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Would you rather have a Eat an entire handful of someone else's ear wax? or Eat an entire handful of someone else's boogers? 5 years ago 96 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather always have a Eternal Headache or Eternal Stomachache 5 years ago 205 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Given the choice between the two, what would you take? The Grinch or A Seasick Crocodile 5 years ago 138 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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vertically just makes me cringe... >. 4 years ago  
Part if this good breakfast! 4 years ago  
o_O v v v v v 4 years ago  
Do you want know... how I got these scars? 4 years ago  
I could become a super hero with my new found super sand hands! lul 4 years ago  
I, for one, am I actually very attracted to a woman's ears... 4 years ago  
Yo, guest from Pennsylvania, go get a childhood. Lul 4 years ago  
Lul 4 years ago  
YES YES YEESSS!!!! 4 years ago  
God does not work within human/scientific comprehension... 4 years ago +3
SEGAAAAA 4 years ago  
Lul 4 years ago  
awww yeah... 4 years ago  
Sounds similarly like what we are doing right now... moving through space (even if it is in a controlled path) using the earth as our vessel. 4 years ago +5
Not lying 5 years ago +1
You forgot your punctuation buddy. ;) 5 years ago  
Ima guy 5 years ago  
Let's start a business about being afraid of the ocean! 5 years ago  
Yes people still believe in God for your information. 5 years ago +1
I agree 5 years ago  
He and I could go Super Saiyan! 5 years ago +2
I have no enemies! :D 5 years ago +2
It said finger not finger nails you goon 5 years ago  
Haha! making politicians farting on command seems like a Death Note concept. 5 years ago  
YES YES YES YES YES! 5 years ago  
Narnia 5 years ago  
There are actually a LOT of inappropriate messages in Spongebob 5 years ago +8
Ever notice that Kentucky looks like a chicken wings? 5 years ago  
Chicken? Or waterfall? 5 years ago  
I'd look so fly 5 years ago  
Not sure if to easy or a trick question 5 years ago  
Wow... this was a real block buster... X-D 5 years ago +3
I wonder how I would move to Texas? 5 years ago  
ZAPDOS! 5 years ago  
I dunno 5 years ago +2
~(-_-) I am the night 5 years ago +1
But...but... i like it :-( 5 years ago  
er 5 years ago  
I could go crazy 5 years ago  
What about boxer briefs?! :-O 5 years ago +4
You can't fix B... D-: 5 years ago  
ADVENTUREE!!! 5 years ago +2
I'd get to hit some Belibiers 5 years ago +113
They also have Super-Man you goon. 5 years ago  
Yeah that carmel doesn't look like carmel 5 years ago +4
FYI option A's man also has no legs. 5 years ago  
I'd look so fabulous :-D 5 years ago +1
What's the difference? 5 years ago  
PUDDING! 5 years ago  
Newton is named after my favorite snack 5 years ago  
I pretty sure eating meat doesn't make you suffer 5 years ago  
Guest from Georgia, I find your lack of Star Trek disturbing 5 years ago  
):-D 5 years ago  
Okay, first off, you left a whole bunch of punctuation, you did not capitalize the word someone in either option, and last, you are a fabulous person so cursing is not necessary. 5 years ago  
For how long would I have to go without it? 5 years ago  
Nothing can compare to that of a man in his banana suit 5 years ago +1
At least I'd die with pretty breath 5 years ago  
I am a man 5 years ago  
I would hear the thoughts of the people that chose B and have both of the wonderful powers! HAHAHA! 5 years ago  
Squirt glue outa my wrist and yell "ITS GLOO TIME BABY!!" and they'd stick to the wall and I'd laugh. 5 years ago  
Let's not stand on ceremony here, Mr.Parker o.O 5 years ago  
Why are Christians identified with the people in Choice A? It is sad really that Christians can't just act like Christ. (I'm a Christian) 5 years ago  
MAAAAAAAAN 5 years ago  
So basically the new one is just a slightly zoomed in version? 5 years ago  
Jelly fish. Jelly Fish. Take some jelly. Take a Fish. Jelly fish sandwich relish. 5 years ago  
Oh no... the dog has worms :'-( 5 years ago  
I would much rather risk salmonutella 5 years ago  
So she sees my booger? Big deal. You can't really hear a booger either.. 5 years ago  
That donut.... so sad.... 5 years ago  
BOTH!! HAHAHHAHAH!!! YESS! 5 years ago  
She needs to clean her bloody armpit 5 years ago  
Still to good to decide... 5 years ago  
My own scabs :------) 5 years ago  
They are both to good!!! 5 years ago  
I hear crickets are delish 5 years ago  
I could hide some stuff in em :3 5 years ago  
Im squidward, Im squidward, Im squidward squidward squidward. 5 years ago  
Why do we fall Bruce? You fill in the rest 5 years ago  
No no no no no no no 5 years ago  
might tickle 5 years ago  
Girl, wipe that feral off your face. You're beautiful 5 years ago +2
GENUIS! 5 years ago  
Honestly, who wouldn't want to go to Heaven? Christian or not? 5 years ago +4
So does the cement dry?? 5 years ago +1
Thou shall not kill 5 years ago +1
I would much rather just not go to Hell 5 years ago +2
:D 5 years ago +1
Hmmm.... not that's not a coral snake, that's a king snake *proceeds to pick it up* (It's an inside joke) 5 years ago  
Far over the misty mountains cold... 5 years ago +2
Why all these stupid blond questions?!! Half of them aren't even blonde!! 5 years ago  
I could use some alone time for a week. or a year... *crys* 5 years ago  
But... but... what? 5 years ago  
They Are both way to cool for words! (-D 5 years ago  
I saw Link and had to click A 5 years ago  
True that amy_p 5 years ago  
Step in and defend! FOR HONOR AND GLORY 5 years ago +1
Watch out guys, we've got a Gandalf over here! (Otakumon) 5 years ago  
I'm sure they are wonderful people! 5 years ago  
That's what Bilbo Baggins hates! 5 years ago +1
Edward doesn't wanna kill anybody so yeah... 5 years ago +7
John Wayne! 5 years ago +1
They so fuzzy :3 5 years ago  
Give them a chance to receive salvation. 5 years ago  
Legolas? What do your elf eyes see? The Zombies are going to Isenguard! 5 years ago  
Being attracted to strawberries would be pretty FRUITY!! heh? Heh? HEH? 5 years ago +6
This would be so spooky 5 years ago +3
Both 5 years ago +2
Having Clark as a roommate would be SUPER! Heh? Heh? HEH? 5 years ago +3
hehehe... HeHeHeh... HAHAHAHA! 5 years ago +1
Do you even lift? 5 years ago +1
Po-Ta-Toes! Fry em up, mash em, put em in a stew. 5 years ago +9
Ringdingdingdingdingydingding 5 years ago +1
Teenagers are super hard to control and deal with. They just don't listen. I'g get so put out if I had to teach teenagers. 5 years ago +3
I'm squidward! I'm squidward! I'm squidward squidward squidward! 5 years ago +4
It would probably end quicker. I don't know. 5 years ago +1
I am a man 5 years ago  
I like pokemon (._.) 5 years ago  
Swag :-P PAHAHAHAHA!! 5 years ago  
Learn to grammar 5 years ago +5
How about three times? *insert troll face* 5 years ago +5
I am Apostolic so I would love option A! 5 years ago  
Yeah B kind of scared me... 5 years ago +2
Pretty easy question... 5 years ago  
Jesus! 5 years ago +1
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