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Do you prefer llamas or Lions 6 years ago 261 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat Raw meat for the rest of your life (not just ham or smoked meats either, I mean like raw steak!) or Burnt (the whole way through, you cant just scrape the burnt bits off) meat for the rest of your life 7 years ago 341 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Do You Like This picture or That picture 7 years ago 294 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be forced to live with your dad or be forced to live with your mum 7 years ago 569 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather drown in mayonaise or drown in mustard 7 years ago 444 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a great voice like jessie j or be an all rounder like miley 7 years ago 612 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Blue Powerade or Red Powerade 7 years ago 536 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Gatorade or Powerade 7 years ago 1,871 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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i do like turkish delight... but i love butterbeer! 5 years ago  
you could just live for one more night before he kills you. there, life gone? it doesn't specify how long the rest of your life will be.. 5 years ago  
says you who also chose it.. 5 years ago  
I am an arms dealer Fitting you with weapons in the form of words And I don't really care which side wins As long as the room keeps singing That's just the business I'm in 5 years ago  
beautifully explained. 5 years ago  
om nom tacos 5 years ago  
hermioneeeeeeee 5 years ago  
my town sucks, i would hate people to associate this place with me x_x 5 years ago  
dude. there wouldn't be internet for you EVER. even the author said your cell doesn't have internet. 5 years ago  
if they dated my friend, there is no way i'd be able to date them without betraying my friend, even after they break up... enemies on the other hand, oh what kind of torture I wouldn't like to put them through 5 years ago  
never seen snow... 5 years ago  
they both look really interesting, but i think that knowing that sh*t may not go down as i has would be a sweet twist in the story. 5 years ago  
read the authors note sweetie xD 5 years ago  
it doesn't specify how though... It may just mean you live to 200 in a coma or something... 5 years ago  
authors comment 5 years ago  
over my lifetime? okay. 5 years ago +1
i love lemons :) 5 years ago +2
i want to be left handed soooo... 5 years ago +1
make babies with them!... Or not... 5 years ago  
LEFT FCUK THE WORLD 5 years ago  
I'm not, but i would RATHER BE eco-friendly. I need to try harder. 5 years ago +1
is this even a question? 5 years ago  
i could look like sh*t every day and not care and ahhh. easiness. 5 years ago  
thigh gap! xD jokinggggg shush guys. 5 years ago +3
joey! 6 years ago +3
i'm using a mac now and it's sh*t :) 6 years ago  
it's called wigs and fake eyelashes y'all! 6 years ago  
chew gum? mouthwash? floss? 6 years ago  
id get in so much sh*t the other way round... 6 years ago  
baths or pool or other sh*t ftw 6 years ago  
Why would I want to spoil the surprise? 6 years ago  
FOOD 6 years ago  
i didn't read the question! I just clicked on the cutest one... I feel so mean D: 6 years ago  
it's not even D: D: 6 years ago  
Heh, so be smart, self-reliant and beautiful, or weak, stupid and relying on other people... 6 years ago  
this is so difficult! D: 6 years ago  
lol 7 years ago +3
I am the opposite, i am a female and I fit the male stereotypes except of competitive.... and agressive :) 7 years ago +1
horses are more loving.. they show more emotion. 7 years ago  
Friends don't hate friends... 7 years ago +3
JEDWARD! 7 years ago  
I hate Sexy and I know it :/ 7 years ago  
FEMALE CITIZEN!! I AM A FEMALE!!! 7 years ago  
She, i am a Female and I was being sarcastic lol 7 years ago  
I didn't, it just voted for me or something :o 7 years ago  
like a frog? 7 years ago +1
I vote that we stop these bloody questions!! 7 years ago +1
No freaking DUH 7 years ago  
I feel for you... 7 years ago  
I barely ever puke... Pooping is WAY more common... 7 years ago  
o hate pepsi 7 years ago +2
for a sandwich? 7 years ago  
I only just realised that it isnt 'Call of Judy'... 7 years ago  
awesome 7 years ago  
I already am... 7 years ago +1
yummmmmmmm 7 years ago +1
figure hugging, beautiful 7 years ago +1
yoghurt anyone? 7 years ago +1
what is hello? 7 years ago  
Umm not the flippping stingers... n it could be dead... or cooked... you miss out crucial info. 7 years ago  
ooooohhhhh...... too bad then thats gross 7 years ago  
hahaha good joke!!! me and my friends are all rofloaf 7 years ago  
true, true, i guess i would rather not look young forever, you could be in great pain instide and no one would take a second glance. Good point, though.:) 7 years ago  
good point, but I mean some SERIOUS charcoal!!! 7 years ago  
sydney 7 years ago  
noone loves my friend :P 7 years ago  
its fun! 7 years ago +1
the hell pic is pretty cool 7 years ago  
it didnt say 'eat two cans of cat food' :) 7 years ago +3
preeeetttyyyy easy 7 years ago +1
i always pick heads 7 years ago +2
whats CHRUCH? 7 years ago +1
edition 7 years ago  
whats the point, you are gonna die either way 7 years ago +5
it doesnt burn as much 7 years ago  
simple.... 7 years ago  
xersize! 7 years ago  
weirder 7 years ago  
21% either dislike their bodies or really like sleeping.... 7 years ago +8
i want the M 7 years ago +1
YUMMY!!!! 7 years ago +1
