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    The FF series is getting better, in graphics, but at the cost of actual gameplay. I'd rather enjoy playing, not watching a movie.  
    Only because I've seen "Breaking Bad" so many times, I no longer want to watch it. Not to say that Madmen isn't awesome.  
    SEGA? *laughs uncontrollably*  
    It will be over, more quickly. How many songs does she have?  
    Pokemon for the games, and Digimon for the shows (but I haven't seen them, in years). +1
    Red hair  
    "Friends" was a show I came to love, then grew to hate.  
    More talent  
    Same guy, but Brad is offed, by the end.  
    If you don't want to see me have a meltdown...  
    Is Linux good for gaming? Like, old and new games.  
    I like the way you're thinking!  
    Being the smartest person in the world would make me more miserable than I already am. I would look down on people for being stupid. I would be so smart, that everyone else would seem like a lower species, to me.  
    Yahoo? That relic?  
    I'm a gamer.  
    People forget that famous writers are also celebrities. +1
    It's food.  
    Less violent  
    It's just a beer. And I know McCain's views on people like me.  
    No -_-  
    Did I hear "long term career"? Well, maybe not. I'd rather have something that's longer-lasting.  
    At least he was present.  
    Feelings can change.  
    Too young  
    Star Trek and videogames  
    Children are horrid.  
    Doesn't mean at once, or what size. Red potatoes are small.  
    Asker should have specified what kind.  
    I, sometimes, still have nightmares of when I used to live with her.  
    Since I have misophonia...  
    I like comfort.  
    It would not be possible for me to cross, as I have severe ataxia.  
    Longer movies run the risk of becoming boring. Same thing goes for series. But, the movie would have to be fantastic, to keep my interest.  
    I'm good at being invisible.  
    McDonalds, I guess, if you can stomach their crap. I can't.  
    It's the thought that counts, even when thought wasn't put into it. I've received gifts from people who just didn't care (and even insulting gifts). Not getting anything is less of an insult!  
    Being that rich, I would be able to afford privacy. (And, smart people don't always become rich.)  
    I saw nutella and thought "no". Besides, bread makes me pudgy.  
    More convenient  
    Well, I would hope so!  
    Friendlier +1
    I only answered, so I could read the comments.  
    Yes, I read. But the movies have better looking characters.  
    I'd rather be happy.  
    Tough choice, but I chose practicality.  
    "Go into space" doesn't mean much. It could be a short visit to the moon. Some places on earth have not been discovered--due to obvious reasons. I'd like to see what they are.  
    My keys don't carry my information.  
    Neither :(  
    Hotness is a depreciating value, while wealth is an appreciating value.  
    If it worked, there would be fewer fat people (myself included). But, let's be honest, fat shaming makes people become fatter. And the people who do it are just looking for a target to bully.  
    I'm single.  
    I learned something. +1
    If everyone cares about me, would I be a bum then? They reason why I fear being homeless is because of how cruel people are.  
    No children! Yay!  
    Love and long life, huh? It would be a dream come true--especially since I dread getting older.  
    Me, to friends: Guess who's single, again? (Yeah, I'm weird.)  
    Neither, because I don't have real goals. Well, except for that one: Don't get pregnant. +1
    I'm always sick.  
    True love can change.  
    I don't have street smarts, so I don't know how to survive in this world. Most of what I know has been gained from books, and yet I still know nothing. Wisdom is more valuable than intellect.  
    Fitting into any group would be more useful.  
    So, adult clothes from the 90s or kids clothes from the 80s?  
    Smoothies are just as fattening. I'd rather have honest junk than a health food imposter.  
    Google employees are treated like sh**.  
    Tropical = heat and humidity. I have enough of that, here.  
    Less likely to be bothered.  
    That's what a one night stand is!  
    Neither -_-  
    Being totally aware, but not having the ability to do anything, would drive me mad. At least is coma is more like extended sleep.  
    My only *real* friend is my sister, and she's family.  
    Easier to hate  
    Able people tend to thrive better, in this world.  
    I'm female.  
    TBH, I'm not surprised. After all, dogs make better slaves.  
