your infected best freind by stabbing repeatedly with a fork or lighter and hairspray 5 years ago 129 votes 7 comments 0 likes
You are a soilder in the american civil war (for the sake of civility lets not specify a side) it is you first battle and you are understandably nervous maybe even scared, your coloniel tells you and your regiment member to set up a defensive line against the incomeing attackers. while he is talking a musket ball peirces him through the head. your ranks go into chaos and many are gunned down as the break off and try to run. you see your general and a calvery group coming to yuor ade but by the time they get there it may be too late do you.... stand and fight! hope is on the horizon! (you will have to trust that they arive in time. but if you live you will be promoted and seen as a hero) or run away! you are now a deserter but your alive. (a privlage that will most definately be revoked if you return) 5 years ago 124 votes 12 comments 0 likes
In a zombie apocalypse would you rather kill your infected best freind by... spiked brass knuckles or garoting them with fishing line 5 years ago 149 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Well today is my last day....atleast for a while goodbye man. take it easy.... or whatever. you're coming back. 6 years ago 187 votes 6 comments 0 likes
You are in a fight with a powerful foe. In the battle your sword is broken and you are disarmed. you are thrown to the ground right beside your broken sword, your horse is not to far away. your opponent is too busy gloating to notice you. so do you... ...grab what remains of your weapon and charge into the fray (your chances of winning are 30/70) or run to your horse and flee! ( you will get away but you will have to go into exile because you people will never accept you back) 6 years ago 192 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather if you were the emperor of a large empire champion a new era and a new way of thinking. but be responsible for destroying hundreds of years of tradition. to do this you must destroy all those who will not obey. or keep the old ways alive. but this comes at the cost of destroying or converting all those who oppose it 6 years ago 328 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wield in a zombie invasion an egyptian khopesh or an roman gladius 6 years ago 269 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather follow Roman catholisism or Roman paganism 6 years ago 201 votes 10 comments 0 likes
What animal would win Harpy Eagle or Mantis Shrimp 6 years ago 232 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Its my birthday! Happy birthday!!! or Hope its your last..... 6 years ago 258 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Im back! did you miss me? YES! NEVER LEAVE AGAIN! or huh? you left? didnt notice 6 years ago 180 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Which is better I am not weird. Nor am I crazy,strange,or dull. for what is normal is determined by those around you, and my freinds be more so than I. or I do not fight because I enjoy fighting. I fight because I enjoy my pride. For no wound of the body hurts nearly as bad as the acusation of cowardice. 6 years ago 166 votes 13 comments 0 likes
What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? african or european? or NI!! 6 years ago 150 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Should i change my profile pic NO! DONT GO CHARIZARD! or yes i like da fuzzy! 6 years ago 246 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather slit your wrists with a rusty butter knife or hang yourself with rusty barbed wire 6 years ago 262 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to memebase or ragestache 6 years ago 231 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather change the winner of one historical war or stop the assasination of one historical figure 6 years ago 283 votes 32 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a pokemon master or jedi master 6 years ago 285 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a shiny charizard or shiney pikachu 6 years ago 214 votes 6 comments 0 likes
In a relationship is being physical important or no big deal 6 years ago 241 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What does this flag stand for heritage or hate 6 years ago 459 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Which meme face describes you more rage face or derp face 6 years ago 265 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the power of darkness *make shadows travel in shadows make shadow blasts control minds and be able to turn invisble intangible and have increased senses speed and strength or the power of light *make blinding light fly light blasts heal yourself and others read minds telekinesis and enhanced speed and strength 6 years ago 256 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather weild(soul calibur players) soul calibur or soul edge 6 years ago 179 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather in a zombie invasion kill your infected best freind by beat with fists(brutal) or box cutter(very small blade and will require multiple cuts) 6 years ago 218 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather-if your best freind was about to fight calm him down( its not worth it) or help him fight (nobody disrespects your freinds) 6 years ago 324 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather read comment go to football game but not play and be bored or skip and go to play have a lead role and have fun 6 years ago 205 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight horus or ares 6 years ago 238 