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Would you rather drink Bleach or Garlic Milk 8 months ago 78 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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i am a man 8 months ago  
there are too many bad drivers 8 months ago  
id rather not be friend zoned from my crush 8 months ago  
fail compilations are funny as hell. guest from washington is stupid. 8 months ago  
guest from leinster is gay and so is star trek 8 months ago  
the 7% are idiots. 8 months ago  
infinite power means i can make myself as smart as i want to be. 8 months ago  
id be the biggest scammer on poor island 8 months ago  
id pull all the btches 8 months ago  
macs are fcking retarded as hell. the only thing it serves for is a virus proof non gaming piece of crap. if you want to cheat on any game for any reason, don't get a mac. 8 months ago  
i could legit bang any girl and get away with it. 8 months ago  
lol 8 months ago  
justin bieber is so stupid. jacob satorious is basically the equal. 8 months ago  
id be able to make my wishes come true with money. atleast some of them. 8 months ago  
neither, im not a girl 8 months ago  
skrillex was the best back then 8 months ago  
no 8 months ago  
sex is something i can not live without 8 months ago  
time to buy a new gaming pc setup boys. 8 months ago  
unicorns are for gay people, mermaids are sexy. 8 months ago  
id rather get away with lying because i could lie about robbing a bank or something. also thanks for bashing mitt romney you liberal. 8 months ago  
um no 8 months ago  
id rather save an event in MY country, thank you. the holocaust was actually able to be stopped after several years. 9-11 is something you can't stop. 8 months ago  
wizards would kill ninja's so easily. FUSRODAH 8 months ago  
yea um no 8 months ago  
my brain would basically be a pornhub 8 months ago  
like if you can't live without internet 8 months ago +1
id look funny as hell 8 months ago  
yea um id rather have excellent sex 8 months ago  
id smash all the girls and sneak up on them 8 months ago +1
your lack of grammar disturbs me yoda 8 months ago  
ill be the meme of the century for all i care 8 months ago  
no thank you, i'm not retarded 8 months ago  
animals understand us enough vice versa. 8 months ago  
starbucks is stupid 8 months ago  
hell yea 8 months ago  
eminem is bad ass rap god 8 months ago  
the right one is ugly as hel 8 months ago  
i wanna go back in time and become like george washington 8 months ago  
chrome master race 8 months ago  

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