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    intelligence speaks wisdom listens 3 months ago  
    set her to instant-kill mode and kill enemies 3 months ago  
    never kissed before so NaN 3 months ago  
    its going to come back on you if you pick right 3 months ago  
    if yoou dont die from an accident/natural such as falling off a cliff, it guarentees you die of cancer since old age does not really kill you its disease 3 months ago  
    i won 3 months ago  
    this is stupid that is one of them 3 months ago  
    i think i already did 3 months ago  
    oh father give me sight 3 months ago  
    i like my grandma 3 months ago  
    ANARCHY 3 months ago  
    whats the point of being rich if not happy 3 months ago  
    mi amor 3 months ago  
    im a guy so reverse the gendr ok: 3 months ago  
    WHY DIDNT I READ THE LEFT 3 months ago  
    why cant i do both who says 3 months ago  
    ithink im screwed either way :( 3 months ago  
    fly hacks 3 months ago  
    wow left is a scam with right you literally earn like 530 dollars a day 3 months ago  
    dont ruin gangansmt yle 3 months ago  
    i have none xd 3 months ago  
    neither actually 3 months ago  
    ANARCHY 3 months ago  
    stand a better chance because you can claw the eyes 3 months ago  
    theyre dating my depression now hahahahhahaha 3 months ago  
    i dont really care 3 months ago +1
    friends are not real 3 months ago  
    well depends will i hate them forevr? 3 months ago  
    whats the loss in the right option.. 3 months ago  
    we're screwed either way 3 months ago  
    get me outta here 3 months ago +1
    i like minecraft 3 months ago  
    chinese? 3 months ago  
    im both 3 months ago  
    saves lives 3 months ago  
    its not like im in prison i just live there 3 months ago  
    i would know how to become the most powerful being in the universe.. aka thanos 3 months ago  
    the adventure would be only just beginning 3 months ago  
    who the f would pick left 3 months ago  
    the bug the bug 3 months ago  
    yuck 3 months ago  
    waht happens if i eat chocolat do i explode? 3 months ago  
    i hate life so yes id honestly be more disappointed if i didnt die 3 months ago  
    wait.. if you can talk to all animals humans would be animals so you can just talk to them WHY DID NT I pick the other :( 3 months ago +1
    zombie will rot and die very fast 3 months ago  
    1 life < 100 lives 3 months ago  
    you can pause by rewinding 0.000001 seconds every 0.000001 seconds 3 months ago  
    i would probably end up homeless or very unhappy 3 months ago  
    what if someone stole the lightsaber and then i die 3 months ago  
    neither why did i have to answer it 3 months ago  
    it could mean you dont need to become fatter you just weigh more 3 months ago  
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