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a egyptian in the time of the ten plauges or be a jew in the time of the holocaust 6 years ago 251 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather in the hunger games run!!!! or fight at the cornucopia 6 years ago 251 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather in american football get smacked so hard your helmet flys off (believe me it hurts) or intercept a pass with your face(it hurts your pride and your face) 6 years ago 156 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather in a zombie invasion kill your infected best freind by slit throught or snap neck 6 years ago 1,779 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather in a zombie invasion kill your infected best freind by beating him/her with a sledge hammer or spartan kick of a building 6 years ago 1,745 votes 20 comments 1 like
Would you rather be a power ranger of any era and color or a beetle borg any color 6 years ago 223 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather in a zombie invasion kill your infected best freind by gun (its your last bullet and you cant find more) or sword (its really dull and will require lots of hacking) 6 years ago 1,862 votes 25 comments 1 like
Would you rather have a lightsaber in your favorite color or a pokeball with your favorite pokemon inside 6 years ago 8,513 votes 153 comments 4 likes
Who would win in a fight between (yes goku can go super saiyan 4) goku or ichigo 6 years ago 249 votes 9 comments 0 likes

BigDylan has posted the following comments:

my friends would make a line each destroying the person emotionally. 3 years ago  
i get hit on by dudes anyway. i find it flattering. 3 years ago  
dance with them. 3 years ago  
it should have never been a voting matter. 3 years ago  
insane money. 3 years ago  
true justice overrides human rights. 3 years ago  
raise your head, wabiske! 3 years ago  
i firmly believe this knowledge would make me a whimpering mess. 3 years ago  
why would anyone choose to be impaired to any extent, just to get more internet. 3 years ago  
you're a hairy wizard... 3 years ago  
really depends on what type of zombie were talking. if its world war z than were screwed. day of the dead, then all that has to be done is survive a few months and the zombies will rot away. 3 years ago +1
the only useful time manipulation trait. 3 years ago  
have a helpful trade. 3 years ago  
me no like ocean. ocean bad. no ocean. 3 years ago  
im a muggle, so no. 3 years ago  
humanity thrives on problems. without them to push us we would cease to live. we become better and stronger by facing adversity and striking it down. to rid the world of all problems is to rid humanity of any chance to grow. 3 years ago  
one of my greatest dreams. seeing history myself. 3 years ago  
thats a good way. 4 years ago  
fan-fic is never the answer man! 4 years ago  
dem japanese girls....! 4 years ago  
go for it, but it didnt help me. meds and talking only do so much. what helped me was football, martial arts, and writing. then again everyone is different. 4 years ago  
a deep forest green. 4 years ago  
i like a challenge. living to a ripe old age in australia seems like one. 4 years ago  
crystal lake, bald peaked mountains, deep green trees, depending on how hot/cold it is i would live there. 4 years ago  
a is literally my dream world. 4 years ago +1
my childhood. 4 years ago  
*two episodes later, the blow lands* 4 years ago  
outgoing, yes. but i wear mostly black and really dark purple. 4 years ago  
bingo! 4 years ago  
i like to understand peoples motives. 4 years ago  
right here son! 4 years ago  
it didnt have anything to do with agriculture if ya know what im sayin. winkwink nudgenudge. 4 years ago  
one of the few people i remember. 4 years ago  
were an odd bunch. 4 years ago  
b is strangely erotic..... 4 years ago  
a new .50 black powder rifle. the stock of my old one is shattered. 4 years ago  
far right conservative. 4 years ago  
why do the cute ones always turn gay.......? 4 years ago  
then kill um all!!!!!!!!!!!! MURICA!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
that pic made me lol. 4 years ago  
i think me and him would become fast friends, and then try to kill each other after a very long winded and big worded argument. 4 years ago  
i know nothing of what you mortals call "age" mine is an existance that has spread over time imemorable.i have seen the pyramids built, marched into battle with Scottish rebels, and i see many years ahead..... no. i am not old, i am not young, i am just alive..... 4 years ago  
i love a good sandbox game. 4 years ago  
i would tell you why, but unfortunately.... 4 years ago +2
if i had the power i would. something about that reeks of government conspiracy. 4 years ago  
i havent gotten a new scar all year. 4 years ago  
hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe! 4 years ago  
goth girls. 4 years ago  
i dont like cities. 4 years ago  
she was blonde as a kid but had to dye her hair as she got older. 4 years ago  
cheer up. every storm runs out of rain. you are a wonderful person and a great contribution to soceity. dont give up. you can pull through it. just stay away from special meds. violence and art help. 4 years ago  
fish are friends. not food. 4 years ago  
dude idk about you, but being able to lactate would scare the bejesus out of me. 4 years ago +1
i havent played since three so i dont know a. 4 years ago  
i would cut my hand off the moment i touched it... 4 years ago  
is little caesar's even considered pizza? 4 years ago  
i prefer to be alone when i play games. i tend to flail alot. 4 years ago +1
