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Which would you rather do in the shower? Eat a bar of soap? or Drink a bottle of shampoo? 7 years ago 175,579 votes 808 comments 4 likes

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i live in hawaii so ha 7 years ago +1
hes a robot dammit! 7 years ago  
im onna BOAT!!!!! 7 years ago +1
paper bags 7 years ago  
casie anthony 7 years ago +5
cut you hair 7 years ago +1
get aids when im like 90 7 years ago  
deodorant anyone duh, plus you wont know anyone when you step outside, you will be like some wierdo 7 years ago  
im super skinny already 7 years ago +1
for like 15 seconds you will feel like tyour flying 7 years ago  
when u have hypothermia u brain starts to do wierd things 7 years ago  
u would get constipated 7 years ago  
there are hearing aids now days 7 years ago +1
sleeping is fun, and what r u supposed to do at night 7 years ago  
i no like pay 7 years ago +4
or bazooka 7 years ago  
bad guys without noses, hell no 7 years ago +3
inception is really confusing, it hurt my brain 7 years ago +2
i agree with almost all of that, but all the industries make the snow nasty 7 years ago +1
too much work climbing 7 years ago +3
WIGS!!! 7 years ago +5
u can use mouthwash 7 years ago +2
sell some sh*t in the house then buy a awesome car 7 years ago +5
dont wanna be mugged 7 years ago +2
bush sucks chicken 7 years ago +2
it could be vinegar 7 years ago +4
didnt say how long or what type of acid 7 years ago +4
just wash 7 years ago +1
if your really rich you'll probably be famous 7 years ago  
those puppies are so cute!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +4
the cow does have teeth 7 years ago +1
what kinda question is that 7 years ago +6
it didnt say i was a horrible movie 7 years ago  
i saw frozen 7 years ago +3
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