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    Would you get caught?  
    he got Osama..  
    here's a better question: While making out, would you rather have your breath or your feet feeling fresh? +432
    you can always go to college.  
    It's easier to get fatter than it is to get skinnier..  
    Without 9-11, America's security would still be really low, however without the Holocaust, we wouldn't know when to stop appeasement and we wouldn't know how horrible people are and what we never should do again. +1
    i would be loved by rich people.  
    i have doubles.. they just add extra bling!  
    i'm so damn bored +2
    narnia is f*cking awesome.. +2
    i don't want to live with the guilt of not saving my family..  
    anything you can find on itunes you can find online for free..  
    if i already don't like her, it'll give me a reason to hate her more.. +1
    worms are comfy! (: +1
    i'm a girl..?  
    the poop would cushion it... +10
    heard of perfume? +1
    that's more than 5 languages.  
    target is higher quality +4
    I AM a loser with true friends..(: +2
    Macs are so great! I don't use it because it's "easy" I use it because I like it's style. If I grew up with a PC, I bet I would like it better than my Mac. +1
    hulu anyone? :D  
    I wouldn't want an unexpected "Jaws" moment soo.. that lion's going down. :D  
    love above all. +7
    women rule the world. we have so much more fun. +2
    well, when there's a picture of hitler.. yeah, forget me. +8
    we go girls! +3
    enemy! then if we work out i won't hate my friend & vice versa.. +2
    lazy! catch the meat!  
    Well, considering I speak English, Hawaii!  
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