i wumbo, you wumbo. he, she, we wumbo. wumbology the study of wumbo. 4 years ago  
finally, a woman master chief can fall in love with that is actually flesh and blood. 4 years ago +2
i refuse to deal with the french all day. 4 years ago +5
the last time i joined a random group, sloths almost took over the site.... 4 years ago  
it would be pretty much an army of super spies. 4 years ago  
having the beat in your head helps you to find a mood, and therefore lyrics. 4 years ago +5
prepare your vertebrae. 4 years ago  
i know. but my twisted sense of humor allows me to envision him saying it and i think it's hilarious. 4 years ago  
good point. 4 years ago  
or not! 4 years ago  
although he does turn out to be a bit of a self centered douche in the end. 4 years ago  
cheap? the capital dont do "cheap" 4 years ago  
boo would just fight. he would never figure out how to beat Janemba. 4 years ago  
thats part of growing up my man. 4 years ago +1
i know him not. 4 years ago  
i can think of nothing more amusing. 4 years ago +1
so if i get drunk around them and start talking about superhero stuff, there wont be that whole "whhhhhaaaaaaaaaatttttt??????" thing to worry about. 4 years ago +2
colt .45 peacemaker 4 years ago  
to be honest i never tried to drive right in them. i thought the whole point was "commit as many felonies as you can and get away with it." 4 years ago  
because "and not to offend" b seems like something that happens where there is a lot of incest. 4 years ago  
yes but they can "fall out of favor" 4 years ago  
Irish Republican Army. not a threat. 4 years ago  
that look! *bites fist* 4 years ago  
go my pre-teen minions! 4 years ago  
the zombie apocalypse isnt something you can train for. it is something that will happen out of the blue and test our ability to think, improvise, and overcome, if anything it will be more of a mental threat than physical. 4 years ago  
atleast shes attractive, thats ALL i can say for her... 4 years ago  
.....sword. the word you are looking for is sword. 4 years ago +3
on my hotel door. 4 years ago  
do i look like a slumlord to you? 4 years ago  
it will keep me from becoming a monster. 4 years ago  
having no control over your body or emotions, constantly looking for something to destroy in an attempt to quench your insatiable blood lust? no thanks 4 years ago +3
i would, unfortunately much has changed in my absence and i find they no longer are here..... 4 years ago  
im just imagining the awkward looks on peoples faces when they see a 240 pound white dude wearing that. 4 years ago  
i cant stop them. the best way is to control the burn. if you restrain your kids too much they just end up snapping and doing somthing really stupid. 4 years ago +3
what kind of cake? 4 years ago  
only because of the sick laughter that would gush from my mouth every time i used b. it would become inapropriate and further taint my soul.... 4 years ago  
yes! and its up to us and our lightsaber forks to defeat him...... i am ready for the challenge. 4 years ago  
anything but wear crocs. 4 years ago  
atleast im dead and not in prison facing a huge amount of debt that i can never get out of. 4 years ago  
track down that Casey Anthony chick and give it to her. 4 years ago  
i have seen b done before, it took a long time to get the nosebleed to stop. 4 years ago  
everyday any way! carrie is just another country girl stereotype, i have dated way too many of them. 4 years ago  
is where you come from the eastern version of west virginia? 4 years ago  
i've had to use a to give myself a unibrow during a play before. 4 years ago  
think you got it bad? i am now a ring of freakin glass.... 4 years ago  
maybe i could get over my fear of the ocean that way. 4 years ago  
neither. drop everything and follow her to the gates of hell if i have to. 4 years ago +4
learn how to fight. 4 years ago  
she is real. all you need is tomato juice, hot sauce, and vodka. 4 years ago  
yes but you are now a cloud, water cycle and all that. 4 years ago  
*man one* "peanut butter sandwich again for lunch *man two*" trade you" *man one* what do you have? *man two* blood smoothie, wife made it, its o negative. 4 years ago  
anything ed hardy is gaudy, overbearing, and way to flashy. 4 years ago  
for people like me who grind it up, keep it in a little sack, and throw it at people. 4 years ago  
so a spaz or a poser? 4 years ago  
nothing is sweeter. 4 years ago +1
because salamance 4 years ago  
i cant tell you how many times i have seen somebody break a bone trying to impress a girl. heck thats how i broke jaw the first time. 4 years ago  
just crack open a can of mountain dew and throw it. 4 years ago  
dosent say im in Europe! 4 years ago +2
a looks like it has mange..... 4 years ago  
i've always wanted to be in one one of those sappy chick flicks... 4 years ago +1
ive been on this site for two years and ive only posted like thirty. 4 years ago +5
i fear the irs more than the mafia to be honest. 4 years ago  
*gets exasperated runs up and tackles you. explodes in fiery death ball killing everything within a ten mile radius* NOOOOOOOOO! 4 years ago  
make felony stupidity a thing.... 4 years ago  
this means i will forever be president! 4 years ago  
*melts head* 4 years ago  
*sticks out tongue* you cant talk your mouth is gone! 4 years ago  
*melts your mouth* no! 4 years ago  
Canadior! i knew you were behind this! 4 years ago  
i like her alot more since she stopped pretending to be country. 4 years ago  
dating a nerdy girl right now. gota say its a step up over b. 4 years ago +1
*turns hat backwards* 4 years ago  
the only person who would be okay with b is voldemort. 4 years ago  
