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    JUSTIN BEIBER MUST DIE 7 years ago +1
    i hate cats 7 years ago  
    comfort :) 7 years ago  
    geeks can be cute 7 years ago  
    no brainer 7 years ago  
    justin beibers gay 7 years ago +1
    im 13 too :p 7 years ago +2
    wigs 7 years ago +2
    if i fly , how do i know i wont get run over by a jet or a flying vehicle 7 years ago  
    you could wish that you could wish for money 7 years ago +3
    no brainer 7 years ago  
    this was a tuff onee 7 years ago  
    i could buy another phone off the internet 7 years ago +3
    less pain and quicker , unless you survive 7 years ago +1
    money is money 7 years ago +2
    you could buy water off the internet 7 years ago +2
    less noticable 7 years ago  
    no brainer 7 years ago +1
    been there , done that .. not so bad 7 years ago  
    why risk my money 7 years ago  
    once you hit the floor SMACK its over , no pain at all , unless you fall on top of someone 7 years ago +5
    if ur able to afford a big house , then u should be able to afford a sick car 7 years ago  
    u could watch tv ON the computer 7 years ago +1
    what happens in vegas , stays in vegas 7 years ago  
    i wasnt even born for the holcaust -.- 7 years ago +1
    doesnt matter which one you pick , they'll die of hunger eventually 7 years ago  
    i have a 50/50 chance :p why risk it 7 years ago  
    i've caught them before ... and my future looks way crazier than theirs will ever be 7 years ago +1
    u cant relle die in a tornado unless ur flying with other objects and it just happens to hit you 7 years ago  
    less chance of me to die 7 years ago  
    my phone is my wholee lifee , who needs keys when u have windows 7 years ago  
    birthdayyyyyyyyy 7 years ago  
    my friends -- crazy sh*t happens 7 years ago +2
    someone i hate cause then im alowed to punch them 7 years ago  
    the smartest , cause then people will come to me for help 7 years ago  
    finger - doesnt say how long i have to keep it in there and watching a camel eat my toes sounds long and painful 7 years ago  
    the big bang obviously 7 years ago +5
    monkeys are so cutee 7 years ago +1
    if i fly , i can get hit by an airplane or something 7 years ago  
    i find 10 million bucks then i find true love , makes perfect sense 7 years ago +1
    i relle dont want my mouth stuck to someones butt hole 7 years ago  
    who would kill a human being ?? 7 years ago +1
    i've seen my gramma do that , not so bad lol 7 years ago  
    weirdddd 7 years ago  
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