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    more freedom yay 2 years ago  
    i am not dating a 2 year old 2 years ago  
    i am a boy that is not gay 2 years ago  
    havent seen either one lol 2 years ago  
    no idea who Bush is 2 years ago  
    i love my grandma she is not annoying 2 years ago  
    i cant swim 2 years ago  
    i dont like potatos unless they are french fries, tator tots, or hassbrowns 2 years ago  
    i am not marrying a complete stranger 2 years ago +1
    i perfer controllers 2 years ago  
    come on cats are clearly supior 2 years ago  
    i lke showers 2 years ago  
    i am a kid 2 years ago  
    i'll meet the doctor or the aliens come in peace 2 years ago  
    i hate dogs 2 years ago  
    i want to sue people 2 years ago  
    money buys time 2 years ago  
    if i know the cause i could avoid it dur 2 years ago  
    i'm lazy 2 years ago  
    i'm 12 so i dont want true love till i'm 12 2 years ago  
    i want to be magical 2 years ago  
    dont have a cell phone 2 years ago  
    hi 2 years ago  
    why choose sexism 2 years ago  
    i'm a lazy 12 year old who spends his life on his computer i got for chrismas 2 years ago  
    i like both read every book and every movie but the new one 2 years ago  
    i am a boy 2 years ago  
    i dont have any of thoose 2 years ago  
    i would get to meet the Docter 2 years ago  
    i'am a very skinny 12 year old 2 years ago  
    i am not getting hit on by unattractive people 2 years ago  
    i dont have money i am 12 suckers 2 years ago  
    i'am 12 so theres not much of a diffrence 2 years ago  
    free wifi 2 years ago  
    i live in alaska 2 years ago  
    i pretty much already am 2 years ago  
    i dont have a son i am 12 but in the future i might 2 years ago  
    what if one of my gifts is cash 2 years ago  
    i'll just get a new computer 2 years ago  
    i will lose weight 2 years ago  
    dogs suck 2 years ago  
    i love house cats 2 years ago  
    my uncle is marryed to a guy 2 years ago  
    i am 12 and do not need to end up in prision 2 years ago  
    i looked up what a nude is after i slected it and i am 12 and do dumb things like that so dont juge me 2 years ago  
    i am 12 but i will problay fall in love one day 2 years ago  
    i will treat them like playdough 2 years ago  
    i am 12 so i looked them up still dont know who they are so i picked a random one 2 years ago  
    i like showers and baths combined 2 years ago  
    i am 12 2 years ago  
    i am 12 2 years ago  
    nongravity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    i live in alaska but i hate the cold i only live here because i am a kid and my parents love alaska and when i am 18 i will kiss this place goodbye 2 years ago  
    my dream could be not to have instant death 2 years ago  
    i am a kid 2 years ago  
    i never seen twilight but i it has vampire romance and i do not need that but i have seen every harry potter movie and i dont mind being Hermonie Granger 2 years ago  
    vending machines dduuhh 2 years ago  
    i am not shooting myself 2 years ago  
    money money money 2 years ago  
    MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    i got no cell phone, so yea 2 years ago  
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