lets face it i am pretty much useless. i am cold hearted and a bit sadistic. but if i can make a comfortable life for me and my own then i can raise my children to be a bit more compassionate then i am. maybe they can do somthing great. 4 years ago +1
but it always works. 4 years ago  
depends on where you live i guess. in my neck of the woods everyone is armed but we all know what we're doing. we were raised to fear and respect firearms so that we dont misuse them. 4 years ago  
dont knock it until your country allows it. gun ownership is amazing! 4 years ago +2
two .45 pistols, (a revolver and a mag) a .357 python, a 30.30, a single shot .22 remington (my first gun) a 12 gauge browning, and a .270 4 years ago  
love is based on an understanding of each other. lets face it, if she's with me she has heard my opinion before. 4 years ago +1
stomach punch! 4 years ago +1
i'm a good shot with a tomahawk. 4 years ago  
it would depend on blasian's speed and if the bow is already loaded. 4 years ago +1
good one man. but a seems like the plot to alot of romantic comedies. id rather not deal with that. 4 years ago  
just goku alone would kill both of them. naruto can provide comical banter. 4 years ago  
i agonized over that and im not married or a dad.... 4 years ago +2
until it stops being funny and he gets brutally murdered for the hell of it. 4 years ago +1
cause baby im a fiiiiiiirrrreeework! 4 years ago  
seems like..... 4 years ago +1
can a be a large black raven that at first scares the child but proves his loyalty by eating the evil witch's eyes out? 4 years ago  
water bender porn? 4 years ago  
its like a giant video game! exept it hurts! 4 years ago  
its not any worse than alcohol and enough people survive that. 4 years ago  
its BATMAN. and if dc is doing the writing, he can do anything. 4 years ago +1
some men just want to watch the world cringe.... 4 years ago  
mostly republican due to shared views, but i dont base my choices on party, only fact. 4 years ago +1
been there.....never again please.... 4 years ago  
sorry, fire elsa distracted me... 4 years ago  
because political arguments are mostly based on logic and the minds of those involved can be changed. religion is something better left alone as it deals with matter on a spiritual level and is therefore impervious to logic. 4 years ago +7
batman would fade into the night, come back later with a weapon that can destroy the shield, then own C.A. in the face. 4 years ago +1
cant argue with that logic. 4 years ago  
then he washes up on a beach to meet the worst devil of them all: a teenage girl and her over-protective father. 4 years ago  
that green tea rehab! *shudders* 4 years ago  
i disagree. it gets a killer off of the streets in a way that minimizes drain on the economy and opens prison space up for those who have committed crimes that are not deserving of capital punishment. while it is sad that an innocent man may be put to death for a crime that he did not commit, you must realize that in most of those cases the justice system had a good reason to put him there. he may not be guilty of THAT crime, but most likely he was guilty of something. and that is in no way more horrid a result than giving a man who raped and butchered a young child, three hots and a cot, with free health care, education, and an hour of yard time, for their life on the very dime of his victims families. its fine to hate death, but sometimes it is the better answer for all involved. not a good answer, just the best one. 4 years ago  
i am white with blue eyes. im chilly. 4 years ago  
dull the blades and have a doctor on standby 4 years ago  
and suddenly grow giant raven's wings and soar into the sky yelling "#YOLO" 4 years ago  
science. 4 years ago  
it has been many moons since ive been on. to be honest i dont know who is still here... 4 years ago  
okay i have been gone for a while who are these people..... 4 years ago  
Reagan on a raptor! 4 years ago  
my life is a lie! 4 years ago +1
while i am a firm believer in capital punishment and believe that it is under-used in our country, drug dealing is not one of the crimes i think deserve it. unless you count the idiots who use drugs and the random people who get killed in drug related accidents, its really a victimless crime. 4 years ago  
Raph all the way. cant beat an overly violent psycopath. 4 years ago +2
i want my "funeral" to be my best buddy dumping me in a fresh dug hole with a sword (to defend myself in the afterlife) and a bottle of wine (to quench my thirst) i want everyone to be at the bonfire AFTER my funeral, so they can pass around a jar of moonshine and tell stories. 4 years ago  
muk would kill us all with toxic water. 4 years ago  
i have friends who are girls. but when i get "friendzoned" i usually tell the girl straight out that i have feelings for them and being just their friend would be too awkward for both of us. so if she dosent have the same feelings for me then there is really no acceptable outcome for any other form of relationship. 4 years ago +2
nostalgia i suppose. or perhaps they dont like steel types? 4 years ago  
my second favorite. 4 years ago  
used to be number 5 on my dream team. 4 years ago +1
in real life i suspect that Machamp would be strange and horrifying. 4 years ago +2
not creepy, not man made, dosent cause seizures, and can evolve into umbreon. 4 years ago +1
dat majesty! 4 years ago  
in darkest night. 4 years ago +1
number 2 on my dream team. 4 years ago  
those eyes just......*shudders* never Mr.Mime 4 years ago  
in the messed up hentai situation you are suggesting; the girl involved would be horribly poisoned by tentacool's toxins. 4 years ago  
