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    draw them back on and wear really long bangs 5 years ago +3
    i dont get it.............. 5 years ago  
    the supermarket could be large like an island and have pool,computer, internet, bathroom, bed, and other people, if i invite them... :P 5 years ago  
    on a multiple choice if ur wrong, ur dead wrong. on a write on test, ur answer can be partially correct and u get points.... 5 years ago +1
    wish for a high paying job and infinite more wishes that will come true and can be reversed if i so chose 5 years ago  
    atleast rain wont bother me 5 years ago  
    at night without lights from the moon,...they didn't specify, my head-lights are still on 5 years ago +1
    first wont happen, second cut the damn thing 5 years ago  
    i can draw back the eyebrow.............or have a professional do it.... 5 years ago +4
    second one had ice-cream.......not much of a decision to make... 5 years ago +2
    get a very long extension cord and plug it in from another room. 5 years ago  
    they made guns and canons for a reason 5 years ago  
    never said the tigers had to be alive...... 5 years ago +72
    we could be on the same team :) 5 years ago  
    what if my pet is................not my pet........... 6 years ago  
    by make love do they mean, hug and tell them i love them? *fingers crossed* 6 years ago +1
    i only like Edward in the book, i dont like him very much in the movie 6 years ago  
    if im black then it lessens the chances of skin black 6 years ago +1
    thats what she said 6 years ago  
    i can aways wite and text 6 years ago +1
    the 100% sure ...........the get eaten? about i eat them? 6 years ago  
    beat the daylights out of the cats 6 years ago  
    sometime you CAN handle the truth 6 years ago  
    wish for job then get money 6 years ago  
    if i get to travel and whatnot, then i can eat anywhere, but then, can i afford the food? 6 years ago  
    read minds at will and manipulate their thought 6 years ago  
    i can help him get rid of his problem slowly 6 years ago  
    i already live in the 6 years ago  
    um.......heterosexual.............................define unattractive.... 6 years ago  
    its sad but, i picked the first one...............i feel horrible..... 6 years ago  
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