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    So basically money or no money this is a stupid question  
    thats a stupid thing to say. Ninjas originated in Asian countries meaning almost all ninjas were Asian you tool +4
    As fun as it would be to be a pokemon trainer thats a lot of hard work. Wheras as super sayian powers are instant and are way more powerful than any pokemon  
    kick the baby  
    Thiis is a dumb question +2
    I would high five my dad  
    wait I'm a straight guy why would i want any of this???  
    ride that sh*t around like a majestic unicorn  
    Having a date at a restaurant would be interesting for option 1  
    I think it means money  
    Dude this ones dark  
    Sorry bro but you shouldn't have been such a bellend when we were youngerr  
    Must piss off someone really fit  
    Beastiality or necrophilia yay  
    I can't get fired from my own wedding  
    she might say no  
    And this is why i'm single lol  
    free electricity mofo's  
    As in who do you prefer  
    My religion is sex on the first date.......  
    it's better to be in the right and hated for it than in the wrong and loved for it. Damn i should make that a quote +1
    So the options are either A) A harmless cool looking red fog. or B) every time you go near a tree you get harrassed to f*uck  
    this is a stupid question whats the point in being in a relationship with someone you dont even ike +1
    You can have more than one crush guys  
    Respect is a lot more valuable than being liked. For example people might just like you because your a pushover.  
    I think people are severely underestimating how fast the flash is. He can time travel ffs  
    Pfft i ain't dying cos of that hoe  
    The question is what would you PREFER to do. I'm 21 i don't want to deal with a baby right now. But if it did happen I would stay with her because I should.  
    jut stomp em out easy win  
    They do they just don't like being seen +27
    So long as they aren't venmous or giant constrictors  
    kick their ass if it ended badly. If it didn't have a nice convo. Win win  
    At least in a plane crash you get a while to come to terms with it. Hell you could even watch the in flight movie.  
    Sorry grandma but my god wont understand why you would  
    Pfft twilight vampires are pussies so no problem  
    You'd get sick of partying, but videogames are far more varied  
    The puppies must die  
    The universe is expanding....and so is my penis  
    people walk across coals all the time  
    Taste the rainbow motherfo's  
    Galactus anyone?  
    its just a smoothie  
    Seriously stop with the stupid loopholes otherwise whats the point of the game.  
    That would be hilarious  
    they probably wouldn get adopted anyway  
    if your getting laid all the time chances are your staying at somones house everry night  
    *at the doctors* So we were playing baseball and........  
    Just in the most basic terms one requires no effort  
    The day i became single forever +369
    I'm guessing the other people don't know what blue waffle is  
    don't matter had sex  
    I'm not having a penis in me  
    its not gay its an act of dominance  
    For the people who picked walrus, you do know how aggressive they get right? Your anus would be torn asunder  
    Hello my fellow necrophiliacs  
    Unless you have an insanely massive penis girth wise, it shouldnt touch the teeth  
    What the actual F*ck]  
    You can blame your grandma. The other way around its all on you......lirerally lol  
    People already ingest crap because it tastes nice. Theres an animal that craps out coffee beans, the coffees called Kopi Luwak. Its the most exspensive coffee in the world.  
    Drinking becomes a lot less fun when your allowed to do it.  
    Honestly its just easier to have a set uniform. And it stops kids being too self conscious about fashion. It also prevents kids from picking on the poorer ones who cant afford fancy clothes  
    What does an expert at making haunted houses even mean? Do you just build a house and bam its haunted, or do you go into an already built house and kill everyone so their ghosts haunt the place +1
    51% of you are boring and suck  
    sleazy and sketchy far outweighs being funny in fact its makes it kinda creepy  
    Asterix reminds me of a Chihuahua running around yapping all the time  
    Everyone of us is doing this anyway. So every person who voted otherwise is a liar  
    shots fired lol. God isnt real im sorry +1
    guaranteed death or not  
    In your face douchenozzle  
    I'm a bad saver does that count  
    lottery numbers dawg  
    its a compliment  
    Why are there comments saying god doesnt exist, YOU are the god you morons  
    The cannibal zombie? Thats like saying the killing murderer  
    bring a gun  
    Your personality is what makes you who you are for that to change everyday would be terrifying  
    Curious what human would taste like  
    The actual f*ck avatar isn't even that good of a movie  
    I'm 21 so......  
    I'm selfish  
    You kidding me south park actually takes note of real issues and makes successful parodies of them. Family guy is just random sh*t all the time. Also i like family giuy alot  
    wow people are stupid, its only a slight increase. While you are immune to EVERYTHING ELSE.  
    Id feel far better beating the crap out of the person i hate  
    Surfing is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things you can do. How can you guys be so boring  
    I'ma guy so bias  
    You could blatantly be perving on someone and no one would realise its like invisibility.  
    The ending of the final movie was far better than the "Love is the most powerful magic of all" ending the books had  
    Hmm lose your your wife. Lose nothing tough choice  
    arms = hands way more useful. And prosthetic legs work alot better than arms  
    its so much quicker and you can do other things  
    I hate their not being enough chairs in places  
    one is hepful the other is just procrastination  
    If she's hot  
    easier to get movies for free than games  
    Its a one night stand whats the point in romance  
    popular people are always assh*les  
    The new law is I am exempt from all other laws  
    any vehicle that includes planes and boats. No more airline tickets awesome  
    broken elevator is a hell of a lot safer than a broken ski lift  
    retirement homes are one of the worst things int he world  
    You'll be like a vip everywhere you go  
    If you can't face what it means to eat meat you shouldnt eat it  
    you see scary things that aren't there your fine if you just remeber that.  
    all of todays music will one day be considered old music. So you can listen to everything eventually.  
    Heaven is meant to be paradise better than anything on earth, its a pretty obvious choice  
    Dumbledore got killed by a school teacher. Gandalf got killed by a giant fire demon then came back even cooler  
    Hitelr wasn't the only person who did all that stuff their were plenty of other people. So i'd rather bring back good people than kill one bad guy  
    As cool as ninjas are other people could become a ninja. As a wizard your the only person with magic powers  
    what infinite power is way better than infinite knowledge. And infinite power would come with lots of knowledge in itself  
    This needs more info, like what kind of mermaids, and what kkind of unicorns. are they magical in themselves, or are they just literally horses with a horn  
    Your having fond memories of when you were younger. The other option is you just wasting time on something that might not even eist  
    people who chose brain ipod must be so boring  
    If you always get away with lying you could say anything and it would be true as theres no way for you to be caught  
    Wow i think people voting for zombies cause its on T.V. it would actually be horrible. Your family/friends, would be eaten alive and then come and tear you apart the same way. You'd be scared to sleep food would run out. you couldn't even trust other people anymore.  
    1 life vs 100  
    Harry potter universe is pretty messed up, i mean if you have serial killer in the fame and wealth world its a normal guy. If in harry potter they have magic powers  
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