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I see ur on my profile

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Would you rather Have Really good vision or Really good hearing 4 years ago 279 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Always look Angry or Happy 4 years ago 249 votes 6 comments 0 likes
What would be worse Cut off your nipple with this knife including areola or Cut of your earloaf with a butcher knife 4 years ago 230 votes 10 comments 0 likes
If you were on a deserted island would you Stay on the island and wait to be rescued or Try to build a raft and sail to be rescued 4 years ago 225 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Who would win Polar bear or Grizzly bear 4 years ago 109 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be Aducted by aliens or Kidnapped by Bigfoot 4 years ago 275 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Stay a night in HomeDepot with Jason or Stay a night in your bedroom with Freddy Kruger in your dreams 4 years ago 275 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be hit by Asteroid without knowing or Be shot by doubled barreled shotgun without knowing 4 years ago 222 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you perfer Monster Energy or Red Bull 4 years ago 86 votes 2 comments 0 likes

Bigdan90 has posted the following comments:

Come on 2 years ago  
I'm not a sex hound like 40% of these people 2 years ago  
Nah I prefer live 2 years ago  
Always trying to dodge the damn question 2 years ago  
I was thinking of the movie castaway 2 years ago  
Not even people with the biggest foot fetish would do that 2 years ago  
I eat lots of raw things 2 years ago  
Was this supposed to be a hard one? 2 years ago  
Get a infection from a corpse and then die yea totally 2 years ago  
Damn this one impossible to choose 2 years ago  
Lightsaber obviously 2 years ago  
A back up back up shotgun 4 years ago  
Shotgun under the bed 4 years ago +1
I like when you think someone about to die but then they don't but when you think someone will live they die 4 years ago  
Run around the world no breaks 4 years ago  
Beef is alright I don't care if it has pink slime in it 4 years ago  
I'm not dying from a doll 4 years ago +1
I like green things better than blue things 4 years ago  
$0 4 years ago  
No probing now 4 years ago  
Agree 4 years ago  
Like what kind of question 4 years ago  
Red bulls nasty 4 years ago  
What happens in the van stays in the van 4 years ago  
ill jus pick one tommorow 4 years ago +2
When I'm on the go 4 years ago +3
I'll dance but the ladys can twerk 4 years ago +2
Fruit is yum 4 years ago  
I didn't even come up with pun 4 years ago  
You'll still pass with b and c's 4 years ago +2
i haven't thought of that 4 years ago  
Wats the pun then 4 years ago  
I'm from Florida info jus messed up 4 years ago  
I struck gold 4 years ago  
If there hiding in a car problem solved 4 years ago  
Party over here 4 years ago  
Oh that's nasty 4 years ago  
No no I take money now 4 years ago  
Target practice 4 years ago +1
Airsoft 4 years ago  
He wouldn't like that sir 4 years ago  
I'm 6.3 i wouldnt mind losing 2 inches in height 4 years ago  
Congratulations I guess 4 years ago  
Who the hell cares what other people think 4 years ago +1
Family guys was good but now it sucks 4 years ago +1
Do energy drinks count? 4 years ago 4 years ago  
I like my milk fresh 4 years ago  
USA 4 years ago  
Where the number 1 country DEAL WITH IT!!! 4 years ago  
By left arm 4 years ago  
You'd have to be insane to stay in insane asylum for 2 weeks 4 years ago  
Same thing 4 years ago  
I've never been bullied but if someone tried I'd punch them in the face 4 years ago  
Would you like a milkshake lets jus say it comes naturally from nature. 4 years ago +1
I'm up for anything except salad I don't like it 4 years ago  
They have Air Marshals now did you forget about that 4 years ago  
So I can stroke my beard and say hmmm let me think about that for a second 4 years ago  
wild fires can burn a whole woods in a second. 4 years ago  
BACON!!!! 4 years ago  
I like classic marios 4 years ago  
I'm racist to people with big egos 4 years ago  
If everyone robots one malfunction later crazy phyco robots think about that 4 years ago  
I don't need to study I still passed. 4 years ago  
Party over here 4 years ago  
KFC= Fried chicken mmmm McDonald's= imitation burger yuck 4 years ago  
Do the crime lose your guys 4 years ago +1
I'd like to still be able to do things 4 years ago +1
Alligator 4 years ago  
I don't understand question I picked one with American flag 4 years ago  
I was puting out street fire :( 4 years ago +3
You'll just get infected 4 years ago  
What happens if isn't Paul instead it's the kind that like probing :( 4 years ago  
I've step on so many things bare foot like rusty nails, thorns, oysters beds, scorpion, so I guess I would pick porcupine if you kiss stinger of jelly fish you'll probably die it's the stinger 4 years ago  
You should always have a shotgun under your bed and a sign that says it 4 years ago +1
Bees are alright 4 years ago  
Well bigfoot kind of big and they have big feet so they probably run fast 4 years ago  
If you have something to hide you wouldn't want to say it out loud 4 years ago  
Ha 4 years ago  
My choice monster energy 4 years ago  
You do make a good point 4 years ago  
That kid to young rather be old maybe if kid was older 4 years ago  
Jus means you already experienced what they haven't 4 years ago +1
You still have chance to live it says 4 years ago  
I ain't much of a gamer but I like call of duty would at war 4 years ago  
Chicken u can overpower it but walrus overpowers you 4 years ago  
Die or rot in jail I don't care support 4 years ago  
I'd like to laugh like hyenas jus to freak people out or startle them 4 years ago  
Dam I forgot I could wear dark cloths and say LIFE IS LAME HEY LETS CUT OUR SELVES! All day. Oh well. Mistakes were made 4 years ago  
It also kills good drivers who where hit and then there families have to deal you idiots 4 years ago +1
I'll jus lose left arm I don't use it but I'm a tall person need legs 4 years ago  
Run in like a crazy hobo and steal ketchup from mc Donald's mmm 4 years ago  
People who are rich are more likely gonna become lazy and stay in house all day 4 years ago  
I don't need Internet 4 years ago  
Most likely people who play minecraft hav no lives 4 years ago  
I'd have to say dog 4 years ago  
Aliens cause the terrorists will just kill you 4 years ago  
I Don't like today's music 4 years ago  
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