i am cornholio! 4 years ago  
anarchy can not exist. it technically isn't even real. no matter what some person will always take control and people will follow them. really this question only has one option. all you are doing is giving us the choice to either delay it or go straight to it. 4 years ago +4
my sisters will but my parents and grandparents will love me more. 4 years ago  
begin awesome movie. 4 years ago +3
shes got a kind of punk look. i dig that. 4 years ago  
i being the only male will be treated very well. 4 years ago  
the picture in b has happened to me before......NEVER AGAIN! 4 years ago  
you cant run forever. 4 years ago +1
be remembered through the movie and then signed to a movie where i dont die. 4 years ago  
anywhere but NYC. 4 years ago +6 ROBOT! 4 years ago +2
its aheck of a drug! 4 years ago +1
life is over rated. 4 years ago +2
considering it doesn't exist any more.... 4 years ago  
wheeeeeeee! 4 years ago  
keep pounding away. 4 years ago  
then go to her my friend! do not let anything stand between you! that includes those huge men in black tee shirts! 4 years ago  
and slowly we surround Canada cutting them off from all sides. then we strike the final blow and BAM! we "free" Canada! all hail Murica! 4 years ago  
no computer at home. that's why even though i've been on this sight forever almost nobody knows me. 4 years ago  
i squirrel so hard they want to find me! 4 years ago +2
i think seeing a feathery deer would be nightmare fuel. 4 years ago +1
his name was Farley O'Connor. i had to do ALOT of work to find that. in retribution please go ahead and shoot the cat. 4 years ago  
even though insulting them in Latin is pretty fun. 4 years ago  
only if i can be that wolf! 4 years ago +2
farfetched! 4 years ago  
me and slendy are old friends. i visit him alot. its like a second home for me. 4 years ago  
i could make decisions that would drastically increase my and all other hard working American's way of life. 4 years ago +2
then i wouldnt be able to razz my peace loving catholic friend about them. 4 years ago  
exited huh buddy? 4 years ago  
she is a great actress and very pretty, but i have another girl in mind. 4 years ago  
oh the horror i could cause! 4 years ago  
*gets caught in the mouth by a hoof, truly tastes the rainbow.* 4 years ago +1
i am too scared of the ocean for either to be acceptable..... 4 years ago  
you will need a flying horse. and im sorry to say my friend but you are no Bellerophon. you would more likely end up pulling a percy jackson and get snake bit and barbequed. 4 years ago +1
as long as they don't come with a terrifying banshee like evil spirit with an unassuming moniker. 4 years ago  
im with the freedom lottery. you just won the jackpot! *punches villain in the face with gloves tattooed to say "freedom"* 4 years ago  
they would both be sarcastic, funny, and reliable. but a has money. 4 years ago you are not. 4 years ago  
i want my natzi scalps... 4 years ago  
that is a piece of quality art work my friend. looks just like her! 4 years ago +1
that was a very tough question sir. 4 years ago +1
taters are my spuds! 4 years ago  
TOE-MAY-TOE 4 years ago  
with vinegar! 4 years ago  
Daryl 4 years ago  
who? 4 years ago  
okay. i concede. im wondering something though? how did we get into this discussion from arguing the effectiveness of the heavy spear? 4 years ago  
of course they were enslaved. just not the mouthy ones. and yes i HAVE read the illiad but i do not take it for an accurate historical text as even in their times it was an ancient bedtime story. and Spartans had servants which carried extra arms into the field for them. and it would be more likely in that time that most of the women would have been killed after the initial act. only royalty and well bred women were kept as slaves as they were seen to be the only ones worthy of it. 4 years ago  
im not really stealthy. if i like someone i flirt with them. 4 years ago  
we are both those kind of people who give running commentary on movies. 4 years ago  
simple fight or flight. i wouldnt get away due to my currently injured leg, so i would fight back. 4 years ago  
lol! 4 years ago  
i could still do a. if anything b could help with that. 4 years ago +2
i would very much like to meet that man. he seems to be a very well put together and interesting person to know. 4 years ago  
then convert. i wouldn't be killed, i would have my current faith, and i would be able to join the army! 4 years ago  
they already think that of me so why not? 4 years ago +1
an hour and some change. 4 years ago  
i love wolves. i like the dark. my favorite color is black. i have answered a to many times before. and no i am not emo. 4 years ago  
one: only an idiot throws away a perfectly good weapon unless they are sure of its destination, Spartans didn't miss. two: Spartans ALWAYS had a backup spear. three:i have a feeling we would just pull a troy and burn your city down. Spartans have enough sorry. 4 years ago  
i disagree. they can be used as both long range and mid range weaponry. that couple with a huge shield and that glorified tactical knife they called a sword, and you become pretty much unstoppable. in brief: i would gank you before you got that katana anywhere near me. 4 years ago  
to be fair i WOULD observe their actions first. but if they even strike me as slightly chatty im ganking them. 4 years ago  
its called being old. 4 years ago +2
my wishes would put me in position to get both. 4 years ago  
btw thats not Sokka. its Wang Fire. 4 years ago +3
my favorite avatar character. 4 years ago  
