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    You can wear those shoes that look like feet.  
    Pretend my dream boyfriend is Justin so I can murder him.  
    Not answering this. I choose neither. +1
    My dad would tell me to save my mom  
    You would be the 1 person, they would all live, or just a random extra person walking on the tracks.  
    I love me some white cars but those black matte cars look fly af when you're cruising in L.A (or doing a drive-by)  
    I need fingers so I'll just stick with eating my hair  
    Expecto Patronum his sorry pale ass  
    I am not sticking my tongue in a mouth at 10  
    Literally what I was thinking when I saw cheese!  
    That would be fricken awesome to have an army of mini dwarf horses! RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE DWORSES!  
    I dont care about Facebook  
    Wtf is a shyscraper  
    Dead snakes (or fake snakes)  
    Do road trip karaoke  
    I'd be like "I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea, fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me I want to fly!" Singing "Fly Like An Eagle" by Steve Miller Band #SpaceJam  
    With my mickey mouse bear's fist  
    I despise twilight but that's better than Dracula murdering me and my peeps.  
    Frog tastes like chicken  
    Ronald looks like a distant cousin of Pennywise so no thank you. Badabababa I'd rather have it my way.  
    I don't want to sit in a fancy white house pretending to be the queen. I want to go out and have fun with a cool celebrity who doesn't give a care what I do.  
    I'm black so no thank you :)  
    Dad because my dad is a softy and I'm a daddy's girl  
    Aussie aussie aussie! Oi oi oi ! +1
    I thought scientology was studying science...not a science bible  
    A dog I've had for 5 years because it is gravely sick and needs to be put down  
    They never said you can breathe  
    If I'm alone and rich then I can go out meet someone  
    Get caught cooking a gormet breakfast  
    Stabbed in the stomach with a plastic knife  
    Snickers give me life  
    I could land on the biggest pile of pillows in the world  
    16 inches of duct tape  
    Im a 00's kid and class of 3000 was my brother and I's favorite show. Spongebob is funny but idiotic and it rots your brain.  
    I said José because his name is pretty and idk who they are +1
    Im already the smartest in class and it is a struggle :(  
    I have no balls or a penis so jajajajajaja +1
    Run forrest run!  
    Im gonna say god but im young and i dont care +1
    Id rather no one show up to my wedding because I can hurry up and get to the honeymoon  
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