    "Give him money" doesn't mean "give him enough", right? I can give him 5 cents to save :D Besides, I detest people who use homelessness as a threat. They don't realize the horror of that situation.  
    Bieber makes me want to do things that a nice person would not do.  
    Love can change very easily, but good friends are hard to find. (Plus, I've never had to pleasure of knowing that I have loving friends.)  
    $1 million for one time only vs having a great job with a steady flow of income? The choice SHOULD be obvious.  
    Severe ataxia means I can't drive :(  
    Harder to get rid of.  
    I don't like milk. It's a texture thing.  
    I'd finally be able to make plans!  
    Sunlight allergy. Seasonal allergies. Humans. No thanks!  
    For videos, Chrome is better. And, I'm a youtube addict.  
    I'm already an embarrassment, so...  
    I'm on the wrong planet, anyway.  
    Easier to lift  
    Prisoners are treated more like people.  
    Where I live, being homeless is illegal.  
    Quality over quantity.  
    Same actor, different role. Gandalf just seemed to be more proactive and less dishonest.  
    I like both, tbh. But most of my music comes before 2002.  
    Fail compilations are a dime a dozen, but they're more amusing than watching someone be good at something.  
    The other option would be more fun, but being fluent in all languages would be much more useful. And the language would cease to be a problem, for me.  
    Go mad with all that knowledge, but at least I would always be right.  
    A world without marriage wouldn't have divorce. I can't imagine wanting to be stuck in a terrible situation, with no way out.  
    Because, magic. (Although, 80% I play an MMO character, it's an assassin.)  
    Even with bias aside, Hermione has actual skills.  
    So, drowned or gouged, then?  
    More casualties.  
    I don't like children.  
    #2 is easy, tbh. I'd like the ability to see through bullsh*t.  
    I'd rather be happy.  
    Too much stuff I need that can't be bought on Amazon.  
    I already have allergies.  
    Misophonia would only be half the problem it is.  
    Teleportation only works when you've been there, before. And, I'm not exactly "mobile". Also, reading minds would make me better at predicting what others feel, since I can't read body language.  
    It's not like I would upset, if I died. But I'm sure someone would be. Until I've lost everything that makes life (somewhat) worth living, my answer is "no".  
    F--- Starbucks (and I'm white)  
    Because I'm a b*tch.  
    I don't want to have children.  
    Thank you!  
    I could finally get some goddamn quiet, around here! I don't like to live in the past.  
    Less stress, more sleep. So, lawyers are vilified. So are doctors, at least in the U.S. They mostly work for the rich.  
    I'm not really against tattoos. I just don't want to think about what they'll look like, when I'm old and saggy.  
    So, be a really short woman, or be morbidly obese? And fat people are vilified.  
    You lost me at "sore and without any memory". Nope.  
    I don't look forward to being old.  
    I'd rather be dead, than destitute.  
    I already have enough time.  
    Cerebellar ataxia. I can trip over flat ground :/  
    It would be less boring.  
    Go back in time, f*** up history. Go forward in time, don't meet my great grandchildren. Because I don't procreate.  
    Not planning on marrying, ever. But, if I did, I could go for a private wedding. How many people who show up to your funeral is an indicator of how important (or loved) you were, in life.  
    So, it's asking me if I want to go back to the 90s? No thanks.  
    I'd rather just be happy.  
    You see my way of thinking!  
    Stoli, damn it!  
    Mt Dew is a Pepsi product.  
    Who's to say that religious fanatics don't "suffer" from greed. They want to control everything, don't they?  
    TBH, I don't even want to be in a relationship.  
    I value privacy, too much.  
    There are other ways to say what you want, without having to use your mouth.  
    I would be more fulfilled, even if I didn't make as much money.  
    It's so hard to choose! So I'm basing this on the fact that I used to "somewhat" like The Amazing Atheist (before it got annoying, very quickly). Whereas, Alex Jones' mere voice pisses me off.  
    I'm reading this as "would you rather read an above average book or watch an average movie?"  
    TBH, I don't like having fertility. I would trade that, in a heartbeat, for extra physical strength. +1
    Two words: sunlight allergy  
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