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    i do like turkish delight... but i love butterbeer!  
    you could just live for one more night before he kills you. there, life gone? it doesn't specify how long the rest of your life will be..  
    says you who also chose it..  
    I am an arms dealer Fitting you with weapons in the form of words And I don't really care which side wins As long as the room keeps singing That's just the business I'm in  
    beautifully explained.  
    om nom tacos  
    my town sucks, i would hate people to associate this place with me x_x  
    dude. there wouldn't be internet for you EVER. even the author said your cell doesn't have internet.  
    if they dated my friend, there is no way i'd be able to date them without betraying my friend, even after they break up... enemies on the other hand, oh what kind of torture I wouldn't like to put them through  
    never seen snow...  
    they both look really interesting, but i think that knowing that sh*t may not go down as i has would be a sweet twist in the story.  
    it doesn't specify how though... It may just mean you live to 200 in a coma or something...  
    authors comment  
    is this even a question?  
    i'm using a mac now and it's sh*t :)  
    it's called wigs and fake eyelashes y'all!  
    chew gum? mouthwash? floss?  
    id get in so much sh*t the other way round...  
    baths or pool or other sh*t ftw  
    Why would I want to spoil the surprise?  
    Heh, so be smart, self-reliant and beautiful, or weak, stupid and relying on other people...  
    this is so difficult! D:  
    I am the opposite, i am a female and I fit the male stereotypes except of competitive.... and agressive :) +1
    Friends don't hate friends... +3
    I didn't, it just voted for me or something :o  
    hot mentals? +7
    wtf, why would you do that? +1
    hey thats penny off of big bang theory! +3
    i dont drink alcohol +3
    i would make friends! +1
    less pounds  
    love the tornado  
    i skipped  
    i will never drink alcohol +4
    it'd be an amazing experience and im not a selfish shellfish +1
    im 13  
    pink lemonade has got extra artificial colours sooo... +2
    i love jedward and jedward love britney!!!  
    it has an exclamation mark behind it... how can i say no? +1
    migets RULE  
    i love britney because of jedward!!  
    you get that in australia too +3
    blondes have more fun +1
    i own both soooo  
    thats wat clothes r for +2
    her lips look better n im a girl, but not a leso  
    ill watch telly on my compu, duh +4
    i hate this q but there are alternatives for teeth brushing...  
    magic man!!! woohoooo! +1
    you r right :)  
    im no vegetarian but i would b if all i could ever eat was meat eccch! +3
    i do!!:)  
    my significand other is classed as a lover and a friend +2
    i like the yellow one  
    apparently snow is hard +3
    im a girl and im not bi so yea  
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