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    I wanna see ma future like sooooooo much 8 months ago  
    Heh my computer is already getting fixed so i don't need a virus 8 months ago  
    To be honest i picked that one because i go to the toilet during my shower when i need to pee sooooooo 8 months ago  
    Whoops wrong one 8 months ago  
    At least being wierd I'm unique plus you are always unique so f*ck the average person question 8 months ago  
    Watching a movie alone ain't good 8 months ago  
    Text bruh crying in front of people is just embarrassing 8 months ago  
    Obama stopped American rasiem for a while Donald trump just got it back tho. If Donald trump didn't become president America would be great again. 8 months ago  
    I always control my dreams soooooo9o 8 months ago  
    Movie's are the best 8 months ago  
    Going camping is something new plus i like the forests and animals 8 months ago  
    I loooooooove calls because i can do a prank call 8 months ago  
    Iny school there this really popular girl, she wouldn't know if it was me who made her fart in front of people... Right 8 months ago  
    I would smack my son if he had a drug habit (my dad used to take drugs) whoops 8 months ago  
    Atleast i have food there 8 months ago  
    I'll just wisper it 8 months ago  
    I have great friends and i would kill myself if i lost all of them, so yeah I'd throw my pc out the window for them 8 months ago  
    There is nothing wrong with being stupid to be honest I'm to stupid 8 months ago  
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