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    neither both look like they got HIVs 2 years ago  
    Option A Donald trump manboobs and all 2 years ago  
    didn't see a time limit 2 years ago  
    I got that power 2 years ago  
    I better see what's under my feet 2 years ago  
    @guest from South Carolina, United States were is the gain 20$ for some bad ass kids no thank you 2 years ago  
    17% are hoes 2 years ago  
    Horrible brand new sweat shirt form christmas that you told your grandma you liked for her sake good bye 2 years ago  
    really -_- 2 years ago  
    @guest from Alabama, United States you're like 50 aren't you 2 years ago  
    @guest from Aguascalientes, Mexico no b*tch it's called murder 2 years ago  
    @mickey_mouse82891 Super Star from Texas, United States and still have all their brain cells 2 years ago  
    @Dogbert MaleGold MedalSuper Star from North Carolina, United States yes just girls his wife was 14 his youngest girlfriend was 12 2 years ago  
    we'd have to fight I love fighting 2 years ago  
    @guest from California, United States you got it wrong didn't you 2 years ago  
    Well we can see you're loose huh 2 years ago  
    and the healthy 2 years ago  
    Need to dream to feel achieved 2 years ago  
    Who are you bringing home 2 years ago  
    Step 4: she leaves you 2 years ago  
    If I date someone 10yrs younger they'll be 6 2 years ago  
    I'm already sexy 2 years ago  
    Look here if you are gay or bi expect sh*t okay if you don't like the sh*t people show at you don't fuc*'n come out in public. Years of people saying that it's not By the way "Oregon United states" if a penis was made for ass cum would leek form it. That is the body natural way of making lube. Btw this is a would you rather question no one gives two f*cks about what you have to say but, since you took the time to post that bullsh*t I must say something. Example someones going to try to sh*t on me now. Heres how adults respond Fuc* you. See take notes. 2 years ago  
    America is doomed really umm check your history books thank you 2 years ago  
    your dentist begs to differ 2 years ago  
    wrong go deep into texas see what you find 2 years ago  
    Your white ain't you 2 years ago  
    Italy has some fine men 2 years ago  
    For a second than you spend so much money chasing the feeling of happiness that you become broke 2 years ago  
    But you'd have to go to school the rest of your life ,live with your parents and you will not have any privacy. 2 years ago  
    really >_ 2 years ago  

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