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    Who's gonna complain about one million dollars?  
    I like it wet guis  
    The friends hate her, not me. Idgaf  
    You're....12? What the hell...go outside or something.  
    Unlimited Knowledge ---> Unlimited Money  
    Anyone who votes for Kadafi is putting their selfish hate against Obama too far...  
    you're so stupid  
    Steve Jobs is the sh*t man  
    im already a geek and its working out fine...  
    the hunger games movie was terribleeeeeeee  
    then i could actually remember them  
    yeah but at least everyones hot  
    then id find a way to screw a mermaid...  
    id mess them cats up  
    I'd wish for an unlimited supply of Olive Garden Bread Sticks  
    at least ill look good to everyone else  
    how about we stop using gas so much? then we could avoid both of these stupid options  
    b*tch's better stay in line +3
    Too bad that's not how the government works buddy  
    errybody juss gonna talk bout my bodyyyy  
    So you'll never go in a car again? It's not like you know when it's gonna happen.  
    I want people to see my glorious, hairy bod.  
    Hawaii and chill with Jack Johnson  
    I wouldn't want to be a women anywhere.  
    If I was bum that everyone loves then I could become president.  
    this was posted a year ago...  
    the monkey can play video games with me  
    Ah sh*t, what sibling...  
    idgaf guis  
    NYC is the sh*t mane  
    What is real without truth?  
    We all want the zombies to come, don't deny it.  
    At least I would have my teeth.  
    I ONLY like my dogs wet.  
    And this is a bad thing...?  
    You forcing atheism on others is the same as other religions forcing their beliefs. Hypocrite.  
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