i would take the girl with me. hence: die fighting. but i would find the situation of the bunny (all i can think of right now is the movie Donnie Darko.) to be so stunning and freaky that i would die in great supprise and without a fight. 4 years ago  
do you think i am sexy? *wiggles eyebrows* 4 years ago  
haven't watched it but i hear my friends sing its praise constantly. 4 years ago  
just to be clear there is a difference between atheism and what is common on this site. in arguments on this website there is most commonly shown "anti-theism" it is not enough for themselves not to believe, they wish for others to disbelieve with them. they show a hatred to religion not an unbiased rejection of it. 4 years ago +4
*gun against head* take um off boy! i want to see them naked feet! 4 years ago  
we would die. we would ALL totally die! NATO would turn its back on us and merc us all! 4 years ago  
quicker i suppose. plus i don't want to be done in by a creature that can be tamed by nothing more than being a pretty virgin. 4 years ago  
i was walking home in the dark (which i enjoy) and then all of a sudden the ground around me began to liquify. then i was treading water in a dark ocean and all these luminous sea monsters were swimming around me just checking me out. then they all swam away and i didnt know why. but just then the ocean under me began to brighten and this giant serpent with a mouth bigger than than my house swam from the depths right under me with its jaws open. just before it swallowed me i woke up. 4 years ago  
he has his uses as a senzu bean mule. yamcha just cant seem to get on their level. 4 years ago  
kill myself. because then having the money would be pointless. 4 years ago +2
at least i'm a standout to my peers. 4 years ago  
that's what i told him. we were debating so i think he was trying to make me look unstable by pissing me off. 4 years ago  
happens all the time! 4 years ago  
i did that during prom just to make her mad. did not have the expected outcome... at least she shut up though so that's something 4 years ago  
is it possible to be reborn in the early years of Greece? if so i chose that. 4 years ago +3
the guy is only dangerous if im an adolescent girl with daddy issues. 4 years ago +1
cut a few sweet flips and shout wheeeeeeeeeee! 4 years ago +1
on going stereotype of the uneducated hillbilly. my drawl is pretty bad. 4 years ago  
because im hungry. 4 years ago +3
more useful. plus i would basically become all powerfull. 4 years ago +1
dem lips! dos eyes! dat complexion! 4 years ago  
buy my time until America decides to step in for some unknown reason. 4 years ago  
some humans deserve it. 4 years ago +2
internet high five! 4 years ago +1
took awhile but i think that the legend of zelda is a bit safer than dragon ball z 4 years ago +1
for that guy a light jab ended with a missing tooth. 4 years ago  
man that picture for a hit me right in the feels bro! 4 years ago +1
neither. males have testosterone in our bodies. testosterone is the chemical which causes our strength, growth, natural instincts, an yes our aggression. it is also very volatile and an unbalance in it coupled with already existing mental issues can cause well.... explosive outbursts. 4 years ago +3
hey cant change them. might as well except and move on. plus i have alot of gay and lesbian friends who have all turned out great so far. 4 years ago +1
be able to mature first. 4 years ago  
im giving my government the benefit of the doubt. 4 years ago +1
more career options. plus i cant draw for beans. 4 years ago +1
that has got to be one of the most difficult questions i have ever answered. it tares you between the desire to be loved, and your own ability to do so. 4 years ago  
there is only one Propane and Hank Hill is his prophet! 4 years ago  
predators have honor! i dig that in a hostile extraterrestrial. 4 years ago +1
*at job interview* interviewer: um mister....zilla is it? it says here under hobbies you have listed "trashing Tokyo" and i am not quite sure what to do with that information.... 4 years ago +1
captain atom! 4 years ago  
thank you for your unwanted and uncalled for bashing of the christian religion you anti-theist jerkoff. 4 years ago +6
excuse me sir! i happen to have a soft spot for ambitious backstabbing tyrants! 4 years ago +1
today when some idiot in my public speaking class told me that my accent made me sound uneducated. 4 years ago +1
makes them sound cooler. 4 years ago  
check my gun to see if it's loaded. 4 years ago  
except made from scratch cherry pie. 4 years ago  
with a banana? 4 years ago +1
the most wrathful of berries! 4 years ago +1
gotta have my melons! 4 years ago  
i just stared at this for two minuets trying to spot a trick. 4 years ago  
can a do it in a bloody violent musical montage? 4 years ago  
a life of roaming seems like heaven. 4 years ago  
as that statement was meant not to argue your point but to try and confuse the reader into silence, i will dismiss the repetitive nature and overall child like quality it shows and hit more at the core issue that our entire argument here has been over. that being: why do you believe it is your place to argue and try to denounce a deity that you supposedly do not believe in? what harm does it do you either way? i move that your hatred and venom against this subject shows a fear in you that it might exist. therefore you try to rationalize your disbelief to comfort yourself. 5 years ago  
calm down im quoting a movie. 5 years ago  
but all logic is just a extension of human understanding. therefore it is possible that there is an all powerful God and we just cant comprehend his form or existence. 5 years ago  
they dont. they just like messing with us. 5 years ago  
i hate logic..... 5 years ago  
