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    fairly sure B means stuck up the urethra, which girls have too (it's where you pee out of). people seriously underestimate how small the urethra is. ask anyone, male or female, who's had a kidney stone.  
    most likely poison myself? I'll take neither for $1000, Alex  
    random =/= funny  
    A is worded rather vaguely. I assume B would mean every time you needed to poop, but how often would you puke in A? Every time you breathe out? Either way, I'm fairly certain that would kill you at some point soon after, so, B I guess.  
    toothbrush. run it completely under some boiling water in the sink, and voila, a usable toothbrush!  
    apparently you also love having your vagina, clit, and/or butthole ground to bloody tubes and/or stubs of nothing  
    at least the toenails wouldn't suffocate me  
    pretty sure these are both Cannibal Corpse songs  
    I didn't know relaxing and/or playing in water were sports  
    B is not football, it's either divegrass or povertyball (whichever you prefer)  
    wow I didn't know that, thanks for filling me in, man  
    tons of people (ha ha) don't have the willpower to lose that weight (let alone keep it off) though  
    A is impossible. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. B, however, is remotely possible. +1
    I'd go back in time to when Hitler was in art school and give him all A's on his projects  
    depends. it's likely but not guaranteed  
    both are for sub-80 IQ morons  
    protip: nothing is "haunted"  
    spoiler alert: god doesn't exist, not even an atheist  
    >getting married in America–enjoy gambling on getting cheated on and/or bankrupted in divorce court  
    don't forget self-loathing Jew loser.  
    literally who cares about the kids. you'd have a lightsaber ffs  
    "Friday" may be terrible, but "Saturday" is a great song, no joke.  
    pokemon even there there's something like 800 of the damn things now  
    looks like we have a lot of dumb teenagers voting... "omg transformers, man, she was hot!" almost as plain/ugly as the chick from Twilight  
    only on classic-format WWtBaM with Regis or Meredith  
    already was forced to watch step up. I'm all set on "dance movies" forever  
    get an electro-acoustic. best of both worlds  
    you 69%ers have no idea how dirty the bottom of an average bathtub is.  
    chrome is a botnet, firefox with DuckDuckGo and AdBlock Plus is the way to go  
    both shows suck ass. at least BBT has Penny and Bernadette as eye candy and occasionally a good laugh, so that (shoutout to Charlie Sheen, though).  
    iPhone obviously. this isn't 2003.  
    restart, bu only if I could convince my "reincarnated" self to change what choices I make at crucial moments in my life that I regretted in my "first" life  
    so... pumpkin carving, or killing old rich people who live alone in mansions? not a murderer, so... pumpkin-carving I guess.  
    clearly you have a megalomaniac complex, which would be a problem for the rest of the world  
    would I rather live in fantasy or reality. hmm... Harry's particular fantasy world isn't my bag, so reality it is  
    Gisele is a poor choice for the "celebrity" pic tbh, yeah she's the world's greatest model but, if you'll pardon the pun, she looks like a gazelle. Hell, Tom is better-looking then her, coming from a 100%-heterosexual man. +2
    they tend to go hand in hand so...  
    toothbrush, doesn't say I can't run it under boiling water to kill the germs  
    worst enemy, she was pretty great in the sack  
    spit roasting guest's mom  
    spoiler alert for the guys out there: never tell your "crush" that you like her if she's your close friend. instant friendship killer. +1
    trust that she'll never cheat on me, and if so she's dead to me  
    goodbye, 69ing  
    Katy, so I could alternately pretend I'm doing her or Zooey Deschanel while we have sex  
    I'm 100% sure the original poster was not going for "alive" in that sense  
    get rejected, and move on to the next one. someone you can deal with will say yes eventually.  
    low self-esteem girl. she'll likely look up to you and respect you (maybe a bit clingy but kinda comes with the territory). A cocky girl will never respect you as a partner.  
    best friend is a guy, and my best "girl" friend is married with kids. I'm a guy, what do  
    so... would I go straight to banging, or go the fedoralord route and "treat her like a princess" on a one-night stand? Yeah I think I'll go with option A. Those who picked option B obviously do not know what a "one-night stand" generally entails  
    I could probably beat up Mike Tyson right now  
    being able to blow yourself sounds cool in theory but would probably get old after a while.  
    HC was created by a mentally ill person who should be institutionalized  
    pretty sure the shuriken would tear everything it passed through my body to shreds, so I'd be pooping it out when I'm dead from massive internal bleeding. OTOH mayonnaise is disgusting.  
    be a squatter in B while waiting for A to be finished. problem solved  
    comics are for children  
    hating on rebecca black is a dank meme at this point. beebs is just a tool  
    order of operations, people. 48 / (2 * 12) = 48/24 = 2  
    1. get vasectomyrawdog it forever  
    either way, I wouldn't want to be Bill Cosby  
    I'll take the hobbit  
    p30p13 wh0 typ3 l1k3 th15  
    cancer because I'd make literal trillions of dollars from commercializing it +1
    Beemers are for spoiled children of wealthy parents.  
    Reese's forever, even though it's the same chocolate as Hershey's  
    what is there underwater that is so special as to make me choose that over still being able to live my life, but way better?  
    I assume this was intended to mean being caught having sex. In which case I would choose getting interrupted by the rents, as it's happened to me before and it was never spoken of again  
    neither because they all blow  
    I'm a dude so I don't need a bra. "problem" solved  
    whoever answers "Cars" is a sad, sad, individual, and does not have my mercy  
    Azns > deformed Frenchies +1
    the house will always be more valuable. the "sick car" will be worthless at some point.  
    I could go without TV forever  
    Vegas by miles.  
    lose my ability to produce testosterone or have a half a dick... literally a no-win situation. wow.  
    am I black?  
    as they say in show biz, any press is good press, even bad press  
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