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Would you rather... Make a phone call or Send a text 561,604 votes 2,321 comments 24 likes
Would you rather... Be able to talk with all animals or Be able to speak all foreign languages 1,488,707 votes 8,854 comments 152 likes
Would you rather spend the day with your... Favourite athlete or Favourite movie-star 111,683 votes 1,135 comments 4 likes
Would you rather... Make $100,000 P/A digging holes with a shovel or Make $30,000 P/A playing your favorite sport? 78,975 votes 732 comments 2 likes
Would you rather... Be somebody's pet cat or Somebody's pet dog 100,036 votes 760 comments 2 likes
Would you rather... Be the oldest of 5 siblings or Be the youngest of 5 siblings 10,087 votes 177 comments 0 likes
Would you rather.... Standup when everyone's sitting down or Sitdown when everyone's standing up? 400,500 votes 2,820 comments 10 likes
Would you rather... Make an obscene phone call to your mother once a week or Get a text message every time your father is feeling horny? 75,019 votes 487 comments 2 likes
Would you rather... Wear a bicycle helmet everywhere you go or Carry an open umbrella everywhere you go? 120,845 votes 1,008 comments 2 likes
Would you rather... Be hit by lightning or Be bitten by a shark? 96,716 votes 1,016 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Not be able to eat again until you see a bald eagle in the wild or Until you can find a four-leaf clover 52,230 votes 981 comments 5 likes

Callumg has posted the following comments:

u mad? +2
I was going to say - he probably lives in another country. But no, he's from the US...  
Legal or not who gives a sh*t +1
Suit ftw  
what about god? +1
A lake can cause a tsunami? Who knew. +5
So? That's not the same as being able to talk it.  
You wouldn't get sick of starbucks?  
How? +2
That's if you make an EFF lot of phone calls per day.  
Or lazy ;)  
Have you seen the new japense androids? Damn they're so real. +4
1 mil won't even get you a half-decent house let alone a spaceship ;)  
Not really.  
Being the richest person, I could quite simply get scientists to spend their life maaking pills that make me older but healthy  
Ability to live forever  
And why is that  
Yet you voted for B. Good job cocaine addict. +2
Agreed (picked wrong) - Gas takes like 8-15 minutes to kill you.  
Sure it is. You just need a sense of humour.  
exactly. +2
But you could kill 100 puppies? Babies die quicker. +1
It appears India and Singapore contain selfish citizens. +4
the total number of civilians murdered by the Nazis is between 10 million and 11 million. 9/11 - Just under 3000 DEATHS. Tell me which is worse. +4
yeah that's what I thought. Talking to animals is something NEW! +5
Anime...RL Hentai ftw. +4
Depends how you read the questions... This or this, would you rather;would you rather  
Custom made...It costs a lot to be fat or tall  
lol 89% of people are bullsh*tting. +1
Deodorant! This isn't the point of these questions okay? +1
Stop posting these stupid American companies... +33
For this picture: B +4
I thought the baton was something else at first glance. +4
If the mall was like Dawn of the Dead, then B wins. +1
Horny =/= sex +2
But we didn't learn anything from the holocaust? Thick.  
13500 people need to re-evaluate their life choices. +3
Yes. Yes it does. +3
Damn your comments are widly useful. +4
I'd shift into a rocketship and travel to other planets in the universe. 1 +49
Good questions are suppose to be hard...This is orginal, but easy. (<<<)  
sterilized? sure.  
I'd rather shower actually +4
57% of people are liars +5
Half the people on this site aren't capable of knowing what Linux is.... +26
Actually, bald eagles were added to the 'least concern' category on the IUCN Red List  
Thanks babe  
I made one just for you! Check my page and scroll down to 'Who'd you rather?'  
Already done #1  
Deal or No Deal is like an hour long. I've seen you post quite a few stupid comments now. +8
What the EFF is up with this easy questions? It ruins the point of the site. +1
lol. Windows has no effect in blocking ads, it's the programs. E.G Firefox, or the anti-virus +1
LOL Flashlight hands? WTF is that useful for apart from blinding people? At least B would be fun. +2
You know if you agree with someones' comment, you can LIKE it. Amazing, huh?  
iPad 2 has more processing power, better battery life.  
Who wants a fast car? Not like it's legal to drive at its top speed.  
Money doesn't mean it's better. Oh, you're from NJ, I guess it does.  
Buggatti's look sh*t. +1
So you're actually swallow? Kinky ;) +3
Legit: in accordance with established rules, principles, or standards. +6
Jake and Amir to be exact :) But who cares? +1
Jake and Amir to be exact :) And who cares? +3
I will stick with Hotmail until it shutsdown. +7
85% of this site are pussies, the rest are risktakers. Good to know. +1
Apple isn't an operating system... +15
Agreed. B**** be crazy.  
So? This isn't a 'sell-to-get-the-most-money' game okay!  
So? It's still 20 whole potatoes...That's a hell of a lot of chips.  
I only type in Webdings +10
Yes. The text could be blank. It's just letting you know your dad is horny.  
Why would you want to do any of these things on this site. +3
Desert is way too hot. +1
group orgy 24/7? +1
If you had a great talent you wouldn't be poor. +8
Girls who picked B - Contact me. +1645  
Fruit Ninja has 3 levels, Angry birds franchise has over ...400? +3
What's your answer?  
I'm from Australia, that's what we do  
This is so going to be 90-10 in a few weeks.  
Pretty sure it's a joke of some kind.  
99,000,000,000 or have a wife? DUMB +7
This is stupid. If I lived in a haunted house I'd see a ghost and go insane anyway. +5
I can't deal with going to bed knowing my teeth are rotting overnight... +6
Hand sanitizer tastes better +4
50-50??? We'd get rid of the trash that caused animal abuse anyway. +2
I can watch TV online +11
Getting my toes eaten would be too ticklish. +5
ALWAYS eat meat? Meaning no veges?  
Justin Bieber. He has more money.  
Agreed. Damn wolves.  
Basically a repost  
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