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Do u play Super Mario Maker Yes or No 4 months ago 66 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Do u play fortnite? Yes or No 4 months ago 71 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Is the earth Round or Flat 4 months ago 92 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Go to ireland or Go to sweden 4 months ago 69 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be gay or Be trans 4 months ago 76 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Never go inside again, or have any kind of shelter or Never go outside 4 months ago 67 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Wake up and a venomous spider bite you or Wake up and a venomous snake bite you 4 months ago 67 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Go to school forever or Die 4 months ago 63 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Fav game type? Online games or Offline games 4 months ago 73 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Bully someone or Be bullied 4 months ago 66 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Die or Play fortnite 4 months ago 55 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Kill a puppy once a week for the next 25 years or Swim in the sewer every day for the next 25 years 4 months ago 63 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play fortnite or roblox Roblox or Fortnite 5 months ago 60 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be the victim of a red room or Get eaten by a lion. 5 months ago 55 votes 14 comments 0 likes

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What to people see if they look st me from the side 1 week ago +2
What’s wrong with this 1 week ago +1
You look better without the lipstick 1 week ago  
Can you stop posting these? 1 week ago +3
And your reply makes it look toxic and trash 3 months ago  
Couldn’t you just ignore the comment if it annoys you? 3 months ago  
D I p s y 3 months ago  
Hard to explain, you need to really play it and get into it to understand 3 months ago  
Bruh this is literally just because I commented first vote, it’s a thing that lots of people do, your making a problem out of nothing. I’m not lacking any understanding and I know people hate on people saying first vote, or first like, but there’s literally no reason to do so 3 months ago  
For you it’s a mistake not for me 4 months ago  
It’s not a mistake if I intended to do it though 4 months ago  
Penguins is so funny 4 months ago  
I’d be rich 4 months ago +1
If you don’t care why did you comment? 4 months ago  
Wood chippers spit the wood out so it would be so bad and look horrible 4 months ago  
5050 4 months ago  
That photo 4 months ago  
I don’t feel guilt 4 months ago  
What does that mean, and why do you comment It alot 4 months ago +1
Would I know not? 4 months ago  
I tore my tendon before it’s very sore at first but gets better in like a day (pain wise), with a dislocated shoulder you need to go through the pain of popping it back in 4 months ago +1
First vote 4 months ago  
Oh so the penis enters the balls , ejaculates, and a baby is born? Nice one 4 months ago  
I live in Donegal Ireland but stupid rrrather says I’m from newtownabbey,,,,,,,, I don’t even know we’re that is 4 months ago  
Harder 4 months ago  
Being gay is wrong, penis is for vagina. You also can’t say much being from the uk 4 months ago  
Seen the tits and my reaction was to click 4 months ago  
n00bs 4 months ago  
Reeeeee 4 months ago  
Don’t give a sh*t about some random ass baby 4 months ago  
Nope 4 months ago  
Even my religious education teacher says god is bullsh*t, it’s 2019 cmon guys 4 months ago +1
Lmao 100 percent 4 months ago  
Kids fattening club 4 months ago +1
Never one any prize in my life that is raffle or luck based, 4 months ago  
It’s has more to it than you think 4 months ago  
Same 4 months ago +1
To higher my vote and comment count, no hard feelings 4 months ago  
How is it hating? And no , I won’t skip the question, adds more voted to my profile. 4 months ago  
I just said none, my statement was true, they ARE fictional after all, your statement was unneeded. I had no malicious intent with the comment. And you made it violent, not me 4 months ago  
Harsh 4 months ago  
Taking a dump feels good tho 4 months ago  
What the fxck are these questions “party like a chicken” they don’t party you dumb 4 months ago  