that question you answer just to see if you are part of the majority :) 7 years ago +1
its.... softer? 7 years ago +7
i dislike my dad a lot 7 years ago  
i actually thought it was the other way round but im clueless 7 years ago +3
karate! 7 years ago  
dessert pizza! 7 years ago +2
its fun!!! 7 years ago +1
:) first commenter! 7 years ago  
Fire Bug! 7 years ago +1
*lost 7 years ago  
he looks kinda like hes list it 7 years ago  
what she/he said! 7 years ago  
hot mentals? 7 years ago +7
cooler 7 years ago +1
i love my mum! 7 years ago  
they are twins from ireland called Jedward!! they rare amzing!! watch them on eurovision 2012 :) 7 years ago  
adidas!! 7 years ago +1
it doesnt say 'have sex with' it says woutld you rather have a live animal of your choice? lol 7 years ago +4
i love the woods! 7 years ago  
i cant go past those chips! 7 years ago  
wtf, why would you do that? 7 years ago +1
same freaking diff 7 years ago  
that owl is HOT 7 years ago +3
hey thats penny off of big bang theory! 7 years ago +3
palm trees 7 years ago +1
my daddy can go suck balls 7 years ago  
english is like amazing but not amazing 7 years ago +1
ponies!!! justforfun 7 years ago  
his eyes are amazing 7 years ago  
i love rollercoasters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +1
sleep as in s*x or sleep as in SLEEPOVER! lol 7 years ago +1
i think matt is a girl... 7 years ago  
i like that pic 7 years ago  
i like pale skin 7 years ago  
and the last little pig went WII WII WII all the way home! 7 years ago +7
greens a cool colour... and you could just wear green socks :) 7 years ago +3
RINSE AND SPIT! 7 years ago  
belly button fuzz tastes better... not that i know or anything... 7 years ago  
wtf is NATO i was under a rock for the pat while so i have no idea whats going on... 7 years ago +2
ummmm either either neither neither.... *pronounced differently* 7 years ago +1
stay calma when you want to harma llama, call a llama farmer! lol 7 years ago  
i will fight for, bovine freedom or dieeee cows with guns lol 7 years ago  
britney b r i t n e y bbbrrriiitttnnneeeyyy ok im bored 7 years ago +5
it looks good... 7 years ago  
sex is overrated. jeez! 7 years ago +4
he looks scarey... 7 years ago +3
go us 80 7 years ago  
basically die or die 7 years ago +11
easy choice 7 years ago  
i dont have a 'grammy' i have a grandma though 7 years ago  
she looks amazing 7 years ago +1
shooshi 7 years ago  
dead ones with no stingers! 7 years ago  
furry little cuties! 7 years ago +2
haha im a girl 7 years ago +4
i love dark, its so... indulgent 7 years ago +2
i dont drink alcohol 7 years ago +3
you'd get robbed more with the cars 7 years ago  
there is a poem about a guy who chops of his hand and i had to read it for an assignment.... ew 7 years ago  
i have no idea what either of them are:( 7 years ago  
that thing 7 years ago +1
cute! 7 years ago +1
i would make friends! 7 years ago +1
twisted like gaga! 7 years ago +1
i think ruin was the word 7 years ago +6
i love dori 7 years ago  
Without my music i might die 7 years ago +1
you live for 50 uears and be young and healthy. or you can live to 5000 but still get old and stiff 7 years ago +2
probably hard enough without family so they deserve food 7 years ago +1
i can be a mermaid 7 years ago +1
less pounds 7 years ago  
numb it out and go ice skating!!! 7 years ago  
itd be interesting 7 years ago +1
its called 'walking' people!!! 7 years ago +5
yummy 7 years ago  
the black stuff looks like koala poo 7 years ago  
virgin 7 years ago +2
hotter 7 years ago +1
i like the tree 7 years ago  
i wear gumboots and protective suit 7 years ago  
hoooooooooooot 7 years ago +2
i like wraps 7 years ago  
me too! 7 years ago  
mental i could do stupid stuff and people would blame the disease 7 years ago +1
you can bend your knees.... what the hell? 7 years ago +2
love the tornado 7 years ago  
you would b on the news and you would fly for a while:) splattt 7 years ago  
i believe i can fly...... damn, the rope cut me in half :( 7 years ago +3
converse are cool 7 years ago  
orange peels are delish 7 years ago +3
its lallo 7 years ago  
bsketti mmmmm slirrrp 7 years ago  
i am a girl lol 7 years ago  
same dif 7 years ago +2
camera flash is softer on your skin.... i think 7 years ago  
i skipped 7 years ago  
more fun 7 years ago  
i will never drink alcohol 7 years ago +4
just shave it off 7 years ago +2
stupid question.... they are both the same thing i vote anyway lol 7 years ago +1
it'd be an amazing experience and im not a selfish shellfish 7 years ago +1
im 13 7 years ago  
boy cut is more comfortable 7 years ago +3
pink lemonade has got extra artificial colours sooo... 7 years ago +2
i love jedward and jedward love britney!!! 7 years ago  
that made me laugh 7 years ago  
it has an exclamation mark behind it... how can i say no? 7 years ago +1
migets RULE 7 years ago  
i love britney because of jedward!! 7 years ago  
you get that in australia too 7 years ago +3
im a virgin 7 years ago +12
blondes have more fun 7 years ago +1
i own both soooo 7 years ago  
thats wat clothes r for 7 years ago +2
her lips look better n im a girl, but not a leso 7 years ago  
ill watch telly on my compu, duh 7 years ago +4
i hate this q but there are alternatives for teeth brushing... 7 years ago  
magic man!!! woohoooo! 7 years ago +1
you r right :) 7 years ago  
im no vegetarian but i would b if all i could ever eat was meat eccch! 7 years ago +3
i do!!:) 7 years ago  
my significand other is classed as a lover and a friend 7 years ago +2
i like the yellow one 7 years ago  
apparently snow is hard 7 years ago +3
im a girl and im not bi so yea 7 years ago  
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