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    I don't really care for a lot of attention. I'm happy living quietly with my bf 11 months ago  
    If it's for their own misdeed, they can take the blame. 11 months ago  
    I tend to prefer sans serif. Personally, it's easier on my eyes. 11 months ago  
    I'm a lone gamer. I play games to escape the world and others so... definitely solo! 11 months ago  
    All I watch is YouTube and Netflix, which I can watch on the 'pooter. (Plus I don't want to give up PC gaming) 11 months ago  
    Depends on the game. I play PC and console but I find controllers more natural and ergonomic to use. So controller connected to PC works. 11 months ago  
    Already have one and I'm so happy 11 months ago  
    Shoot.. Good point, I want to change my answer :') 11 months ago  
    Yaaayy happiness montage!! 11 months ago  
    I've done both - I'd never go on holiday with friends again. At least I already know I can stand to be around my partner 24/7 haha. 11 months ago  
    Katniss is a badass but she's kind of a terrible person. Hermione is no saint either, but at least she values the people around her and has compassion even when it's not necessarily in her best interests. 11 months ago  
    I'm not going to put myself out of pocket just out of spite?? That's bitter and twisted and you lose every time. 11 months ago  
    They're about the same, but with this option I have more range. 11 months ago  
    Wherever he is 11 months ago  
    I'd still be able to spend time with my boyfriend and family, and they wouldn't be terrified like they would if I was comatose. 11 months ago  
    The reason I'm so quiet is because I'm always scared that I'll say the wrong thing... 11 months ago  
    build up the tension 11 months ago  
    1mil sounds more than enough. I'm not about to get greedy! 11 months ago  
    I don't watch enough films to want unlimited. Games on the other hand... 11 months ago  
    So I'd enjoy my job more than I do now, and also I'd be making more than 10x I already do? Sounds great! Better than seeing how far 1mil gets me before losing everything. 11 months ago  
    That's fine - I spend every spare minute with my partner, whereas I only see my friends on occasion so... better to love the person I share my whole life with. 11 months ago  
    I don't know whether this would be limited to one government, but I would like to make a law stating that anyone could visit wherever they want to in the world and people can move to any country they want to 11 months ago  
    I don't know why but I'm crying with laughter at this question :') 11 months ago  
    There's something so melancholic about the imagination option, it makes me want to cry. I think it's the thought that me, as I am now, never actually existed. That's really upsetting and existential hell. Whereas, finding out my life is a memory means it was all real and tangible. I look forward to seeing where the story goes. 11 months ago  
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