I hope they have a misscaraiage 4 months ago  
Same thing imo 4 months ago  
Domino crown in roblox > use dev ex to conevert it to real money > one million dollars real life 4 months ago  
Yolo 4 months ago  
Anime in general 4 months ago  
Don’t watch tv anyway 4 months ago  
Bruh the A image logo is scary 4 months ago  
Don’t care 4 months ago  
0. Anime is cringe 4 months ago  
Don’t care 4 months ago  
I just picked this one because I got scared of Steven Harvey when I seen his face and immediately clicked the other one, ur family feuds ware good tho 4 months ago  
Welcome back to a new episode of i don’t care 4 months ago  
i Don’t really care 4 months ago 4 months ago  
Couldn’t be fxcked to draw 4 months ago  
None, because they are fictional characters 4 months ago  
Windows 7 4 months ago  
Cuter 4 months ago  
MMA better 4 months ago  
Ddddd 4 months ago  
Rugby is American football for men 4 months ago  
BARCAAAAAAA 4 months ago  
‘-‘ idc 4 months ago  
W h a t ? 4 months ago  
Excuse me , what the f u c k 4 months ago +1
B ..ejejeje 4 months ago  
Lasagna 4 months ago  
Ima boy 4 months ago  
Skip 4 months ago  
Steak isn’t dead cow lol, well it is but uncooked is bad tough and youcky 4 months ago  
Duh 4 months ago  
It would be a disaster of putin had control over usa 4 months ago  
I’m from uk 4 months ago  
50 50 cool 4 months ago  
Bruh, it’s still razor sharp 4 months ago  
Mom spaghetti 4 months ago  
Duh 4 months ago  
So sad ;-; 4 months ago +2
It’s so annoying, Im on a free period in school, sitting on my laptop and a huge anime girl with half shown boobs shows up. Lol 4 months ago +1
I already knew lol, who doesn’t? What do you think it means man? Mario? Or something dumb like that 4 months ago  
Xd 4 months ago  
Lol uk 4 months ago  
Sorry....... 4 months ago  
Lol already am 4 months ago  
Misclick, why don’t you put talcum powder as your pfp 4 months ago  
Whomstve is that 4 months ago  
I could call the cops 4 months ago  
Raw eggs are healthy, bod builders eat them for protein 4 months ago  
Cooked egg? 4 months ago  
Henry the hoover all wins 4 months ago  
Break it up into tiny bits 4 months ago  
Cookies are always better, unless they are mouldy 4 months ago  
Usmansc is more active 4 months ago  
Marsss 4 months ago  
Telephone pole 4 months ago  
Lel 4 months ago  
:T 4 months ago  
Wtf 4 months ago  
The dead meme photos you used 4 months ago  
Dog person 4 months ago  
It is a choice lol. Oh PeoPle cAn bE whAt eVeR tHeY waNt. No penis is for vagina, gay is a choice 4 months ago  
Bruh moment 4 months ago  
4 practice races and on the main one zooom. Also in lottery , do 4 and then go to lottery. 4 months ago  
Skip 4 months ago +1
I like living alone anyways 4 months ago  
So is dat comment 4 months ago  
Skip 4 months ago  
Help 4 months ago  
Us blackberries are sour but wild Irish blackberries are so sweet and juicy 4 months ago  
Tseries 4 months ago  
Relatives 4 months ago  
People who pick A aren’t being honest, if you were there with everyone sitting down and you didn’t like the food i. Doubt you would make them make something different 4 months ago  
Both 4 months ago  
Lol twice a week 4 months ago  
Talcum powder stole my comment lol 4 months ago +1
More presents, I get f*** all on my bday 4 months ago  
Either one is bad 4 months ago  
They are both a choice 4 months ago  
Duh 4 months ago  
Not interested in football at all, e 4 months ago +1
Love both but I eat pizza more, Saturday nothing to make? Just order pizza, 4 months ago +1
Same but it didn’t say you would keep the personalities, 4 months ago  
D e s p a c I t o 4 months ago  
Younger 4 months ago  
What 4 months ago  
Duh 4 months ago  
G’o’d’i’e 4 months ago  
See that in the sky? Its the flying F*** I don’t give 4 months ago  
I’m from Ireland county Donegal and it says I’m from Newtown abbey I don’t even know where that is 4 months ago  
Bruh, depends what virus or sickness, if it’s cancer then virus, but if it’s weak virus then I choose virus 4 months ago  
They won 4 months ago  
I had one tooth pulled and it was so sore, worse than when I broke my leg 4 months ago  
I’ve been on funnyjunk once it’s just dead memes and furry art 4 months ago  
That isn’t mutant it’s a cat with paint on it 4 months ago  
Old one looks too bulky for some reason 4 months ago  
I subbed 4 months ago  
