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    I'm gonna get skin cancer anyway 1 year ago  
    i'm 12 1 year ago  
    they didn't say bright green, and my hair is dark so... 1 year ago  
    well duh 1 year ago  
    The nerds in high school are the ones who own everything in the world anyway 1 year ago  
    I'm a girl so..... 1 year ago  
    it's going to make me feel better because I'm not the only one 1 year ago  
    i like my hair don't really care about the clothes 1 year ago  
    popularity means I have to talk to people 1 year ago  
    what about no boyfriend 1 year ago  
    I'm a girl and it's just I feel more comfortable if my doctor is female as well 1 year ago  
    i just want to see rome 1 year ago  
    both suck 1 year ago +1
    I live in australia 1 year ago  
    I am Australian and the wildlife is fine if you leave it alone 1 year ago  
    there aren't any lions in the jungle and lionesses do the hunting not the lions 1 year ago  
    I'm fairly sure you're the idiot, look closer at dumbledore 1 year ago  
    I use spotify 1 year ago  
    I don't want to invade on people's privacy 1 year ago  
    i don't mind what people believe but please leave each other alone. You don't want people criticizing your beliefs so why do you criticize anyone elses? 1 year ago +4
    I am gay 1 year ago  
    everytime I work in a group nobody listens to my ideas and I have to go along with theirs and still have to do all the work 1 year ago  
    people can still love each other and have children with no marriage while if you can't get a divorce, for women, they could be stuck with an abusive partner 1 year ago  
    I'm a lesbian so I couldn't have children anyway 1 year ago  
    I get straight A's and I'm still a disappointment to my family 1 year ago  
    ok that's your belief but do you have to yell at everyone, nobody yells at you for your beliefs just leave people be even if you think they're wrong 1 year ago  
    Peace 1 year ago +1
    i don't care but I'm a lesbian so of course my wife would be a lesbian 1 year ago  
    sorry ginny... 1 year ago  
    i'm a lesbian... 1 year ago  
    i don't care... 1 year ago  
    i don't want a boyfriend or big boobs 1 year ago  
    tigers are adorable 1 year ago  
    i am already the eldest 1 year ago  
    do you need a counsellor? 1 year ago  
    duh 1 year ago  
    my brothers will just kill me if i try to save them... 1 year ago  
    true 1 year ago  
    i'm a lesbian 1 year ago  
    it's called a sleepover 1 year ago  
    i'm a lesbian 1 year ago  
    ??? 1 year ago  
    kissing herself 1 year ago  
    That's all right because whoever I'm with will be late as well 1 year ago  
    one of my best friends is my crush... 1 year ago  
    she knows... 1 year ago  
    i already am 1 year ago  
    ... 1 year ago  
    neither 1 year ago  
    already happening, I'm gay 1 year ago  
    religion is just awkward 1 year ago  
    friends forever 1 year ago  
    i'm dating one of my besties and that's probably going to happen 1 year ago  
    i'm a lesbian... 1 year ago  
    i'll just say they like me, loop holes! 1 year ago  
    my brain exploded 1 year ago  
    i'd support us both and help him back to his feet. 1 year ago  
    i wanna live 1 year ago  
    one of my best friends is my crush... 1 year ago  
    i am a girl that's not physically possible 1 year ago  
    I'm never going to ask anyway 1 year ago +1
    i don't want a boyfriend... 1 year ago  
    i'd rather not hurt anyone so i'd be alone 1 year ago +1
    i'm gonna be alone anyway... 1 year ago  
    my friends will terrify them not to do it, problem solved. 1 year ago  
    stuff dealing with politics and rebellions and people just being unsatisfied no matter what you do 1 year ago  
    calls just involve talking to people and lots of awkward silence 1 year ago  
    already happened 1 year ago  
    i'm a lesbian... 1 year ago  
    i'm an introvert 1 year ago  
    what about google chrome? i mean i use safari if I have to.. 1 year ago  
    never eaten macaroni and cheese... 1 year ago  
    i'm a lesbian... 1 year ago  
    beats all the way 1 year ago  
    i don't use facebook anyway 1 year ago  
    never shopped at either 1 year ago  
    never played either 1 year ago  
    my brain has officially exploded 1 year ago  
    canon (just because that's what i have) 1 year ago  
    neither, ipads and pods (don't see how they are different) suck 1 year ago  
    my mac is my baby and i couldn't care less about the phone 1 year ago  
    wth is linux? 1 year ago  
    google all the way 1 year ago  
    android phones, apple macs, duh 1 year ago  
    neither? 1 year ago  
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