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Although you won't get caught, you might feel guilty afterwards. +3
I like this question :)  
me neither  
But you might feel guilty! +1
no , I don't think so.  
98.4 feet long  
Me :D +1
no, she falls in love w/ your money. +1
just take a nap in the elevator and 5 hours will go by fast  
phone calls  
phone calls!  
and when the universe goes black trillions of years from now  
I'll get a new number and hide it from him! +1
but they can easily mistake you for a seal! +1
me too  
You're more likely to be hit by lightning than to be bitten by a shark. +1
i usually have that amount anyway +1
I am already hopeless in sports, but not academics! :D +3
that person you met online might be a creepy 56 year old man +274
that person you met onine might be a creepy 56 year old man  
in second option, he might say no. +1
i love iced coffee +2
you go home with no money  
I have the air. It's beautiful!! +1
lol what do the pictures have to do with the question? +5
Speaking 5 fluent languages earns you more opportunities and money. +2
but not if they don't know what unlocks  
you can remake your key by copying someone's key that is the same +1
yesssssss it would, monkeys are aggressive  
Obama is part irish.  
Reminds me of movie Can't Buy Me Love with Patrick Demsey!  
I wonder who chose the second +5
then that leaves you without a house..?  
i love my mac. it runs fast and virtually has no viruses. +1
I love mac  
ice ice baby +1
Drink a milkshake and get it over with!! +1
They actually have a rotating slide at google! Plus a cool office. Who wouldn't want to have fun at Google? +1
i can watch on Hulu  
my significant other!  
I would too,  
saaame XD +1
relationship for sure!! +3
water's more important +6
a drunk puppy???? +8
Your friends may hate your soul mate, but they may still love you :D  
Id know the future! You can always study the past. That's what History classes are for, right?  
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