i like the obscure ones that arent really known a bout. but i guess my favorite would still be the pegasus. just for the simple fact that i want a pet one. 5 years ago  
crap! logic! you found my weakness. 5 years ago  
i was not stereotyping skinny girls. i was just saying that i have had a bad experience with one that has shaped my personal preference. 5 years ago +1
i got a thing for blondes 5 years ago  
grew up with this expression. 5 years ago  
*shakes hand* okay. were allies. but if you try to double cross me.... 5 years ago  
the picture for b hooked me. s**ts about to get real on that battlefield. 5 years ago +4
i like it. 5 years ago  
i. freaking. HATE. the ice climbers. 5 years ago  
but that wasent really groudon! it was a horrible abomination of science and magic. 5 years ago  
cant wait for mega groudon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
i can save hyrule and be back in time for my real job! 5 years ago  
AND IT FEELS........BURNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
*walks into crowded market, blinks, everyone is dismembered on the ground and i am covered in blood, sighs* "not again..." 5 years ago +5
*peck pop* 5 years ago  
great the irish will rein. free beer! 5 years ago  
this was the comment that everyone COULD have made but nobody did for the sake of being civil to the african american users on this site. you fail. 5 years ago +2
no its not you should have seen the one i was in a while ago. i was thinking up loopholes for a snake bite question. it went on forever. 5 years ago  
will weed be a factor in this? 5 years ago +2
i hate asking for anything. 5 years ago +1
used to love the stuff. 5 years ago  
maybe about 60 or so. 5 years ago  
apparently other nations see us as a kind of big brother or justice of the peace. although i disagree with it they assume America should solve the problems. 5 years ago  
we should not and therefore i will hold up hope that we wont. 5 years ago  
so either a man who was a monster to everyone but his countrymen, or a man who was a monster to just his countrymen and laughed at by others. the man who would hurt his people is the worst. 5 years ago  
this would imply a civil war. and we all know how the last one went... 5 years ago  
actually i really don't know. that would all depend on another factor "do they have higher reasoning" 5 years ago  
dang.....logic... 5 years ago  
uh....internet? 5 years ago  
your eyes give away your thoughts to easily. if they are telling me how they feel then there is a possibility that i wont feel the same. i wouldnt want to hurt them. 5 years ago +3
*floats backwards unable to look in her eyes* "i cant.... i dont care who you are or what awaits me, im not going anywhere without them. im sorry. 5 years ago +2
why change? 5 years ago  
demon from insidious. tries to posses a little boy. hes not really that big of a deal. 5 years ago  
not after this! *presses self destruct button causing a chain reaction destroying ALL the time machines as well as everything within a ten mile radius. smiles smugly before vaporizing in the explosion* 5 years ago  
never heard these before but b sounds like a pretty solid philosophy. 5 years ago +2
more variety. anything can be made into a taco. 5 years ago +2
*pulls trigger, flag that says "bang" comes out, runs to get to time machine before you* 5 years ago  
*draws gun* i can try.... 5 years ago  
get on my level! i have the papers to prove my insanity. 5 years ago  
well that escalated quickly. 5 years ago  
by that same logic ALL gods would be impossible to prove. my point is that the christian God is the one most often refered to as "God" and not as their other given name "zeus, horus, odin, etc." and lets not bring this into the whole theism vs atheism debate. it will just end up being two people turning on our caps locks and making both of our beliefs look bad. 5 years ago  
in their standard yes. 5 years ago  
lucky boy. 5 years ago  
dosent say her "other" isnt a girl. 5 years ago  
great stories behind it. also i promised my mexican freind i wouldnt make any more chupacabra jokes.... 5 years ago  
no ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
i want to be seen as a kind of semi-devine person. they love me but at the same time my power frightens them. 5 years ago +2
i work at foodlion. i have to just smile and act like i care. 5 years ago +1
but keep my guard up. 5 years ago  
a is one of the things i miss most about my ex. 5 years ago  
semi? 5 years ago +3
good man! 5 years ago +1
or get diabetes. 5 years ago  
id prefer Marceline but atleast i could touch PB and not get burned. plus i dont want finn or cinnamon bun coming after me. 5 years ago  
thats true. 5 years ago  
well he said God capital G so i suppose he means the christian God. If he meant a pagan god he would have called them by name or said "the gods" use your common sense. 5 years ago  
broke almost every finger on my right hand and a couple in my left playing football. it wasent too painfull just inconveinient. 5 years ago  
it can happen by multiple ways. the most common being you thrust,miss,and hit something hard. the penis then "breaks" its like a really bad torn muscle. 5 years ago  
okay 1: im sorry for calling you english 2:im sorry you havent had good fries. 5 years ago  
like its so hard. weve all been to chinese resturants before right? 5 years ago  
dude you have got to see it. its one of the best horror franchises of all time! 5 years ago  
b is an abomination of nature and must be killed with fire... 5 years ago +2
*pulls out .45* okay look kids. there are twenty of you and i have six bullets. *aims gun* now. lets see which of you drops before i run out. 5 years ago +3
