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    Better than not having a car at least 1 month ago  
    both 1 month ago  
    GOD EXIST!! But I got a question why are there religion? what happens when you die? Who made ya exist? 1 month ago  
    5 second rule!!! 1 month ago  
    both dad and mom 1 month ago  
    Loose weight 1 month ago  
    none 1 month ago  
    2 words: you exercise 1 month ago  
    God is real but I must... GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL 1 month ago  
    I aint girl anyways but if I was i would pick japanese girl uniforms 1 month ago  
    CUT IT 2 months ago  
    NONE 2 months ago  
    EWWW 2 months ago  
    1 word: SHAVE 2 months ago  
    NONE 2 months ago  
    None 2 months ago  
    No one ever said you be rich 2 months ago  
    Guess what I have no phone plus I can buy another one 2 months ago  
    who would want to see there future? cuz all your going to do is change it after you see it duh 2 months ago  
    2 words: God's Birthday 2 months ago  
    I pick Amazon gift cards 2 months ago  
    I accidently pick real money lol 2 months ago  
    2 words: read books 2 months ago  
    and also the person who made this is cold hearted and also god is watching. 2 months ago  
    I accidently picked 100 cute puppies 2 months ago  
    Lol I love the pic 3 months ago  
    idk 3 months ago  
    Guest from Nevada is funny. But I rlly doubt if the police will like that and might us that against ya. 3 months ago  
    I accidentally said no lol 3 months ago  
    Yeah but there is nothing saying that somebody discovered the earth just think of you discovering the earth 3 months ago  
    I would die saving my brother if I have to either way at least he will be here. 3 months ago  
    How do you control your dreams? 3 months ago  
    that will end the country or world either way. 3 months ago  
    None 3 months ago  
    None 3 months ago  
    0_0 that is yo baby!? 3 months ago  
    NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!! 3 months ago  
    Golden Moon is right she basically took the words off my mouth literally XD. no offense Moon 3 months ago  
    I kind of like Justin but I don't mind him staying here 3 months ago  
    God is a nice person you guys need to be good god sent us to earth for a reason not be living for ever once you die you die the world was gods making the universe is gods making its his choice. You guys may not like being dead but its life people should understand also. Satan was a nice angel then god put him in hell for a reason and now Satan is trying to make god jealous by putting the bad people in hell. So do not make satan win make in loose even if you have to give up your life because small to big we are all gods children you may seem confused but if you know god you know what I am talking about. Like the comment if your gods child you don't have to because your sending your likes to god. God is watching. 3 months ago  
    uh YAH 3 months ago  
    I do not choose anything 3 months ago  
    Idk 3 months ago  
    true 3 months ago  
    None 3 months ago  
    serinel is true you might die 3 months ago  
    I just wanted to see the comments lol XD 3 months ago  
    none 3 months ago  
    None 3 months ago  
    You need to stop being selfish 3 months ago  
    Guest from Leinster, Ireland is disrespectful to star wars 3 months ago  
    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW fat men with bad breath 0_0? 3 months ago  
    Lets party 3 months ago  
    You can buy a monitor, camera, I pad, Xbox one with a lot of games, Playstation with alot of games, help the poor, get a mansion, fancy car, a Nintendo switch, your own computer, go to college and maybe have some left where you can buy the 1,000,000 gift card maybe. 3 months ago  
    I would be call elemental Hero 3 months ago  
    you could read books like manga, chapter or American Comic books 3 months ago  
    3 words: Deal with it 3 months ago  
    lol 3 months ago  
    Skip! 3 months ago  
    There was a question about having free i tunes so if that implies than you would not have to 3 months ago  
    Yeet 3 months ago  
    I pick none 3 months ago  
    the heck! 3 months ago  
    Just ask your parents 3 months ago  
    Eww. anyway I would love to read minds and fly 3 months ago  
    This was tough since it was good v Bad but like you see I pick Darth Vader even though people would be like this 0_0 0_0 0_0 XD. 3 months ago  
    Plus I would want to end the life of Eggs and Bacon. Greasy Bacon XD 3 months ago  
    God is watching. 3 months ago  
    Bad question You can actually just say that nobody would make fun if you guys just say my wife last name was hitler lol XD 3 months ago  
    I would be mad because page 4 question 1 I do not want to pick anything because rlly guys? kill a baby a cute baby or 100 puppies you guys need to stop picking something about killing god will not like that or anybody would love that so the person who created this God is always watching and you need to pick the good side = be nice, never kill yourself etc. or bad side= try to kill yourself kill people etc. so again watch your back God is always watching. Santa may not be real but God is real so watch your back or you will face the punishment. 3 months ago  

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