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NYEH HEH HEH! 2 years ago  
PET! PET! PET! 2 years ago  
Do you wanna have a bad time? 2 years ago  
im a boy but i love me some video games 2 years ago  
3.4% guys said they were girls and 1.6% girls said they were guys. 2 years ago +3
how is this 50/50 2 years ago +2
Option B is literally papa pizzeria. What the literal actual **** 2 years ago  
im 11 2 years ago  
I'm Christian. 2 years ago  
Yeeesh. 2 years ago  
Less cancer. 2 years ago  
9% of people misclicked. 2 years ago  
It depends; Sometimes people use all their life's savings to move to the big city, leaving them on the streets. If their home was taken away or destroyed, then it's different. 2 years ago  
Big chain. 2 years ago  
Tough. 2 years ago  
me 2 years ago  
trololo 2 years ago +1
option a really goes into detail there 2 years ago  
dat picture doe 2 years ago +1
more efficent 2 years ago  
My thoughts exactly. 2 years ago  
who else is under 14 2 years ago +1
hold it.... I'm jogging i RUN over it, then pick it up and adopt it. 2 years ago  
1066 the game 4 the win 2 years ago  
i choose you, pikachu 2 years ago  
what the heck is a gansta 2 years ago  
left was too blurry 2 years ago  
my mouse was gravitating away from the photo of bieber 2 years ago  
whoops accidentaly voted 2 years ago  
never liked it in the first place 2 years ago  
dat picture doe 2 years ago  
money in da bank 2 years ago  
get the needle ready 2 years ago +1
3 sum 2 years ago  
yeah burn down the f*ucking korean b*tches 2 years ago  
yas 2 years ago  
what does do it meen i am 6 year old 2 years ago  
um im 6 what does do it referr too 2 years ago  
im a freaking 6 years old and i sleep with my dad 2 years ago  
im a freaking 6 years old and i sleep with my dad 2 years ago  
well on the question before i gained flight and control over the world soo.... 2 years ago  
what kind of question is this 2 years ago  
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