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I'm just RRRATHER interesting. Also I love puns, and FNAF, and My Little Pony. If you hate anything adorable or creepy, you and I are instantly not friends. And just refer to me as Boom. Okay? Bye :3

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    probaly die either way  
    here i am. watching the chaos of the comments  
    i could just break up with them  
    Freaking food  
    dat mirror sounds dangerous  
    what are these shows  
    i don't like makeup and im a girl  
    i don't know these people but choking someone with pizza sound interesting.  
    even tho im really shy i hate being alone  
    our lockers are really freakin short so lets see what will happen  
    anything space is interesting then and now  
    i don't play sports  
    why is there a cat  
    this looks nice so i'll go with dis  
    whats a social life?  
    i hope it gets better for you  
    well i could be able to gain weight  
    i don't drink  
    the future maan  
    i have both sooooo  
    i could try to prevent it  
    toys. toys. toys  
    at least i'll have a chance  
    their so small  
    if god is real, we need more pokemon in the world +1
    no slendy no  
    i live in Texas already and it's best state  
    wait crap thought it said would you rather be  
    forests scare the heck outta me, plus slender  
    who are these people?  
    not a fan of sports  
    i'm also really shy so if i date a shy guy we could agree on stuff or something  
    sometimes i love being a girl  
    i bet every girl would pick this answer :3  
    i ate cat food once anyways  
    god i need help  
    oh my god why  
    quick death  
    i would love to watch my enemies die +1
    neither, scared as heck  
    well i am a girl soooo...  
    imagine just shuffling to work in the morning XD  
    neither, i sleep on my side  
    free candy :3  
    i still rather have Tumblr then these two  
    I won't even move anyways  
    i feel loved  
    i'm pretty much short and ginger anyways  
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