no ocean! 5 years ago +2
are you human? or do the fries in england suck? 5 years ago  
i cant live without my taters 5 years ago +2
b is what i am! im sick of it! 5 years ago +1
quicker id imagine. 5 years ago +4
*sheds tear* I finally found you... 5 years ago  
and insane ones 0_0 5 years ago  
that im a douche? 5 years ago  
my opinion is that while it is MY favorite song it may not be another's. therefore it is not the best. 5 years ago  
WHAT? your a viking! fight to the end! 5 years ago  
no its not. but it helps make a point. 5 years ago  
good to find one of a like mind. 5 years ago  
brother? 5 years ago  
no...please...dont. 5 years ago  
boring. 5 years ago  
no Jack Nicholson. I cant. 5 years ago  
I started thinking about that after seeing that movie. 5 years ago  
i always had this kind of fantasy that i had a twin brother separated at birth and he lives in the UK. 5 years ago +1
amen. 5 years ago  
idina's jaw is just....*shudders* ugh. 5 years ago +2
OMG that is the most Badass thing i have ever heard! 5 years ago +1
yup. 5 years ago  
ima get eaten 5 years ago +1
tmi. 5 years ago  
goddess of discord. 5 years ago  
a would be hell for me. 5 years ago  
action/horror/comedy with a cliff hanger ending 5 years ago  
*scoffs* its like they never picked up a history book! 5 years ago  
dont make him cry. 5 years ago +3
dissapear. 5 years ago  
lol! 5 years ago  
looks like you put me *puts on sunglasses* in a prickly situation. YEAAHHHH! 5 years ago +1
have you ever been so high....? 5 years ago  
much like yourself? 5 years ago  
everything is possible. 5 years ago  
i just like where NC is in all this. 5 years ago  
you needed to ask? 5 years ago  
i know right? creepy... 5 years ago +2
screaming corny one liners at the top of my lungs and wearing shades even though its night time. 5 years ago +2
double chin blast! fatality! 5 years ago  
I AM BEOWULF! 5 years ago  
not true there are plenty of Americans out there starving. 5 years ago +4
this sounds like an interesting story waiting to happen. like how did she get so far inland? and why on my couch? how on my couch? brain hurting! 5 years ago  
i may be white but i will NOT be a horror movie cliche! 5 years ago +2
common problem man. you'll grow out of it. 5 years ago +2
yeah....she said no....i felt really bad for the guy. 5 years ago +3
thunders just the noise boys lightning does the work. 5 years ago +2
nope. nose leaves. thems the rules. 5 years ago +6
dark souls has multiple trys. 5 years ago +1
*jack sparrow voice* let us not dear friends forget our dear friends the cuttlefish. 5 years ago  
not the sloths again.....i thought they were destroyed in the war long ago....! 5 years ago +1
oh great. i save the world ryan blows it up again then eva chews me out for letting him. 5 years ago  
I love studying mythical creatures. its one of my weird little hobbys. 5 years ago +2
saw b. it was funny but i havent seen a and am curious. 5 years ago  
that's impossible to state. its a matter of opinion like most other things. 5 years ago +6
yay! ima goin to skyloft! 5 years ago  
its a waste of literature. not to mention rude and a fire hazard. 5 years ago  
nimbuuuuuuuuuuuuusssss 5 years ago  
nope but your prime target to get thrown into a volcano! sacrifice! sacrifice! sacrifice! 5 years ago  
if i were a girl..... nope! not a mental image i needed! 5 years ago  
i will be what i despise. 5 years ago  
in Asia "too young" is just a name. 5 years ago +2
*extends arm for hand shake* hi my names Dylan I don't think we've met. 5 years ago  
be even better if it was like a grabby arm 5 years ago +4
*sigh* 5 years ago  
this s**t just got real. 5 years ago  
*bows* thank you. 5 years ago  
the great sword was more an invention of eleventh century knights. vikings used a smaller version made out of a lower quality metal. only certain swords were used by them that were effective at all. 5 years ago  
look at that majestic evil psycopath! 5 years ago  
that's actually kind of cool. she dosent have to be one of those anime cat-girls though right? 5 years ago  
lucidity in a nightmare makes for some sweet story ideas. 5 years ago +1
a knife is always loaded! 5 years ago  
vikings focused more on their axes and spears in combat. their swords were relatively weak... 5 years ago  
so? 5 years ago +1
always been one. 5 years ago  
Dionysus approves. 5 years ago +1
so put another dime in the jukebox baby! 5 years ago +1
wizards are humans with powers dude. and leprechauns are part of the fey. the wizard would cast a spell to breath underwater while the fey just hid in another dimension. 5 years ago  
why not just get my arm free and hold the knife behind me to fend of the gorrilla? 5 years ago +1
yup i think its coming. 5 years ago  
No.... I am going to cut your throat with a rusty butter knife and laugh as your warm blood sprays my face! (that is sadistic) 5 years ago  
I guess he had no need for it. technically the Turaga are no longer warriors. 5 years ago  
thats not a condition. its called being raised right. 5 years ago  
i have its called WTFaphilia 5 years ago  
my favorite night of the year! dress up and scare kids! 5 years ago +1
zeus that was a hard choice! 5 years ago  
pidgeot. 5 years ago  
umbreon. 5 years ago  
but i have alot of gay friends. 5 years ago  
id rather a mask that allows me to control the earth and gives me super strength. 5 years ago +1
they should do a movie about the peloponnesian wars. 5 years ago  
with a loaded gun to be safe. 5 years ago  
i have a sick sense of humor. i would be laughing the entire time. 5 years ago  
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