Already am 4 months ago  
Stop them from doing damage 4 months ago  
I hate social interaction 4 months ago  
That’s what I was thinking lel 4 months ago  
Close my eyes 4 months ago  
I live in in the uk and not many people eat mustard, mayo is the main 4 months ago +1
Hot sauce is so good 4 months ago +1
What I do is that your retarded 4 months ago  
Duh 4 months ago +1
Google search result = Red room is the website where viewer is shown video on his demand. It generally contains explicit harassment and torture of subject by some person of evil intention. 4 months ago  
Yes it is lol 4 months ago  
GG 4 months ago  
How they get Rxped then 4 months ago  
YOUR NOT YOU WHEN YOUR HUNRY!!!!! 4 months ago  
Chocolate 4 months ago  
It obviously mean if you are boy so if your a girl don’t comment ‘I’m a GiRl hA’ because it isn’t funny and just clogs the comments 4 months ago  
Less sentence 4 months ago  
Lel 4 months ago  
You need more money to repai the damages 4 months ago  
Water proof, cardboard just turns to a mush lol 4 months ago  
Higher survival chance! 4 months ago  
More deaths in escalators 4 months ago  
Wait isn’t chalk edible? I seen it in a YouTube video before 4 months ago  
Even the thought of sour milk makes me gag 4 months ago  
Looks less weird imo 4 months ago +1
Only hurts a little bit 4 months ago  
Turn the toaster off 4 months ago  
Xd 4 months ago  
Well in the photo the well is deeep sooooo 4 months ago  
No games 4 months ago  
How do paper cuts hurt they don’t hurt for me just irritating but staple seems soree 4 months ago  
Chocooo 4 months ago  
he sucks 4 months ago  
Quicker 4 months ago  
Just go bald 4 months ago  
Death or slight pain for 10 mins 4 months ago  
She’s lived a longer life 4 months ago  
Into water? I’ve done that on holidays 4 months ago  
Anyone better than jb 4 months ago  
Xd 4 months ago  
I have to register for every game anyway 4 months ago  
Lol 4 months ago  
Shut down oof 4 months ago +1
I like the name Volvo more 4 months ago  
Death or death 4 months ago  
Don’t have any 4 months ago  
Who even uses yahoo 4 months ago  
Same thing 4 months ago  
didn’t say I would die or get hurt, and it could. Be nerf gun or water pistol 4 months ago  
chromeee 4 months ago  
Ye 4 months ago  
Tech wat 4 months ago  
I’m a boy lol 4 months ago  
Beats too much money and aren’t very good 4 months ago  
Hard descicson 4 months ago  
I’m in uk so I don’t have either 4 months ago  
antisocial , so I like A more than b 4 months ago  
Bigger screen, plus I already have a phone so 4 months ago  
I hate sharing Xd 4 months ago  
Ye 4 months ago  
Wat is honeycomb 4 months ago  
I like bo better they both good tho 4 months ago  
I use it 4 months ago  
Yeee 4 months ago  
Yum 4 months ago  
Duh 4 months ago  
Yes 4 months ago  
Faster 4 months ago  
eh 4 months ago  
Yess 4 months ago  
tropical > eu 4 months ago  
no internet in the past!!!! ;-; 4 months ago  
I would be rich, and that attracts the girls. 4 months ago  
you would be dead so it doesnt matter! 4 months ago  
plus its called phasing through the wall not vibrating 4 months ago  
wut, no u cant 4 months ago  
Xdd 4 months ago  
Ew 4 months ago  
I have snails in France before they are horrible and smell like sheep poo in a field 4 months ago  
When you missclick 4 months ago  
Duh moment 4 months ago  
Munecrefr 4 months ago +1
Yayaya 4 months ago  
Sell for a yacht and even more stuff 4 months ago  
Yeeee 4 months ago  
DONT GET SWITCH ITS HORRIBLE I GOT IT AND IT SUCKS, I do have 3919 hours on smash bros but shhhh 4 months ago  
Lol 4 months ago  
9 out of 10 4 months ago  
Meg was disappointed 4 months ago  
lol 4 months ago  
Dg 4 months ago  
Super speed = run into wall = d e a d 4 months ago +1
I feel more accomplished and want to keep reading 4 months ago  
No mor school 4 months ago  
Roses are red grass is greener when I think of you I play with my weiner 4 months ago +3
I don’t reall listen to that type of music but 4 months ago  
Sees shaggy and vote, shaggy kills all, 4 months ago  
Lol 5 months ago  
Depends how long I had the cat, 5 months ago  
So easy 5 months ago +1
Dont know either 5 months ago  
Sounds so cool 5 months ago  
Meme death 5 months ago  
For hunting and self defence only 5 months ago  
Subway,boojum,kfc,bk and bridies 5 months ago  
Volunterilly 5 months ago  
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