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    I’d be rich 8 months ago +1
    Even my religious education teacher says god is bullsh*t, it’s 2019 cmon guys 8 months ago +1
    I hope they have a misscaraiage 8 months ago  
    Ddddd 9 months ago  
    Rugby is American football for men 9 months ago  
    BARCAAAAAAA 9 months ago  
    Ima boy 9 months ago  
    Bruh moment 9 months ago  
    4 practice races and on the main one zooom. Also in lottery , do 4 and then go to lottery. 9 months ago  
    Skip 9 months ago +1
    I like living alone anyways 9 months ago  
    So is dat comment 9 months ago  
    Skip 9 months ago  
    Us blackberries are sour but wild Irish blackberries are so sweet and juicy 9 months ago  
    Tseries 9 months ago  
    Relatives 9 months ago  
    Bruh, depends what virus or sickness, if it’s cancer then virus, but if it’s weak virus then I choose virus 9 months ago  
    I’ve been on funnyjunk once it’s just dead memes and furry art 9 months ago  
    GG 9 months ago  
    How they get Rxped then 9 months ago  
    YOUR NOT YOU WHEN YOUR HUNRY!!!!! 9 months ago +1
    Chocolate 9 months ago  
    It obviously mean if you are boy so if your a girl don’t comment ‘I’m a GiRl hA’ because it isn’t funny and just clogs the comments 9 months ago  
    Less sentence 9 months ago  
    You need more money to repai the damages 9 months ago  
    Turn the toaster off 9 months ago  
    he sucks 9 months ago  
    She’s lived a longer life 9 months ago  
    Into water? I’ve done that on holidays 9 months ago  
    Anyone better than jb 9 months ago  
    I have to register for every game anyway 9 months ago  
    Death or death 9 months ago  
    Don’t have any 9 months ago  
    Who even uses yahoo 9 months ago  
    didn’t say I would die or get hurt, and it could. Be nerf gun or water pistol 9 months ago  
    chromeee 9 months ago  
    Tech wat 9 months ago  
    I’m a boy lol 9 months ago  
    Beats too much money and aren’t very good 9 months ago  
    I’m in uk so I don’t have either 9 months ago  
    antisocial , so I like A more than b 9 months ago  
    Bigger screen, plus I already have a phone so 9 months ago  
    I hate sharing Xd 9 months ago  
    I use it 9 months ago  
    Yeee 9 months ago  
    eh 9 months ago  
    Yess 9 months ago  
    tropical > eu 9 months ago  
    no internet in the past!!!! ;-; 9 months ago  
    I would be rich, and that attracts the girls. 9 months ago  
    you would be dead so it doesnt matter! 9 months ago  
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