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    wizards are nerds 3 years ago  
    im going to italy on june 13 and it awesome i go every year. it has the best pizza, ice cream, its fun, and you will love it 3 years ago  
    neither they are both nerdy 3 years ago  
    im a billionaire and im not miserable 3 years ago +1
    jokes on you i have a chauffer, im rich 3 years ago  
    im already rich so.. 3 years ago  
    americans are better and the population is getting smaller because of stupid muslims and mexicans 3 years ago  
    joke is on you my mom is a pilot and ive been on 3 cruises 3 years ago  
    im filthy rich 3 years ago  
    men are easier to take care of, but stick with sex... 3 years ago  
    eh im rich already 3 years ago  
    "pop the hood on the lambo" -soulja boy 3 years ago  
    well idk but all i care about is trump winning 3 years ago  
    3 words the winter soldier 3 years ago  
    how would you f*ck though? 3 years ago  
    id be trump but not be hated because i love him 3 years ago +1
    ha Psych i have a mac and they never get viruses 3 years ago  
    south carolina guest ur so funny. thats all you say. i agree :| 3 years ago  
    im already popular 3 years ago  
    look at the nerd with the taped glasses xD 3 years ago  
    im catholic. catholic and christianity should be all 3 years ago  
    obama sucks he is a democrat 3 years ago  
    so when they ask me to pull my pants down and cough twice, i pull her pants down and start f*cking her 3 years ago  
    duh 3 years ago  
    i can already control my dreams 3 years ago  
    i dont need anymore money im a billionaire 3 years ago  
    comas go faster 3 years ago  
    i love starbucks 3 years ago  
    well jesus is more important than me 3 years ago  
    i didnt read it right. i thought it said give your son money to stop taking drugs 3 years ago  
    steam 3 years ago  
    frappachinos are the best 3 years ago  
    that already happened 3 years ago  
    i have too much money 3 years ago  
    dogs are the best i have both 3 years ago +1
    who the fck likes cats 3 years ago  
    id show em my 10 inch 3 years ago  
    f*ck muslims 3 years ago  
    they go to school on sat in italy 3 years ago  
    well they both made sh*t songs but rebecca is hot 3 years ago  
    duh be homeless because i could go to my rich family 3 years ago  
    chrome looks so old in this pic 3 years ago  
    eh minecrap got old. i used to play it on pc 3 years ago  
    ive been stuck twice on a lift 3 years ago  
    who cares about non americans 3 years ago  
    duh they will see my 19 inch. and i dont want anyone to know my porn history 3 years ago  
    wtf im not a nerd i dont know 3 years ago  
    they are both nerdy 3 years ago  
    Shut up you poor idiots macs are way better and faster. how would you know if you are on a bad computer? im on a mac now and it goes 100% faster that all of my pcs 3 years ago  
    big duh 3 years ago  
    100 billion is so much 3 years ago  
    i love sex 3 years ago  
    who wants to be a nerdy wizard 3 years ago  
    im white but not a girl 3 years ago  
    yolo 3 years ago  
    so what if i get caught i get to f*ck 3 years ago +1
    i chose zombies because that is way more fun 3 years ago  
    you guys are stupid... i would eat the money and the children 3 years ago  
    my mom is a doctor and my dad is a lawyer 3 years ago  
    im 6 11 so i would be fine 3 years ago  

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