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    id forget who i was and start to be someone else or who i was so i dont matter  
    whats that have to do with anything  
    eating is swallowing to not just chewing no loop holes please  
    ya they are the kinda do the nexflix mail thing now  
    if it was her id raise that kid  
    damn veggain  
    not any more  
    so u have eaither never been in love or have had your heart broken  
    neither but at least britney looks normal now,  
    naver watched eaither  
    thank u for not being stupid  
    has to actully be pleasing to the eye to get away with that  
    alot of what is considered rap now doesnt rhyme  
    i picked but american  
    ya we do its just over shadowed by crap like the people on americas got talent  
    why did people thumb this up?  
    id like to inform u its 26 now hope that gives u alittle more hope for mankind  
    i feel the standerds for bad and good would be different in each country  
    ya this is not a facepalm the games are calle Zelda  
    i dont drink wine give me some whisky  
    my dads are asses just to clear this up one i never meet the other married my mother lol  
    Philippines just cuz my boss Davids moms from there  
    im a dude so ya but if i could price is right looks more fun  
    what the hell is homework? If it didnt get done in class it didnt get done good thing i was smart.  
    so with quicksave and load if u saved before walking acrossed the street and u see that bus before it hits u. you can quick load  
    not every girl needs it lol  
    i have and android so ya  
    two boys girls are crazy but if i have a girl the boy better come first  
    went with lag i can still game with a crap ton of lag  
    sibllings are over rated  
    i dont care but sox's emblems cooler  
    so u like jack i liked it at 11 to  
    i have a double some times depending if im looking down or not  
    sick question  
    teles i watch tv y getting it in lol  
    64% of yall are fat lol i only now that cuz when i was a fat i liked buffets  
    i meant egg stupid mouse pad being a dick  
    immortal but only because i can handle losing everyone  
    the point is to make them hard  
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